Hi ive entered the Paris Marathon in April 2012, im planning to start my training in Jan, only thing is im really lacking any motivation to go to the gym or to start running outside, any ideas on how to get my self motivated?



  • If entering the marathon doesnt get you motivated I am not sure anything we say will   image

    What was your motivation for entering?

    Jump on to one of the mentoring/coaching threads and join in?
  • Why did you enter the marathon in the first place? Nothing better than having a drive that comes from within.
  • I entered it as ive never done one b4, ive done a half b4, but i wanted to push my self an challenge me self, dont know anyone whos done a marathon b4.
  • Just HTFU and get your *rse out of the door.

    (You'll find that's a pretty standard forum response BTW - I'm not singling you out for a rude reply). 

  • Paul Bowen 4 wrote (see)
    i wanted to push my self an challenge me self,

    You've fallen at the first hurdle - and thats before you've even started! Anyone can enter a marathon - the training takes dedication, commitment and a will to succeed.  Having said that I firmly believe everyone has a marathon in them if they really want to do it.  The motivation primarily comes from within - no-one can give it you.  Either do it ....... or don't - simples!

  • I guess it depends on how you're treating it. If you just want to bimble round to put a tick in a marathon box then that's a very different animal to trying to race it somewhere near your best ability. To do the latter you really have to want it, you have to be hungry for it, because it really is a big committment with no short cuts and it will test your physical and mental abilities right through from the start of the training program to the end of the race (and sometimes beyond). I would think there are very few people who don't have days when dragging themselves out of the door is really hard work, but I would guess it's mostly those that manage it who are the ones that achieve their goal.

    So to answer your question, I'd say that you need to think about what you want to achieve and set yourself a target. I always advise people to set something that is challenging but achievable, something that will need you to work hard but that is not so challenging that it actually overwhelms you and demotivates you. You need to be really honest with yourself when you do this because it has to be something that you believe you can achieve. Once you've set that goal then achieving it should be your motivation.

  • Just do a few half arsed training runs and turn up wearing a fancy dress outfit and do it for charity.

    That seems to be the most popular route.

  • Hi all, thanks very much for the adivce, decided this morning to go out for a run an it felt good, so now i think ive found the motivation to do it.


    Thanks all an hope you all have a very good x mas image

  • Well there's a happy ending. So I don't have to say "get a friend to drop you 26 miles from home without bus fare" - which is a good motivator as once you realise how ****ing far it really is, that does help with motivation for training image
  • What happens if you go out for a run tomorrow and it feels bad?
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