Preston Guild Marathon



  • Bad day at the office - first half bang on pace, second half wracked with attacks of a stitch and cramping in every limb


    Good to meet Sean at the finish - well done sir!
  • Dave Lord wrote (see)
    Sarah M , it's not the t shirt that's too big , you are too small , all good runners are around 6ft 15 tall and weigh in at 20 stone before carbo loading , and get perfect fit T shirts

    Haha! I take it that at 5'7" and 9 stone after carb loading I definitely count as too small?!

    Gave it a bloody good go today though and smashed my 2 hour target- waiting for my official time but my watch said 1:55:45 image

  • Well done to all today weather not great but must be said fantastic organisation well done Mr Walsh! And thank you to the chief inspector who I ran with all the way thanks for the supply of jelly babies and the motivation couldn't of done it without you so thank you again, sorry forgot to ask your name but massive well done on your super time for your first marathon!! Same again in 20 years?
  • Well done Slokey Joe. Great to meet you too.I think on a normal day you would be in a different class to me but in a way having to complete a marathon in those circumstances is probably a greater achievement than finishing in a good time injury free. Especially after no running for 4 weeks!! Hope your next race goes to plan and your injury issues clear up
  • I completed my first half marathon today but wanted to get my official time, does anyone know where I get this from



  • Keep an eye on tghe Guild Marathon web site.

    Please bear in mind that as we write this, people are still finishing and all the results need to be in before they can go on the web sites. Shouldn't be long though.

  • oh right ok thanks 

  • Well done On smashing your target, it wasn't the best day for running although it was a very good race
  • Well done sarah thats a fantastic time.  I came at 2:02:? i think, will have to wait for the official time to get it exact.  Was aiming for under 2 hours but it was hillier than expected.  Also my iphone app seems to overestimate the distances and according to that I did 13.1 in 1:59:20.  As this is what I am comparing my training runs to I am happy.

    Well done everyone.

  • Can anyone post me a link to their Garmin trace for the half please?

    As the course measurer I just want to confirm a couple of things that in wasn't able to do during the race.

    I've got the marathon trace, just want a look at a half trace please.

    Those who know me will know this is a belt and braces job by me.



  • Hi Brian no looking at splits at the end when I died. Every mile marker from start measured long for me . But it's only just over and I guess within tolerance
  • Oops that's for full as you no doubt realise
  • According to that you weren't even on the roads for most of it image

    It's the half marathon I'm looking for though Dave. Thanks anyway


  • I went my way, I am leader not a follower

    Brian, I know you have a fetch account so hopefully you can see it

    I measured it long (about 0.2miles) as did a few other people I spoke to. The spur we took away from the mara route I think was wrong... I'd seen on the road the turn around point and then had to carry on running image

  • I wasn't looking forward to this as I hadn't done enough training however in spite of the horrendous weather I would like to say a massive well done to the organisers and the volunteers and the people who stood in the rain to give encouragement. It was a credit to Preston and the people very well done. I only finished in 4.44 I think but a great day out. Well done to everyone involved and the runners who were all very friendly and supportive.

  • I was on bridge at two mile. Sorry if missed you but my hands got cold.
  • here you go Brain - hope this works.  I had 1/2 at 13.31


  • Yep, my old forerunner 205 measured it as 13.35 miles. hee hee.

  • hi everyone,wow i will admit that did hurt me after 18miles,my runkeeper had my finish time at 3.44mins.was happy with that even though i did wilt at the end.i found it a lot more hilly than it should be,enjoyed though even though im planning on doing the manchester one next,id like to thank ppl on here for giving me advice over the last week.

  • I really enjoyed the HM despite the weather, and I thought the atmosphere was much better than expected. I forgot all the good intentions I'd had and did my first mile at a 8.14 pace (oops!), although realised fairly quickly and pulled it back a bit and hit 5k at 28.20 (my 5k PB is 28.05) and 10k at 58.45 (my 10k PB is 61.06) so you can probably tell I was a little on the eager side! I realised I was running a high risk of crashing and burning, but by it was too late to do anything but just hang on in there, and somehow I managed to. I was a bit slow stopping runkeeper on my phone at the end, but I was definitely sub 2hr 10 which I'm delighted with. 

    Hope no one is feeling too achy and we've all warmed up a bit! 

  • Just like to say a big thank you to the organisers, and all the volunteers too who braved the wind and rain for most of the day. And not to forget the many spectators who provided great support throughout. Quality. You helped make it a cracking marathon despite the rain.

    And on my seventh attempt I finally managed to avoid the wall and got a PB to boot - 3hrs 45:45 I think. I'm over the moon

    Here's to 2032!




  • Branno, Totally agree the volunteers and spectators had it a lot harder than we did.  A great big thanks without them there wouldn't have been an event.

  • SGB1953SGB1953 ✭✭✭

    All great stuff today and I'll put some feedback on the site later.  However, as there's some discussion of the length of the half-marathon course and a request for a link to Garmin traces, I set out a link to my Garrmin entry below.  I hope this helps.   

    My Garmin made the course 21.41 km, i.e. 320 metres too long.  Errors with Garmins are of course quite normal, but this was the largest I have ever experienced.  I dodged about a bit at the start. For the first 10 miles or so it looked like my run was going to be about 100-150 metres longer than the 21.09.  However from the 10 mile point the course seemed to get a bit longer. and that's where an extra 150-200 metres seemed to creep in.

  • Anyone know whether there's some results up anywhere yet?

    I thought the organisation was great although a shame if there were issues with the course set up.

  • 9 you made my day that's me leadin (in your video anyway , for first 1 second of video )never saw Ben Fish etc pass meimage ,

    Excellent event and many congratulations to organisers, guilders spectators and everyone who took part
  • Not up yet Andy.... you'll have to wait a bit longer for confimration of your Sub 2:45image

  • It seems the common HM distance posted on the garmin website is in the range of 13.30 and 13.40.  mine recorded 13.38.


    Considering the dire weather, there were some really nice spots of spectators.

  • Fantastic race, organisation,support and marshalling. Best I've seen for sometime.

    I can't understand all the cafuffle over the length of the course, there is actually no way that anybody could run the exact race line, most of us will take on something from the feeding stations, overtake and dodge people as well, never mind garmins are not 100% accurate. TThe fact is that the course has been measured and certified as being the correct distance by somebody who knows what they are doing!!

    Anyway,rant over. I did 1.54 for the half, 4 minutes more than I was aiming for but the conditions were just horrendous plus the course was hillier than the average, say compared to Wilmslow, Blackpool, Chester for example so don't feel too disappointed.

    Well done to evertbody who took part, I hop you have dried out!!

  • Marathon times are up - still waiting for the half.  I measured the half at 13.4 but then I measured the Run Preston 10k at 10.4k so just assumed that my iphone app measures wrong.  If i go with my app then I came in under my 2hr target!

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