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  • Thanks Chris and lowrez. It is appreciated.

     To say I`m disappointed is an understatement. Feeling very sorry for myself, still. Doing the 10k is probably not sensible as I can only do about 20 minutes before it starts hurting. Mind you, with the best part of a fortnight more to rest, maybe I could do 25 minutes. What`s the world record again? image

  • ET, don't go anywhere near that 10k! It sounds like you have a chance for a good recovery if there is no immediate pain, but you must have been road testing it to know you can get 20mins in before it complains? I hope you jumped on the bus home straight away after that! You've just got to stop and rest. These are little devils; I had immediate pain and a small pool of bleeding/ bruising but nothing showed up on an X-ray. Did the doc say anything about the recovery time? After my time off, sadly, I had to build up real slow again, took months as they warned me if I caused a repeat I would really struggle in the future...take it easy ET!    

  • Southport Strider - thanks for the additional parking gen...I have this horrible image of me going from full car park to full car park and missing the start, suppose if I get far enough out I can park in a street and enjoy the stroll in though.

    Cripes; you mentioned the "T" word and I'm not even past the half in training yet. I would have gone for the whole Guild Series if I hadn't missed the 5k, but, I am steering clear of any races now before the big day; no matter how controlled I try to be in treating things like that as training runs, not wanting to tempt injury for the main event, I always end up "going for it" and needing recovery time that should be spent towards the big day. Looks like you are well on track; what time are you aiming for? I got 3 and a bit miles in last night, all my hamstrings could manage, more of a recovery run than anything, feeling better this morning, will try those hill repeats tonight.

  • lowrez I'm probably looking at 4:15 to 4:30 and if I do it without stopping I'll be more than pleased. I usually finish 60-70% down the field in 10k's and half marathons so I'm not the fastest, my PB for a half is just outside 2 hours. I've been trying to mix my shorter runs up a bit between easy, trail (beach) and treadmill (tempo) to try and keep my legs fresher for the long runs on road.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    the Egyptian Toe - I'm experiencing something very similar to yourself at the minute. I'm due to run Chester in a couple of weeks (but have also entered Liverpool) and I haven't run for the best part of 10 days with an injury that sounds very similar to yours.

    I got a gradual pain in the ball of my foot and on the top of my second metatarsal, mainly the morning after running. After a 22 miler which I pretty much had to hobble I couldn't walk and ended up at the hospital where they x rayed it and said there wasn't a stress fracture. I've since seen my g.p a physio and a podiatrist and I'm off to another physio tomorrow. Not had any joy at any of them so far and I'm wondering if they've actually missed a stress fracture. It is fine to walk on though and only hurts when I try to run. did you go back for a third x ray and was yours bearable to walk on etc?

    I feel your pain. image
  • Matti - sorry to hear that. My pain is very concentrated on a small area on top of the metatarsal. It comes on gradually and hurts a lot the next day. I had 2 sets of xrays with nothing showing but, on the second visit to the physio, she said it must be a stress fracture that isn`t showing on the pics. It does make sense; it might even be one that is partially healed or an old one aggravated that I wasn`t aware of.

    Keep us posted.

  • Good luck everyone.

    My physio says I can start running again today, and I'm stupidly excited about the prospect of a wet 20 min jog after work. I've swapped from the 10k to the 5k, and am still hopeful about the half marathon if I walk bits. As long as my calves hold out in the next couple of weeks.

    Hopefully see you all there.

  • Sorry to hear about all these injuries, I missed 6 months last year with plantar fasciitis and I know how frustrating it can be. One of my biggest issues is with running shoes because my big toes tend to come through them very quickly but I suppose thats the price to pay given the lightweight materials used.

  • The recent Panorama on shoes and hydration implied we'd probably be better off without huge wedges of bouncy plastic under our feet. I used to run in flat soled canvas tennis shoes when I started out running, I was a lot younger and probably more resilient then, but, I don't remember any major injuries. I've just splashed out on 3 pairs of the usual mainstream running shoes I use on-line, once again the model has had a re-vamp and the feel has changed considerably from the version I am currently using, so went for more of them before supplies disappear with the new one coming on stream. I plan to give a new pair of those old type tennis shoes a go after Preston on some short runs, maybe even switch completely back to them if I have no problems, conscious I should not just switch over night to something radically different to what I've been running in for a good few years now though. I wonder if some of our ailments are shoe related?

    I got those 5 hill repeats in yesterday, shook things up really well, good job its a rest day today, stretching those hamstrings plenty! Big weekend coming up; 7 miles marathon pace tomorrow and 14 miles long and slow on Sunday. If I can make it through that on an even keel I'll be a lot more confident.   

    Southport Strider - thats a good combo of shorter running, and a great comeback from 6 months off.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I went so see another physio last night who said it could be nerve or tendon damage. Said its hard to tell without having it scanned. He did say that I've to rest it until its completely pain free though so I won't be on the start line for either Chester or Liverpool, which is a bit annoying as my number arrived for Liverpool yesterday. Haha.

    Will just be glad to get out running again if I'm honest. Good luck!

    I have been injured for 6 weeks with Back and Sciatic nerve problems so cannot run the 10k,Marathon or 10m (ie the remaining preston guild races) absolutely gutted as Preston is my home town and my training was going well.

    I have entries for all 3 races if anyone is interested in using them. The organisers have said I can just transfer them over to the new runner and give them the details of the new runner so should be no problem. Let me know if you are interested.

    Good luck everyone. I am now marshalling both the 10k and marathon so I'll be there but not running!

  • WIth parkin I would advise parking at Fishergate car park next to the rail station. It looks like on the maps that the bus station, market car parks could be hindered by the actual marathons. And it is just as easy to get to the motorways and main roads by going the other way.

  • Hi all. I am doing the Preston marathon as my first attempt at the distance so starting to get a bit nervous now.  Does anyone know please whether any information has yet been released as to location of water stations and whether there will be cups or bottles ? I have looked on the website and am signed up for the newsletters but haven't seen anything on this. 

  • Anyone know when the numbers will arrive?  Or do we just pick them up on the day??  Suprising lack of info over this  image

  • Leo - I think the idea is that you have to pick up your numbers from the expo which is held the day before.
  • Sorry to hear about those with injuries- it sounds so frustrating and ET it sounds like you've had a rough time with it.

    Lowrez- I only started running last year and did the first 4 months-ish (couch to 5k and then 5/6k runs 3 times a week) in tennis type trainers. I was fine until one day both my heels became extruciatingly painful and I struggled to walk. I stopped running for a week or so and recovered, but as soon as I ran again the pain flaired up. I took it as a sign to invest in new trainers so went to sweatshop and it fixed the problem. 

  • Yes, they are encouraging you to pick-up the number the day before (of course this is expo related like most marathon events, to please sponsors and hoping you will buy stuff - but then again I enjoy a good look round an expo - possibly get a leg massage etc) mentioned under the HQ heading in the last newsletter: you can collect on the day, but, I prefer to have it sorted the day before and not rush/worry. Not seen anything on drinks yet except, again, in the last newsletter they said they'd update us soon.

    penguingirl - I've been running on clouds (cumulus) for so many years now my feet will probably not thank me for trying tennis shoes! Was very glad of the protection on my 14 miler yesterday; I have an exceedingly sore upside T shaped graze on my left calf after firstly dragging a bramble bush down it and then breaking a tree branch across it, both picked up by my right foot and slapped across my left calf as the right foot powered through. In tennis shoes I probably would have ended up in a hedge with a broken collar bone or such! Tennis shoe plan abandoned! You are doing great stepping up to a half within a year of starting to run. I am out for a very slow 3 miler tonight to recover from a 61 minute 7 miler on Saturday and a 2:25 14 miler yesterday evening, both run on a mix of cross-country/trail/road, so well pleased with progress, sub 4 might even be on the cards and I feel fine going for an 8/16 combo this coming weekend. Just 5 weeks to go now!             

  • Can I do a 22 mile steady training run, 3 weeks before race day?  I'm supposed to be starting to taper off, but I'm 5 weeks from my first marathon, and 17 miles is the furthest I've ever run. 

    I took all of last week off with a nagging injury that I rested.  I had programmed in 19 miles for yesterday then 22 next week.  But now think I'll have to push those two runs back by a week.  Anyone think that plan is ok?

  • Hi Run Wales - great going! Tell us some more about that nag? Training for a marathon can bring out all sorts of aches and pains. I've never gone more than 20 on any training programme, but I usually get 3 of those in over the last 6 weeks. I usually go up in 2 mile jumps on the long runs. 3 weeks out is fine for your last long run. Have you had a leg massage at all during your build up? They are very good for keeping off injuries.

  • I e-mailed Philip Walsh earlier in the year to ask about water stations and was sent a provisional list, which said there were aid stations about every 3 miles give or take a bit with 9 in total. Remember this hasn't been confirmed, so may have changed since then.

    I e-mailed asking what type of drink or gel they were going to use, but I haven't seen anything detailing what they are going to use.  If we don't hear this week it looks like we'll all have trained on different types, so I'll look at carrying my own gels.

  • Sorry to hear about the back injury VW. If the offer of the marathon place is still up for grabs I'd be glad to use it. After a couple of marathons earlier in the year I was planning on taking it a bit easier, but I've got the bug again and can't resist the chance to run in Preston.

  • Went to the physio last night.  He's happy I've not done any real damage.  Just mild tendon inflammation on the sprectrum that includes shin splints... but no where near shin splints.  He's happy for me to carry on with my long runs in the next 2 weekends as long as I use common sense.  So I've got no excuses!

  • The key question is...   should I go to the away game at Tranmere the day before the race?  Not been there since 1981... when I got in some unplanned sprint training - trying (and failing) to get away from a gang of youths who didn't like my Lancashire accent!

  • Run Wales - the mystery deepens; Wales? Lancashire accent? Aha - Tranmere v Preston NE 27th Oct - definitely Lancashire. Sadly marathon training does not usually enable you to out-sprint anything, possibly the odd sloth, certailnly not youthful footballing enthusiasts. However, I'd say 30 years later it's probably a safe bet; those youths will now be aeging overweighters whereas you will only have improved with age and will easily escape them this time. Good to hear you are sound of limb...I have a mild shin splint thing goig on from time to time - only mild pain and it never gets worse...a massage always fends it off.   

  • Running the 10K on Sunday and received a free parking permit for the market car park on a first come first served basis. I don't know if there are any plans to provide free parking for the marathon. Managed 19 miles last Friday and will peak at 20 a week on Friday, this week I'll be doing 12 on Thursday and then resting for 2 days before the 10K.

  • Just back from a two week holiday time to start trainign again!!

    Four weeks to go, scary darey!!!

    Hope your all getting through your training runs without issue.

    Any one else starting to feel the tingle of the race is looming!!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Im hoping to do the Liverpool Marathon on 14th but have developed a problem above my right knee which causes intense pain by around 16 miles so I may not make that race.This one looks like an alternative option.Are there any places left? Ive looked at the route but no idea as to whether it flat or hilly or a bit of both.Is it a potentially fast course.? Thanks

  • Just found this thread so thought I would join in.

    Decided to enter the Guild Marathon as a challenge to myself thie year. Have never really done much in the way of running before but figured now was the best time to do it as I will be 45 by time the next one comes around.

    Was wondering if anyone has any tips for training as we get close to the event. Training wise I started in May and feel like its been going ok but I dont really know when I should be starting to taper off my training and if I need to do anymore big runs. 

    Last monday I did my biggest training run so far and covered 20miles in 2hr47mins. Do I need to do another one further than this before the race? I am up to about 26miles/week total training now, should I continue this right up until the week before? 

    Any other tips most appreciated.

  • Conventional thinking is that the last proper ldr is 3 weeks before the race. That said, it is said that the ldr ought to not account for more than 50 percent of total week's mileage. And 45 is no age in running terms!
  • Hi 2old the not sure if there any palces left but the link is


    Crispo, it sounds like your training is going well and Egypitian toe is right that pretty soon your have to do your last long run and start tapering off

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