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  • I'm looking forward to completing my first and only ever marathon.  I said I'd never do one but was tempted as it's my home town and in Preston Guild year.

    When I first started training (from a base of being quite fit and doing triathlons), I had hoped that I might scrape under 4 hours but there's no realistic chance of that.  Despite trying to follow a training plan as best I could and really putting the effort in (c.640 miles in last 18 weeks), I just haven't made the improvements I would have liked.  If I can finish in under 4.5 hours I will be happy.   I'll be glad toget it out of the way really as it's proved that marathon training is not really for me, as I find the volume of running required and the long individual run sessions to be a bit much.

    Wishing success to everyone taking part and hoping that you succeed in your own goals for the race.



  • Hi H/ughie, you say it a be your only one but..... Ah you should of done London if you were only ever doing one :P - the seed has been sown now lol

    Yes marathon training is very hard and very demanding. The long runs esp are hard, this time round ive been running in group for those and its made it a lot more enjoyable, you should give that go.

    Dont write your time off just yet, pace yourself well and you never know you might surprise yourself. But thank you for the message of good luck to all, and good luck to you too sir!

  • This forum sit hasnt made the "Hot" list yet, so keep posting everybody lol

    and RW your idea if brilliant the more i think about, the more im going to do it!

  • Who says you have to do long training runs to do a marathon?  I do 10 miles twice a week, and interval training twice a week and fully expect to get 3 hours 45.  It's not about quantity of training, it's about quality training..The fact that I haven't put all that strain on my body by doing 20 mile runs means my body will be fresher and less injury prone too..Think outside the box.

  • Thats an interesting theory Leo, which goes against a lot of theories of long distance running. I wonder if perhaps you have a lot of the genetic material required to be a natural long distance runner and that if you did put in long runs , that you    bring that time right down to around the 3hr mark? Not that i am saying your wrong in what your doing, if you can hit 3:45 its certainly working for you.

    I have been doing long runs and i feel perfectly fresh for this weeks marathon and ive stayed injury free through my training program for this race.

    It will be interesting to know your experiences from the day.

  • Leo - Good luck. Be careful not to go off too fast. In terms of who says you have to do long runs for a marathon, well, virtually everybody. It's the principle of specificity of training. For marathons a long run is a quality session. Not the only quality session but one people tend to focus on.

  • I have encountered too many people in their 50s+ who have had to give up running because they have trained too much and their knees are goosed  I don't think regular marathon running is a great idea, one or two a year is ok, and more of an occasion for me than a race, I hate getting involved in all the faffy timing and technical crap..just run the race, fast and as comfortable as you can and enjoy, we are not professionals (well most of us anywayimage

  • PS Andy, yeh good advice pal, i screwed up the windermere marathon by going off too fast..I had my frickin ipod playlist the wrong way round..Eye of the tigered the first half, and regretted it big time 2nd half!

  • Tell me about it. I wasn't quite ready for a PB attempt at London this year so tried for one at Windermere instead. Stayed on target till halfway, then the hills caught up with me in the 2nd half.

    I don't listen to music during races, but when playing a few tunes before a marathon it's best to concentrate on chilling out rather than pumping up.

  • SJPC14  I maybe could improve my time but frankly I can't be bothered...I'm not a natural, I am actually a bit on the stocky side...Good luck with your race mate, nice to hear you've stayed injury free..thats gotta be the most important part!!

  • Thanks Leo, i hope your unusual training program continues to pay out and you get that time you want.

    Yes im pleased i didnt pick up an injury last two marathons i did, i lost training time through injury but this time ive managed to go the whole program in one piece. Still now ive said it, i prob end up injured during the race or at the expo lol

  • Bags packed and ready to go! Looking forward to picking up my number tomorrow and eying up some of the course. Not hard as it goes pretty close to my Mum's house! Is it just me struggling a bit with carb loading? Feel stuffed already and got a headache as not drunk enough to compensate for all the carbs!

    Leo, I've seen a few articles by American coaches who advocate shorter long runs (about 16 miles) after a week of harder sessions to get your body ready for running the 'last 16' so maybe you're not far off some of the current thinking. For me the long runs are more for confidence. I have a friend who has done the full 26 before his marathon to make sure 'he's got the legs'. Rather him than me!

    Hoping to be about 3.45 but will have to see how it goes. Must remember not to go off too fast!!

    Good luck everyone! Can't wait now!!
  • lowrezlowrez ✭✭✭
    lowrez wrote (see)

    Brian Porter, the official route measurer, posted a map of the course back in April along with elevation etc, top of page 9, but here's the link again:

    I'm letting the start draw me in but I'm not counting on a bank just trying to keep steady (I'm undertrained and am unsure what I can achieve). Be careful not to burn too much early on, you'll pay for it. Good luck every one!

    SJPC14 wrote (see)

    Here is said better map :

    The weather forecast for Sunday has change from rain and sunny patches to just rain. Nice!!!

    I was thinkin of running it around the same pace as yourself RW



    lowrez wrote (see)

    Those two maps look identical; how is one better than the other? Did Brian get something wrong?

    SJPC14 wrote (see)

    I doubt Brain would do anything wrong. Not sure which two maps you mean, but the RunningAhead map is one i put together, as i wanted to be able to see the streets and the elevation profile. Its not brilliant, but it works.

    I think Brian did post a mapmyrun one, right at the start of this forum.

    Just closing the 2 map question; it was the two maps referenced above; looks like the same map just entered into 2 different gyzmos. For a moment I was worried that "better map" meant something amiss with Brian's (which I had been studying for some time). Worry quashed.

    I agree; lets get this forum "hot" before the gun goes.


  • lowrezlowrez ✭✭✭

    I've only been using speed sessions in the last year; consequently my total mileage has dropped, but, I've pb'd twice, I still do long runs of 16 and 20 in the lead up to the big day though, they're not a chore for me, I love 'em! Injury free for years too...I put that down to regular leg massage though.

  • Lots of sleep good food and plenty of fluid night before and stick to your plan and you will all be fine.

    I used a plan of 20+ miles one week and 40+ the next and that was plenty but everyone is different just do what you feel is right good luck and see you all sunday.
  • lowrezlowrez ✭✭✭

    Looks like it could indeed be damp folks; get out that petroleum jelly and slap it anywhere you might chafe!

  • Well its the final count down,and I know you will all be giving it your best shot. All you need to do is keep on running to the preston city limits and go wild in the country.Once you get to the Eagle and child you will be homeward bound and try to keep the wheels on the bus going round and round. When you all get to about 20 miles you might start to see things but thats just an illusion so you just need to keep your focus and run for home run as fast as you can. Hope you all have a great run and get the times you want .
  • I'm predicting my time based on my last two races Fleetwood half and Pres

    ton 10K that extrapolate to 4:17:25 and 4:18:03 that's 9.50 mins/mile. This ties in nicely with training run pace of 10 to 10.5 mins/mile on the longer runs. I'm hoping to maintain this pace throughout. Looking forward to the challenge now, good luck to everybody taking part!
  • morning all, its nice to have a bit of a lay in for a change!!

    Just getting ready for a short 3 miler and then lunch and the expo cant wait!

    Looks like quite a few people have done the sensible thing and conducted pacing places which is good and im sure will get you around.

    Good luck everybody for 2maz and yes rain will be upon us. But try not to over dress as you will heat up.

  • Oooh, the pre-race prep is well underway now. How exciting. I'm fully caffeine depleted ready for a heavy dose tomorrow, I'm halfway through a carton of beetroot juice and I'll be doing my Aussie style carb load at lunch before a trip to the expo....



  • I'm glad you said Aussie style and not gangnam style lol

     This beetroot malarkey seems to be really taking off!

  • And chia seeds are a big thing
  • Good one SJPC, image
  • Chia seeds thats a new one on me! I will have to look that up 9.

    How are you doing, you ready for the big day ?

    Ive just finished my final run and just going make some lunch im going for potato, get some early carbs in.

  • I'm not running. Wife's doing it. I'm out n about cheering you's all on.

    First shout will be from the bridge goin up the booths roundabout.

    Hey oh let's go
  • Chia seed are a protein packed powerhouse almost perfectly suited to an athletes diet. Also more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon and fewer carbs but more fibre than rice. Making you feel fuller for longer.
  • I'm running the marathon tomorrow, suffered bad cramp during the Windermere marathon last year. Someone said I need to increase my salt intake during the run has anyone else got experience they could share
  • Yes I take the tablets you get in tubes around ??6. Put a couple in my pocket and drop one in each water I pick up.Around every 5mile. Just drink like you would on a run and carry on.
  • Great thanks
  • ok i will look them up 9 thanks. And salk helps prevent cramp? hmm ive heard this before, is this true ?

    Ive been the expo got my number 0286, an event number, which is a good start.

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