Boxing day 10k lost phone

If any runner or spectator has lost a mobile phone just give steve ashcroft a ring as it was handed in image


  • Good Question Daveimage 

    Boxing 10k Worden Park Leyland Nr Preston.

  • Can't you open the contacts up and see if it says something like "mum" or "ICE" (in case of emergency) then the person can get it back?image

    I've done that once when I found a phone.

  • Sorry Liverbird all attempts to bypass the password on the phone failed.

    We could not do anything with it at all. We even tried asking teenagers to try as us oldies could not do it


  • i can't imagine many people who raced are going to find this thread without the event in the subject

    Maybe you could put the note next to where you print the race results, that will give more chance of finding it a home.

    These new flash phones eh...great security features...that stop you beig able to find them when lost!

  • Phone now been pick up.
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