Great Manchester Run 2012

So having spent the best part of 6 months out of serious running(injury/work/life image) I'm back on it and found a confirmation of this deep in my inbox.

Is anyone else around here running it?Did I really pay the best part of 40 quid for it?Seems its still open for entries, says alot I think


  • Have done it once before with some friends as an incentive as they never ran before. Great atmosphere - think GNR but for 10K. It had brill music etc. However it was v v expensive hence I did it once for friends but went for cheaper 10ks afterwards. One of my fav though (if not going for a pb)
  • Great Manchester Rip off  run - leave it alone
  • 'Rip off run'...bit strong but may have a point. My blog on the Great Manchester Run 2012 at

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