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  • Are there some forum rules? Maybe I should have read them? But I'm just quoting generally available stuff, I'm not associated with anything apart from being registered for the marathon. Info on the shirts is freely available on the Guild website - and I just get a newsletter by e-mail somehow, but, again, its freely available on the web -

  • Sorry if this question has already been asked/answered, but does anybody know what drinks will be at the drinks stations on the day? Would be useful to practice with any sports drinks that will be given out image

  • Hi Sarah,

    See that last link I posted, give it a click for lots of info, on drinks it says - "We are currently in talks with a number of sports nutrition suppliers with regard to isotonic drinks and gels.  As soon as we have more information we will update you.  We too are aware that runners like to try any new drinks/gels before race day."

  • Sorry Lowrez I was not having a go at you. Just wondering how you had all this info and I can't find anything on PCC site. Thanks for the link above.

  • Thanks Iowrez- I saw that after I posted! Here's hoping they let us know soon image
  • I have entered the half marathon- it will be my first so a little bit nervous! I'm disapointed I didn't do the 5k in May as I am doing the rest of the Guild series. Training is going well- my lsr will be 9 miles on Sunday so I'm confident I will do the 13 by the end of October, and my only goal is to complete it. 

    Does anyone have any parking recommendations for marathon day or for the 10k? 

  • Parking - zip back in time to page 9 -

    Hey Muggle - no problemo!

    Hi Sarah - hope its got plenty of carb in it! At Coniston they did plain water and Kendal Mint Cake - I didn't train on that but the Cake was an amazing sugar hit! I'm taking some to this one.

  • Thanks lowrez- does anyone know where the car park is on Manchester Road? My googling is coming up with nothing. I think the train station might be a bit tricky to get to for me if there is road closures (I'm coming up the M6 from Wigan and will come off at j29). I thought Walton-le-dale park and ride might be the answer but it doesn't run on Sundays! I'm now trying to work out whether it might be easier to hop on a train from somewhere like Bamber Bridge. 

  • Hmm, I'm doing a similar trip, maybe they meant this - lots more info on that site about parking in Preston, haven't spent much time looking yet though.

  • OK penguingirl, got it, corner of Queen St and Manchester Rd, satellite view on Google Maps has it empty and not too easy to spot, but, go into street view and it's full of cars (or stars if you're into 2001 a Space Odyssey). So J29 looks good to me, come in along the London Way etc, take a left onto Queen St and if the Manchester Rd place is full the Avenham multi-storey is another option a bit further on. It's £2 all day on Manchester Rd (if the sign is still current) v £4 for up to 12hrs on the multi-storey.

  • lowrez

    Thanks for the comments I'm now dragging my heals in the Far East on holiday and the humidity is no way to run. So i've upgraded to Rivington Trail Marathon from half to get me back on track, but the tax on beer over here will not see me pile the weight hopefully 7 quid a pint. Hate treadmills so may have to run early morning or late evening.     

  • Hey Number, Give my regards to the Winter Hill Antenna; a full trail marathon 22 days before Preston is really hardcore! Wish I'd put more effort in now. I don't like treadmills either, reminds me of the heat of holiday in Texas in the run up to Chicago; once again undertrained but not worried; Chicago hit 30 deg C that year and I clocked my longest time of 5:30, still a very enjoyable day out, but I walked a lot on the big day, just could not run in that heat.

    Went for a sports massage on Thursday after jumping from 9 to 12 miles last Sunday, running most days now, but calves were extremely sore. Physio warned me off ramping up too quickly and heading into injury territory so I will try a 10 tomorrow and maybe just step in 2s from here on in. The body will remember how to run a mrathon on the big day irrespective of where I top out in training.

    Planning to keep going after a week or two off after Preston and looking for another marathon, say, 3 months down the line. I know I'll be able to attack 3:30 properly off that and I love winter training. Good luck at Rivington! 

  • More car park research; street view is an amazing tool; although I have turned up in places that look totally different at times due to the pictures always being somewhat out of date.

    As you approach the Avenham multi-storey along the one-way loop there is another ground level car park on your right, can't figure how much it costs though, and, if all those are full, if you follow the road up to Fishergate and trundle down towards the railway station there is a big car park there down Butler St. I'm not sure about road closures on the day but all of these are south of the route and I'd expect to be able to get to them.

    This is brining back amazing memories; I lived in lodgings in James St for my 1st year at Preston Poly and as a non-driving student walked these streets many times a good few years ago. I ran back then too and have covered a lot of ground in Preston. This is going to be a great event! 

  • Thanks lowerz I have my bearings now! I usually do preston parkrun in Avenham Park on a Saturday so I will do a rekkie around the carparks so I should be sorted for the 10k on the 30th- my parents have decided to come along for support so I better give them good directions! Will post an update next Saturday image

    My half marathon training is going well- I'be got a 9miler planned tomorrow which will be a new longest distance for me, but found my 8miler a couple of weeks ago ok. Just trying to stay motivated with the horrible weather.

  • Here's hoping for plenty of carbs! I've got some SiS Go gels to try since they're isotonic and I don't have to faff about with water image

  • Hi all. Can I joinin pls. Am signed up for the half to penguin girl. Did you make it to the Preston this morning? I was there but was not very impressed with my time. Thought I might be able to do a pb but was short by over 20 secs. I did think I was getting faster with all the long run training I'm doing but obviously not. Never mind it was a good hilly run to give my calves a work out!

    I have tried the sis drink Sarah but made me feel a bit off for the rest of the day so am steering clear of anything other than water which I think should be ok for a half!

    Good luck to everyone with a long run this weekend, I'm doing mine on Monday, not sure how far - depends on my running buddy but hoping to do 10 miles +.
  • Hi annieshaf; sounds like you are well on track for the half with a 10 mile long run this week. 5k is a tough distance to improve speed on off the back of long running; are you doing any speed work? Stuff like 200m up to 800m repeats, or hill repeats? Don't start on anything like that this close to the big day if you've not done them before though. My speed has improved considerably after including that kind of thing.

    Sarah, I like the isotonic SiS gels, tropical is a bit bland, but orange and blackcurrant hit the spot. I usually go over the start line with 500ml of PSP22, I use that on long training runs so I know I'm putting down something I'm used to. That plus a couple of SIS gels, some sweets and whatever is being served on course is usually plenty to fend off the wall for me. Have you got a favourite sweet with a bit of zing to it? Its really worthwhile taking a few along; when you are in a bad patch the taste and memories they spark can bring you back to life.      

    Penguingirl, let us know how the 5k went today and your car park report! You are looking good for the big day too @ 9 miles this week. And here am I on only 10 for the full distance, tempted to go further tomorrow but better take doctor's orders! Put in a 6 mile marathon pace run this affy @ 51mins which is sub 4 hours, but, pretty sure I could not string that pace along for another 20!

  • Thanks for the sweets advice Iowrez- will take some Jelly Babies with me! image

  • I love jellie babies too, but, ended up with zero in my pocket when it rained on me and they dissolved, suppose I should've put them in a plassy bag! Latley I have been using the equivalent of "penny chews", although these days they come in big bags, the chews are individually wrapped and don't melt in the rain.

    Got that 10 miler in yesterday at 10min pace and the hamstrings kind of held up...last long run I was having to stop and stretch every few miles...what a wreck I am! Where did that 3:47 running machine of May go?    

  • My parkrun on Saturday was good and I got a PB which was great image I feel like I am (very) slowly chipping away at my speed and I've been trying to do some hill training so maybe that helped (although 3rd time around on Saturday it didn't feel like it!). I didn't explore carparks because I was getting a lift off a friend, but will have a mooch next Saturday. 

    My 9 miler yesterday went well, except for one bit when I had to look at the map on my phone! I did it at just under a 11min pace which I would like to improve on a bit, but really not going to worry too much as my goal is just to get round. 

  • My 10 miler was also much better than last Sunday's attempt at 9- I had some company from the uni running club and took a gel with me and managed 10 miles at 9:40 pace image

  • The car park at manchester rd is 2 quid all day. Park and ride at Walton-le-dale should be running on the day. It usually runs oct for Sunday shopping. The start n finish are walking dis from train station.

    If no sports are available try the sports tablets. Put a few in ya bags and add one to the water you pick up at water stations. 5 quid a tube only works out at 50p a drink.
  • penguingirl - sounds like your training is right on target for the half, good to see your 5k time dropping too; well done on the pb! Don't go out of your way on the parking front, I tend to be over analytical, I'm well sorted in my head knowing there are several options if I head down Queen St.

    Sarah - just clicked you must be doing the half (I hope) if you are at the 10 mile mark in training - the carbs don't matter as much over the half distance but definitely worth trying out if you plan to run longer. 

    9 - thanks for the additional info on parking. Sports tabs? I've not heard of those before, did a quick web search and am only coming up with electrolyte type tabs? Nothing with carbs in? Do they do a carb tab?

    I did a 2 mile recovery run last night to shake the tiredness out of my legs...took it really easy; 21 mins. Hamstrings feel ready to go today. Planning some hill repeats tonight, if I hold together after my pace run on Saturday I have my eye on 14 miles for Sunday, got to start getting some distance in. 

  • Thems the ones ,,sis electrolyte. Worked for me.. For carbs take jelly beans
  • Iowrez- I am doing the half, but find that as I near an hour and a half or so of running, my legs start to get a little heavy and some carbs give me a little boost image

  • Finally confirmed that I have a stress fracture. Hope I can do the HM . . . image

  • So much for hill repeats; got a call from the cooker delivery man when I got in so I ended up doing some cross training of cleaning behind the old's life Jim, but not as we know it. Hams didn't half complain about that, but seem OK today. Just a few miles tonight...unless the gas installer can drop by and hook up the new cooker.

    9 and Sarah...I have severely over analysed the carb thing after hitting the wall very hard in London in 2008, went through half way laughing at how easy it was in 2:00.07 aiming for 4hrs and at 18 miles it felt like all my bones had been ripped out, mentally I collapsed into a dream like world where nothing mattered any more. I have recently concluded that I have been overdosing on carbs; in Liverpool last year, when I went sub 4 for the first time, with 5 miles to go I felt ill I'd supped so much PSP22, it was a real mental wrench to chuck the bottle away and believe I could carry on without it. In my last 2 marathons I've taken less onboard during the run and got around OK. There is obviously an optimum personal balance that everyone must have...I'm still learning on that front.

  • ET, thats really bad news...its been a while since the pain came on hasn't it? Did they say how long for it to heal? Sounds like you've got no choice but to lay off running until it fixes though...time to get on the static bike...if it causes no pain that is. I had a March Fracture a few years back so know how frustrating this will've just got to let stuff like that heal properly.  

  • Let it heel ET and you'll be fine in 20 years for the next one image

    If you drop down to the HM it is easy, just use the message icon n the official Guild marathon website and tell them. I messaged them on Monday morning to say could I drop down to do the half from the full marathon because of niggly injuries and other things that I can't do the full marathon. I got a reply Tuesday afternoon saying that they'll sort it, I even booked on it through the John Schofield website.

  • The multi storey car park at Preston station is £2/day at weekends, there's also a car park behind County Hall that's usually available at weekends and is pretty cheap.

    Ran Fleetwood half marathon at the end of August and getting a bit apprehensive about my first marathon now. With the 10K next weekend I'll have to do a 12 miler mid week to compensate, probably Thursday, then two days rest. Got 19 planned for this Friday and 20 two weeks later, then its time to taper.


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