If anyone is still awake, advice sort about running and colds

Hi there

I've signed up for the Nike 10k run in Richmond, later on today. But was wondering do people think it is okay to run if you have a cold. I seemed to have picked up something from a work colleague on Friday, at the moment it is at the sore throat stage, with a bit of a nose, and i can feel slight stiffness around my teeth. I am a beginner so will not be running fast anyway, but do you still think it will be okay.

If anyone is around and can advise, i will pick up replies later, before i plan to depart.



  • Jo, sorry I wasn't around last night.

    Did you do the race? If so how did it go? And what were you doing up at half past 3 the night before a race, when you had a cold?????

    Seriously, for future reference, a head cold is ok to run with, anything in the chest - no way. If you were planning to take it easy, or even run/walk you would probably get away with it, although the excitement and being outside rather than tucked up in the warm, might make the cold a bit worse or last a bit longer.

    If you are still feeling low now, take some Night Nurse and off to bed with you. And drink plenty of fluids. And phone in sick tomorrow - you don't want to give it to anyone else, do you.
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