kindle running books

got myself a kindle - anyone suggest any running/sport books?

Preferably free links?

Cheers all & Merry Christmas


  • Born To Run
    Again To Carthage
    Paula - My Story
    More Fire - Running the Kenyan Way
    Feet In The Clouds (If you like fell running)
    Ultramarathon Man
    Just a little run around the world
    The London Marathon
    The loonieness of the long distance runner

    Books aren't supposed to be free... That's how authors make a living.
  • Not free but I would down laod from Plimsoles to eyeballs out - the Jim Peters biography -
  • I got a kindle for Christmas too, I plan on downloading Born To Run from Amazon at £3.99 as my first ebook, its a fantastic and enlightening book that I read a while ago. Amazon have quite few running books fo your kindle.
  • I got a Kindle as well and have just downloaded Run by Dean Karnazes for only £1.19. Bargain!!!!
  •  feet in the clouds - richard askwith

     josh - keith richardson

  • Anyone read 'The Greatest: The Haile Gebrselassie Story'? If so, is it worth a punt?

    I absolutely LOVE my Kindle.
  • mmmm some good suggestions.


  • I enjoyed "The Greatest" - very interesting.

    I also recommend "From Last to First" by Charlie Spedding.

    Also LOVE my kindle image

  • This is relevant to my interests.
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