Fat Club Sunday 22nd

Hi guys,

Working day for me so just been for a run. Now about to leap in bath and then walk dog (Jasper the standard poodle).

V-rap, not only did a cut a dash visually in my new View From gear, it makes me run better too! 2 miles, the most I've ever run, and without any walking breaks. The advice you lovely people have been giving me about going more slowly really works.

GMc, if M&S was as crowded for you as it was for me, we wouldn't have spotted each other in a million years, even if wearing URWFRC gear.

Oh well, off to pray for the populous.

Busy day today, so signing off till tomorrow. Have a good one!

(I reckon I burned about 300 calories this morning!)


  • Hey Sassie, well done on the running, it's great when you run your first long distance isn't it?! I know when I first started road running after my treadmill running I nearly gave myself a heart attack by going way too fast. It's so much easier just to plod and it builds up your confidence too - as a result of my experiences I no longer worry about how far I've covered on my Sunday long runs, I just run for a specific length of time. This has helped me build from 5k in June to 10 miles at the beginning of September (and I'm now ready for a 1/2M).

    I did well on my detox; weds, thurs and friday on juices combined with 6 mile runs each day, and felt really good and strong. However, following excitement of finding potential new home yesterday it all went out of the window and I poured Merrydown cider and chocolate down my throat (so b*****ks to detox!). Hey ho, I'm not superwoman after all!!!

    Not weighing in tomorrow as will be in hospital most of day and then will need treats to get over the trauma.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Soory EP, you weren't there when I started typing! Hope you have a good shop.
  • Merrydown counts as fruit doesnt it?
  • benz
    of course Merrydown counts as a portion of fruit (it tastes a damn sight better than some of the apples on sale these days).
    I once told a dietician that I consumed plenty of cereal based products (well, Jack Daniels is made from corn!).
  • Yep, and gin is fruit cos its full of berries
  • Well done girl
    We didnt even need to encourage you to avoid cake!!
  • Chocolate is vegetables cos it's made from beans. Yippee!

    Wonder if I'd have run a faster 10K this morning if I'd been clad in nice new View From gear instead of my £2-from-Asda shorts and old charity vest? Not complaining - first thing this morning I'd have settled for less than 65 minutes and not being humiliatingly far behind the second-last finisher, but I managed 54 minutes and wasn't quite last. The medal is even prettier than my London Marathon one, and I feel I deserve it more.

    Susie, I hope everything goes smoothly for you tomorrow. Enjoy your treats - a body that's recovering from surgery needs comfort food.

    Cath, just to echo what Ruth said yesterday, if you're on steroids you shouldn't stand on the scales. Remember the laws of physics - you CANNOT have put on half a stone of fat in the last week or two, you just cannot. A little glycogen perhaps, a lot of water, but probably no fat at all since you haven't eaten much. Anyway, now's not the time to worry about your weight. I'd advise anyone about to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy to start off with a few pounds to spare.

    Benz, how's your thesis doing?

    I'm already threatening the cats with a one-way trip to the vet after Tinka spent the entire night trying to decide whose bed she could knead the most comfortable nest in, and Tizzy sicked up a hairball on my bedroom floor. Animals - why do we bother? Worse than kids!
  • Dont ask Vrap
    Im starting to think Id rather DO peritoneal dialysis than have to wite about the science of it!!
    Keep doing a bit
  • Now, just imagine - if you were a GP you could get away with saying "You pour this fluid into your tummy through a tube and it draws all the poisons out of your body. Then you pour it out again and throw it away. Repeat four times a day."

    On second thoughts, that sounds more like what the colonic hydrotherapists say. Now, there's an occupational group who will be joining the ambulance chasers at the bottom of the pit in Raptor's Inferno.
  • I think colonic irrigation would be more fun than =this thesis
    Good job the shops are closed
    Think Ill go to the gym, then have a GIN
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