I am running the Brighton Marathon then the London Marathon a week later. I have run 4 before but I just would like some advice from anyone who has done this before on how they recovered inbetween. Any advice guys?


  • Hi

    I did it in April. I did Paris then London the week after.

    If you train properly, you'll be OK. In between I just did three easy jogs between 2 and 3 miles each to stop my legs ceasing.

    It was hard and I did my slowest times on both occasion, second was 4 mins slower than first.

    You can do it just train properly and dont do much in between.

    Good luck xx
  • 1 marathon is enough for me

    do not overdo it if you plan 1 then a 2nd week later
  • Hello Elli

    I have learnt to have a short steady run the day after a long run. Definately helps stop your muscles seizing up completely. I go to an Osteopath once a month who is also a sports physio. Keep on top of the niggles. I am currently doing 30 plus a week with at least two runs of 10-12 miles plus. I am gradually upping this to 15s next month. We track train and also do hill sessions. I intend to do at least 6 20s before Brighton. I wont to go in the sea after Brighton to blast the blood and waste out of my legs.I am most concerned about my legs recovering. Not sure what best to eat. Probably cram in the protein up until the Wednesday then carb up.
  • Just run them both really slow and it'll be fine. Just think: could you do two 26 mile training runs in one week? No problem. If you want to RACE one or both of them, then I can't help you lol.
  • You might want to go for a time in Brighton, and do London as a leisurely jog. If you wanted to race one of them.
    If you're not too bothered about the time but just to finish both, I would advise that's much better approach.

    Don't forget the mental motivation too. I found it mentally hard to run London, which was the second one for me. Up to half way point I was OK but after that my body started getting tired and it was really hard to focus for the rest of the half. You know when you run a marathon and the last 6 or so miles feel really long,... well at least triple that when you've completed another marathon a week ago. London is a good one for a second one as the support along the route will keep you going.
  • I don`t expect a pb for either. I will just go out steady and see how I feel. If the Brighton one is going well I may go for a decent time. I have done London twice. When I took the first one easy I loved it. The second one I pushed myself and I didn`t really enjoy it that much. It was a bit too fast to get any support from people watching and I found it mentally a nightmare.Also it was ridiculously packed. I expect to be a bit of a mess running up the Embankment but at least by then I should have nearly finished them both
  • I wouldn't run at all between the two, swim or cycle to keep active. Its more than doable (I have done this more than once) as long as you don't try to race both, it doesn't matter which one you chose to race as long as you treat the other as a training run. Of course it does all depend on how used you are to running long distances and the number of long runs you have done in training for these two events.

  • Peter, I'm doing Cotswold on Sunday Feb 19th, and Belvoir on the following Saturday, I don't expect I'll go for a PB but I'll be aiming just to finish both maybe 15 - 20 mins off my PB I will be going to several Pilates and Yoga sessions inbetween with maybe a couple of light runs just to keep from Seizing up, I'll let you know how it goes. 
  • Getting close now. I have done 6 runs over 20 miles. 2 were 22 miles 1 was 23. Ran the Silverstone half marathon and was flying till 8 miles then my legs went heavy(possibly the heat). Finished in 1.32. Did the Banbury 15 Road race a week later and did that in 1.43 at 6.50 mile pace which was faster than the week before.I expected to be leggy but for the second one that is the strongest I have felt. Ran on a curry.

    Anything can happen and I could get a virus but I hope to beat 3.25 for Brighton and I hope to do 3.20 or better even. London I want to better 3.30 a week later. I have got stronger this year and hope to finish these knowing I have given it the best I could.Good luck to everyone else.
  • LOL @ 'ran on a curry' image Good luck for both your races! 

  • I did this last year, my first ever 2 marathons. Decided I was going to go for it in Brighton then just see how I felt for London and soak up the atmosphere. I definitely did not fully recover but I did get round in respectable times for both. Brighton in 3.11 and London in 3.41.

    I just felt like I was running on empty from about 12 miles at London, and whilst the course and support is truly amazing, I was in agony from 16 onwards in places I had never felt pain whilst running.

    Swim, Ice, and Massage. Do everything you can to get the pain of the first couple of days out the way in every way possible. Eat properly, take on plenty of extra protein and carbohydrates to help muscle recovery. Eat like a trooper!

    When it comes to London, just go into it without thinking too much about the week before, and be confident. It sounds like you have done the training for it. Before Brighton, the furthest I had ever run was 13miles. An error you have not made yourself!! You will smash it. Good luck.
  • Thanks Matt. I have a sports massage booked for the Monday sfter the Marathon. I see the same person once a month who is an Osteopath.I am looking forward to it. Your Brighton time is excellent and you can clearly run. The most I have enjoyed a marathon is my first London. I ran injured and plodded round in 1.43. The atmosphere was brilliant and it is definately more supportive if you are a bit slower. I might treat this as a fun run but who knows.My leg recovery seems to have improved. The days of going down the stairs on my bum and back up the stairs backwards I hope are over. Anyone having a sports massage please note get someone who knows what they are doing and get the muscles flushed out, the knots out and the fibres realigned. Dont go to some beast who think that pain is everything.
  • Ran Brighton in 3.14 so taking it easy ready for London. Bring it on.
  • Gee, well done you. I shall attempt to do this next year with Berlin mara and another one 2 weeks later.
  • I haven`t done it yet but I think that the secret is getting in the miles. I have made my short runs longer , done consistent 20 / 22 mile runs at the weekend. I have been going out only three times a week, sometimes 4 but averaging 13 miles per run upwards. Highest mileage was 66. Did a half marathon and a 15 mile road race around a month ago.Good luck when you doBerlin.Might see you there.
  • Well finished London in 3.24 so with Brighton at 3.14 I should be happy. They are my fastest marathon times.I loved Brighton, I ran free and didnt really suffer. I hurt yesterday. The first 4 miles are near impossible to run properly. Got under 8 min miles eventually and tried to run around 7.20 pace. Felt a little bit tired at Cutty Sark but held the pace to Tower Bridge which was as fantastic as always. About 16 miles I was working hard but also my thighs were starting to kill. From 20 miles this was a real grit your teeth effort to keep pushing and was probably the hardest thing I have ever done but somehow kept pushing and finished. That genuinly hurt my legs badly. They are just sore today but the bones seemed to be suffering.

    Anyway guys if you have to do the same good luck. Do plenty of 20 mile runs before hand. I did 6 over 20 and take care of your body as much as possible.
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