how much is too much ?



  • Must go running with Debra! Sounds like ultra marathon approach almost, or my Christmas shopping. image

    Yes, to jelly babies, jelly beans. Usually 1-2 sports drinks will do me for up to 26 miles training.

    Depends on what race you're training they do provide sports drinks, gels ?
    Liverpool weren't going to have gels or sports drinks, just water till late on, then did...

    Had already started using clif blok shots which I find a lot easier to stomach than gels... Little gel cubes, in a pack of 6 for 2 quid. 3 cubes = 1 gel, but you can take smaller amounts so much less waste.

    I've used zero , it's good for rehydrating but useless for long runs since no carbs... But a hot day handy to have 1-2 if sweat & heat a problem.
    So fine for gym classes, and recovery to take in salts but not much else.
  • I'd say to you to only run 5 days per week, rest is extremely important.  By running 6 miles per day, every day, you're not improving - mix up the distances, routes and pace.  Your weekly training programme should include one long run over hills, one speed session, one fartlek sesion and a couple of steady runs.  Vary the mileage from 4 miles up to 22 miles (only do two 22 milers before the mara) and vary the pace from slow to faster than predicted race pace. 

    Protein shakes - most definitely, within twenty minutes of finishing your run so your muscles will repair more quickly.  A good quality Whey will be perfect.

    Try and include a couple of gym sessions per week too, if you can.  Good luck with it!  image

    Any more questions, just ask.

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