Preston Guild Marathon



  • Just been my number 1315 cant wait now
  • 1315 i will keep an eye out for you rick.

    Did you find the expo was a tad poor ?

  • It being my first marathon.i cant judge it agaist others.but yes there wasent much there.only thing i picked up was a leaflet for manchester run next yr.will say it did feel good being amogest ppl who i will be running alongside tomorrow.have a good one everybody.
  • hmm yer i get that bit beginning amongst so many runners i mean. But yes if you do the great north or london your see how it should be done lol

    Ah well plenty of leaflets, not sure about manc marathon but i got the one that lists all the Lancaster races, ive done a few of them and quite fancy doing the others now lol

  • Expo was poor but it's unfair to compare it to a major race expo like Berlin's or London's. At least there weren't any queues which more than makes up for a lack of stalls selling a load of stuff that I wouldn't buy anyway.

    Number 1414, black vest with "Allithwaite" written on the back and blue and black tape on left calf - say hi if you see me!

    Good luck to everybody

    To steal the pre-race motivational motto from another thread .... "Don't be shit!"
  • Picked my number up today for the half, 5242. @SlackeyJoe, I'll try not to be shit! 

  • Good luck all, picked my number up and got a lucky 13 for me.

  • Got my number for the half too. 4972. I'll be wearing my Help for Heroes running vest, maybe with another underneath if its as cold as today. Expo's are expo's, even London isn't anything to write home about i think Im going to park in the bus station, did that this morning and there is plenty of room. 

    Good luck to everybody, hope the wind isn't too bad, not too bothered about the rain except for those cheering us on.

  • lol "dont be shit" now there is a motto lol

    1414 thats a great number!

    13 for plodder! scary!

    I liked the london expo we had radcliffe giving a talk , free pacing bands and plenty of free samples. Granted preston doesn't have the same level of sponsorship, but still a tad disappointed. SIS should of been there, being a local company and im surprised sweatshop werent involved. But hey ho, got my number and thats all that matters.

  • 1217 which would make a good finishing time in my dreams.
  • lol that would be some finishing time !!

  • The expo was pretty low key, but unless there's kit going really cheap I just want to get my number and get out. London is the opposite end of the spectrum - far too busy and a bit of a maze to escape from once you've picked up your number and free sample of London Pride.

    Also, Sweatshop weren't there as Foot Traffic are sponsoring the race.

  • ah right oh yer foot traffic i forgot about them. Id never heard of them. Are they any good ?


    And how is everybodys nerves ?

  • Agreed, it was a bit lower key than I was expecting. Nice quick collection though. Number 163.

    Good luck everyone. Have a good one.


  • Went and got my number at the expo today (4677 for the half) and am very excited now. Sad the tshirts are so huge but still love having one and can wear it for yoga or something.

    Am now full of pasta and relaxing in front of the TV image

    Good luck tomorrow everybody! If you see me say hello, I'll be in a maroon and green Leeds uni vest and have blonde hair image

  • No more wholewheat pasta for a while for me I think. No 548, was 549 last year at snowdonia, so nearly a bizarre coincidence. Good luck everyone tomorrow!!
  • Help experts , how do I get to bus station car park from m6

    Is it via Percy st
  • Head for city centre and u will start seeing car parking sighns.look for bus st car park
  • your be 550 at your next marathon sean lol

    And Dave the bus station post code is PR1 1YT

  • Thanks Rick, may the sun shine on you Sunday. Have a great race

    Sarah M , it's not the t shirt that's too big , you are too small , all good runners are around 6ft 15 tall and weigh in at 20 stone before carbo loading , and get perfect fit T shirts
  • Omg not a good only 5.5 lol going to give it a bloody good go though lol
  • Dave

    Yes you can get in via Percy Street or you can go straight on the ringroad and access it from the other end at North Street. Either way to have to go up a very narrow flyover so the entrances are hard to miss.

    Good luck to all

  • signing off for the night good luck one and all

  • Finally.. time for bed.   It's not been the easy day I'd hoped for...

    anyway.  thank goodness the clocks go back image

    Have fun... despite the forecast. 

  • lowrezlowrez ✭✭✭

    Great massage at the expo then cheesy potato sausage pie followed be lemon meringue for lunch in a cafe under the hall. Chinese noodles followed by eccles cakes for tea and just chomping my way through a bag of chocolate raisins with a bottle of water. Tried my yellow flourescent guild running vest on and I look morbidly obese in it so will go with my usual black kit; so sliming it transforms me into a wraith, and with rain on the way I know it'll treat me better than something I've not worn before. Marathon number 292. Don't forget to put the clocks back! Good luck everyone!

  • Good morning runners and paddlers, thanks Annie and Sj

    Have a great run everyone I am doing marathon in trawden ac black and white striped vest with black bin bag over, and the best shorts of the day
  • Lets get it in.. Weather seems fine for now image
  • Just setting off to preston now.have a good one everyone.lets do this guys and gals
  • Roads closed to all traffic?? Yet it's full of cyclist

    Very wet out here. Glad I'm not running.
  • Well done everyone, I was out snapping at mile 3, please take a look, currently uploaded 99 of 399

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