Building fitness in my room

Hope you all had a good Christmas.

 I went for my first run in a month yesterday, and it felt good.  I've found some new motivation, and am determined to try a second10k later this year.

 My problem is that I travel a lot with work. the places I go to are not places where is it possible/advisable for a woman to run on the streets. There are few gyms, and curfews often make it difficult to get to them after the end of the working day.I found a treadmill in the last place I stayed, ans was very excited until it tried to throw me off within a minute of starting.

I'm rarely away for more than 2 weeks, so have so far focused on stretching or used a weights band when I'm away, and tried to catch up when I return. However, I'd really like to be able to run faster. 

Does anyone have any suggestions of exercises or routines I could carry out in a small room with limited equipment which would help with aerobic fitness?




  • Aerobics - take skipping ropes with you. Learn different drills to avoid boredom and/or watch TV.
  • I'm sure I have a skipping rope around somewhere, so this might work well. Thanks for the idea. 

    Sometimes I don't have space to swing a rope though, or only get the time once others are in bed, so jumping around might make me unpopular.

    I'd welcome further suggestions too.

  • Do the places you stay have stairs? If it is feasible I would suggest using them.

    Skipping was my other suggestion but that has already been covered.

  • Sometimes there are stairs - there were in the last place.

    would you suggest running up and down them, or stepping up and down the same one? Or something else?


  • You could just do a mini form of circuit training - pick 10 exercises, and do them one after the other with no break in between. Short recovery, and then repeat as required.

    Something like:

    15 Star jumps
    1 min running on the spot ( high knees)
    1 minute plank
    15 press-up (or as many as you can do in 1 minute)
    1 minute running on the spot (kicking your bum)
    1 minute squat thrusts
    1 minute lunges
    1 minute sit-ups
    1 minute raised scissor kicks (or upside down cycling)
    1 minute dips (use the edge of a chair)
  • Jane, are you travelling in a car?

    Wondered if you could stick a small set of weights in.

    I got a set with variable weights from 1 to 3lb, so you could do a mixture of squats, lunges, bicep curls, triceps.

    Also use the bed or side of bath maybe for doing dips, and chairs if you have one for standing up/ down on, one leg at a time. That's good for building the leg muscles up for running.

    Then plank, sit ups, press ups.

    Quite a few free programs now for smartphones will give you a virtual gym class too... One on android I've used, probably others similar.
  • Thanks for the ideas.

    Festive-RatAr$sed-CatI'm generally on a plane so only  20kg of luggage. I have used 1 litre water bottles in the past though.

    I've done the dips before, but not the standing up or standing down, that sounds useful.

    Young pup, this circuit sounds good. I have done circuits with resistance work, but not thought of adding in running on the spot, or of doing them without a break to make it more aerobic.


  • I used to use something that I think the Canadian air-force first developed called 5BX - may be worth googling that....
  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I have a few recommendations, however these are more for improving strength, balance and helping you tone up rather than boost aerobic fitness. However, I would not dismiss these completely as they can nicely complement your running routine.

    I recommend that you invest into buying a TRX kit - it is very versatile,lightweight, easy to store and you can use it anywhere to build strength and tone up. You can attach it to a tree, fence or a door. It is on the pricey side, but I have seen people using it in the gym and have read many positive reviews about it so I am planning to buy one for myself.

    A free option is to browse on the Men's Health/Women's Health or similar fitness websites where they have a lot of downloadable workouts - some of them do not require any equipment at all. You can print these and take them with you or upload onto your phone.

    Finally, a good Pilates/Yoga DVD will be a faithful workout companion for a long time.
  • Step up something like this


    Young pups list is pretty good, can add burpees, twists and various other things.
  • If the places you stay in have Sky TV there's a couple of fitness channels on the lifestyle section - it's pot luck as to what's on when and could be anything from cardio work to yoga.
  • I think you can download workouts to a smartphone and copy them ?
  • If you have access to the Internet - google CrossFit bodyweight excercises or go to for other ideas. CrossFit will build strength and endurance and build aerobic conditioning in less than 30mins a day, the workout of the day or WOD changes daily to keep things interesting

    Loads of apps available for iPhone and adroid - look for one's focussing on bodyweight exercises

    Also I have answered a similar question in the past 4 weeks in the "just a little bit further 2011 " if u search my posts
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