Preston Guild Marathon



  • Yep, forgot to say 'I'm in' imageimage  Think I'll try and get 20 in on Wednesday ...

    Don't know about pacers though ... contact them if you're bothered, I had a very quick response via email regarding something else.

  • 22 miles in beautiful sunshine on llyn peninsular on Saturday at 8.53 pace so hopefully should be on for sub 4 for the first time. Was tapering for Snowdonia Marathon this time last year. What a beast!! Hopefully this course will give me a better chance of a good time in my old home town as well, so all good! Really looking forward to it now. Hope everyone else is!

    Btw if Snowdonia was anything to go by there may be significantly less than 1,400 on the start line, particularly if its chucking it down!

    Interesting article on tapering plus a bit of advice on carb loading. Might be worth a look
  • Nerves startting to kick in now last long run done with on sunday 20 miler, now for te tapering! Not managed as much training last few weeks due to the birth of my beautiful little boy so plan for a 3:10 marathon out the window but will have to see what happens! Really looking forward to it now, im anticipating a good day, just hope the weather hold out!

  • Snowdonia Marathon!!! Jesus!! thats impressive Sean, the slight gradients on our little marathon will seem like a perfectly flat course to you then lol

    And thanks for the link, will check it out.

    And contracts to Richard and its just as impressive that your doing as well all things considered. 

  • Snowdonia is a cracking marathon if you ever get chance to Do it. stunning location and brill atmosphere. Weather was biblical last year to add to the challenge! Having said that, looking forward to a flatter one this year & hoping for a better time.

    Well done Richard! I'm guessing the arrival of your son must more than compensate for a slightly more moderate time!
  • Thank you both really appreciate the messages yep will def compensate the time! There's always next year but this is probably the only chance ill have to do this marathon so couldn't miss it! Well done on snowdonia that's not for the faint hearted! May think about doing it if I'm brave enough not to great when it comes to hill running so gathering up the side of a mountain may be a bit much so really take my hat off to you!!
  • It's definitely do-able esp for someone capable of a 3.10 marathon (out of my league) Its mostly on road, just a shortish track section on the final descent into Llanberis. The trick is to just build some hills into your usual marathon training. I'm fortunate living in North Wales to have lots of opportunity for that! Whilst its not a pb course, there are a couple of guys in my club who ran it quicker than their London time last year (not sure how!!)
  • Hello. Entered this recently. Anybody any idea how much elevation gain there is? Apologies if the info is on this thread but I couldn't find it. I have just completed Chester Marathon and that was a lot more "undulating" than I expected image! Suffering from very sore calf muscles at the moment so hoping I will recover fully in time.

  • Really interesting article on tapering thanks Sean.   I can put my feet up without guilt!

  • The Race Information Pack just came through by email in the last few minutes.  It's got all the joining instructions, rules, maps, parking permits etc. 

  • Forever Hopeful, Thanks. My  marathon "goal" is based on an equivalent performance chart in Mcmillan Ruuning. I plugged in my only race time in the past 3 years - 10 miles in just under 70 minutes in July 2012 and it predicts a marathon time of 3.16 (7.29 per mile) and says my optimal training pace for long runs is 7.59 to 8.59 minutes per mile. I have done 3 runs of over 20 miles in the last month at 8.26, 8.15 & 8.10 minutes per mile. Its just that the marathon "goal" seems very ambitious - I could run much faster over shorter distances when i did my last marathon 10 years ago and did 3.40. So I just wondered what the correlation was like between last long training run pace - ran 3 weeks before the marathon say - and what the actual time achived in the marathon was. There must be loads of runners out there with experience which we could learn from ?


  • help needed on refueling!
    This will be my first marathon. I ran 21-22 miles or so over the course yesterday and it was beautifully sunny - lets hope the lancashire rain stays away!
    I definitely won't be up there with the fastest -it took me 4 hours so sub 5 is my target with sub 4.30 my dream!
    I had my poor parents driving ahead of me and stopping at mile markers to offer me powerade and jelly babies. Does anyone know what and when drinks will be available? And any alternative to jelly babies - my mouth tasted awful with all the sugar by the end! 

  • PureManic, everyone and every run is different.  I've had some shocking long runs and still come out with a reasonable time.  My last 3 marathons have had final training runs ranging between 5 seconds per mile slower than actual MP to 1.15 minute miles difference.  Actual times all within 8 minutes of each other.  My recent race times suggest I'm capable of a marathon between 3.06 - 3.10 but I still can't break 3.15.  Prediction tables are optimistic - a closer estimate is your half time + 10% so assuming your half is a little bit slower than 10 mile pace 3.20-3.25 might be a better pace to start off at.  Just remember the first half is going to feel easy - don't be deceived, it's the final 6 miles that are going to make or break you!!  Good luck - I'm yet to have a pleasurable final 10k image

  • Karen, hopefully this information will be in the race pack and, as Run Wales has got their info, it will be winging it's way to the rest of us shortly!!  I can't stomach jelly babies on a run and I use four SiS Go Gels as they're isotonic so don't need water, but they're still very sweet.  I can carry those and then just take any water that's on offer.  Make sure you're not trying anything new on the day.  Other than that, enjoy!!!

  • Forever Hopeful. Thanks for the advice. It sounds spot on.

    Karen Gary - I concur with Forever Hopeful about the SiS Gels - get them form Tesco and try them in training first, I have used between 2 and 3 every 45 minutes on the very long runs only and intend to use 4 in the marthon. The seem to work a treat.

  • Information courtesy of the race pack...


    Aid Stations ...there will be nine aid stations along the route with a mixture of both water (in 330ml bottles) and High5 IsoGel+. For marathon runners there will be water at approximately miles 3, 6, 9.5, 12, 15, 17, 19, 21 and 24.  Gels will be at five of these stations at miles 3, 9.5, 15, 19 and 21.      ....  Be aware that High5 IsoGel+ contains caffeine but there will be a number of the caffeine free version at each gel station. These will be signposted away from the caffeine version. 

    Toilets – there will be pairs of portaloos at various points for marathon and half marathon runners.  For the marathon runners they will be approximately at the 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 17, 20½ and 23½ mile points 

  • Just to say I contacted the organisers about the Race Pack and they were all sent yesterday. They have resent mine as I couldn't find it in my spam folder. It does have several attachments so if you haven't had yours you may want to check too.
  • Marathon place for sale. PM if interested. Also may have one available for HM! image

  • Free gels on the course thats great news. Although it a be nice to try them before the day any one know were you can pick these High5 IsoGels up from ?


    Hi Lonsdale , the elevation is slight at its worse. I did put together a rough map of the course sometime back which shows this :

    Remember to look at the measurements, because it isnt as bad as it appears on first glance.


  • Thanks SJPC14. Doesn't look too bad from your map. Slightly concerned about the hill at the end! Would be nice to finish downhill or at least on the flat! Really looking forward to it and hoping to get a PB if possible.

  • We should be ok, I think the way the site i use maps the route , that makes it looks worse than it is. I live just outside of preston and yes it is a slight climb but we should be ok.

    I cant wait for it either, i suspect there are a few people now who have done with trainign and jsut want to get out and run the thing!


  • I'm one of those people SJPC14!!
  • If you want to try the high 5 gels, one option would be to subscribe to trail running magazine. You get a free high 5 marathon pack with loads of gels plus recovery and sports drinks for a 6 month subscription at ??12 (magazines are published bimonthly) I got my pack through the door today. And it's a good read!
  • Another useful tip : Aldi are selling loads of cheap running gear at the moment (in stores today) gloves and hats for ??2, tights for a tenner etc
  • I've had the high5 problems with them.
  • hi everbody.i only started running jan this yr,i ride a road bike everyday the 6 miles to work.last cpl of weeks ive ran 18m 21m 23m as well as some runs in time for 23miles was 3hrs 19mins. would i be silly in hoping for a 3hrs 50min time? btw i use the high5 gels and they are really good,i get mine off ebay 20 for £15. any tips anyone can give me i would appreciate. really looking forwards to my first run.btw im 54

  • Rick, that's pretty impressive running! I would imagine you would be well on for that time. You would only need to average 10min miles for the last (albeit the hardest) 3 miles. How did you feel at the end of 23 miles?
  • hi sean. my running was still around 8.31 a mile but my legs felt heavy,last mile to my home is up hill so that always gets me lol.most of my run was flat with a good bit on canal round blackburn and accrington.was temted to do same run this sunday and add the 3 mile on at the end,

  • Rick, what a fantastic start to running!!  You've done 23 (I'm assuming this weekend) don't run anymore really long runs now you will negatively impact your race!  It's never going to feel easy at the end but you should aim to sustain pace so sounds like you've had excellent preparation.  There's a thing called 'taper madness' - it's what make you want to run 26 this weekend!!  Don't do itimage  Keep the pace up on the long runs but reduce the distance.  Come race day, work out your pace and stick to it.  Don't go off to fast - it makes the end really, really hard. 

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