Preston Guild Marathon



  • It seems a lot of you are reporting longer distances for the half marathon.

    The turn between 8 and 9 appears to be further along the road than I measured it.

    I checked the turn points for both races at 6.30 this morning and there was a clear mark for the half maarathon turn. So the race organiser and I are at a loss as to how the turn was put in much further than was measured.

    The race organiser and myself are frustrated by this, as indeed some of you will be.

    I wish I'd found some way of getting to that turn point after the roads had been closed so I could do a final check. I wish, as an alternative, that I'd asked for a photo to be sent by text to my phone so I could confirm it.

    You can decide for yourselves whether the following comments are any consolation:

    Times for PowerofTen will not be affected because it's long rather than short.

    If you narrowly missed a target time you know you are in the right shape to get it.

    If you ran a PB you know you can go even faster.

    I saw no point prolonging this debate/rumour so you've got it from the man who measured the course and refereed today. It's happened; it shouldn't have happened but it has.

    I hope you will be good enough to accept my explanation and move on to talk about the many excellent things about today's race.

    Well done to everyone who competed, spectated, or volunteered in any way. You were all brilliant.

  • annieshaf where have you seen race results? i cant find them anywhere,

  • John Owens, Many thanks for your kind words. Just about dry image

  • Thankyou Brian for the explanation. The error would appear to be exactly where I thought: at the point where my garmin started going off and the mile markers were no where in sight, whereas previously they were very nearly in sync. After running past the turn around I did see some orange markings on further down the road indicating the turn around should be placed there. Turns out that was it!

  • Thanks Brian for the quick response. I thought today was fantastic, the number of supporters considering the weather was great and there were no bottle necks at the start which was great.  This was my first half and will definitely be looking forward to the next!

  • Dave lord I did my best to big you up.

    The leaders had to big a gap the vid would have been boring. Like Ben running and 40sec later comes Dave etc.
  • Thanks Brian for confirming the course length.  I guess in the scheme of things it doesn't really matter, mile pace measures in, we all just got more for our money image

    I noticed the mile markers being out of sync from the 10 mile sign, I think the biggest frustration was seeing my time clock up at 1:46 something at 13.1 miles then having to run through that subway and UPwards !!!  My training was to target a 1:50 so I still smashed it at 1:48 something with a longer course and took 5 mins off my PB.

    Much rather a longer than a shorter course which is nothing more than a 10mile + race rather than a HalfMarathon+

    Incidentally, I got the BUPA Manchester 10K measuring very long too which was frustrating at the time but now irrelevant cos that PB got smashed by 3 minutes some 4 months later anyway.

    Very well done to the organisers who pulled together a nice race with some good facilities, being able to get back in the warm within a minute of the finish line was a massive bonus.

  • Thanks to Organisers, Marshalls ( nice encouragement in grim weather ! ), hope they realise the pleasure they have given several thousand people today. They should be very satisfied with their work, and all the hours they have put in. Also big bonus having the road closures. Hope for another one soon. No real worries about the weather, found it much easier than Wilmslow in March when it was 20c !!!

  • Ok I might be being a bit pedantic here but my chip time is the same as my gun time.  Does this mean my chip didnt register at the start?

    Three people I started with have a difference of 36secs between the two times so is it fair for me to knock that off?

    If I then take account of the extra distance then I came in at somewhere around 1:59:25 for 13.1m rather than well over 2hours!

    This makes a big difference to me as it means target achieved!!!

  • Target achieved in my eyes.....well done
  • I am always pleasantly surprised if I get close to the race distance on my garmin (London is always way over).  I certainly didn't think it was so far out that there was an issue.  I got a PB and finally broke the 3.15 barrier so I'm happy!!  The long journey home nearly killed me though!  Well done everyone!  I'm looking forward to some sleep!

  • oops, just realised that it's the half that was the real issue - hey ho, I do need sleep...

  • Amazing support  today - particularly from the volunteerss and organisers.   Really impressed.

    For me, it was a great day.  I'd fancifully aimed at 4hrs for my first marathon... Got to mile 21 on 9min 10 pace.   I decided that I might as well go for it... and just got in the zone.

    As it turned out.. it was fanciful, as I missed the target  - but it was by less than a minute!  Despite that, I'm totally elated, so grateful to the organisers, and cannot walk image

     Sorry I didn't meet up with any of you guys.

  • Sorry to hear about the extra distance.

    Please don't send us the wrong way at the Hutton ten (again) Brian!
  • That was nothing to do with me ET. It was me who corrected the error image
  • Hi all! I did the guild marathon yesterday too! I'm not a runner but decided to do it in my dads memory. I trained hard for 18 weeks and started with runs of less than 3 miles ( shows how inexperienced I am ) I was hoping to finish in less than 5 hours but that weather was something else! Felt drained and dizzy at 21 miles and a lovely Marshall gave me his mars bar image but I'm just happy I completed it. Well done everyone x
  • Ruth, you have completed a marathon. That makes you a runner!

    Very well done. Wear your medal with pride
  • That was nothing to do with me ET. It was me who corrected the error image
  • Hi Ruth, it was me who gave you the mars bar and it was at 23 miles! (I think you called me an angel!!)I marshalled from 9 until 3pm and although it was grim it was also insprirational. Well done to everyone you all did unbelievably well.I hope we have another one next year and I am over my injury and can run it.

  • Brian

    Errors happen and when I ran past the turn around point (which was very clearly marked) I was left scratching my head. Only thing I can think is the marshalls at that point thought turn around point was the pub!

    I have ran and swam a few courses that have been long and only ever get annoyed when organisers don't come and admit it. So fair play for coming out so promptly.

    Still didn't like the route much though image

    Well done Maxpower

  • Really??? I spent all night last night wondering how I could say thankyou as I wasn't feeling well at all, I honestly think without it I couldn't have gone on so thankyou from the bottom of my heart and to me you are an angel image. All ye event marshals did a fantastic job and were so supportive you should all be proud xxxx thanks again xxx
  • I also just want to echo my thanks for all the volunteers along the route and everyone involved in putting the day on.

    It was my very first marathon and truth be told I was very nervous about the weather but in the end I realised I just needed to get my head down and run!

    Was aiming for a sub 4 time and was over the moon that I smashed it with a 3:37!! From mile 21 to the end the cheering and encouragement really got me through it.

    Legs are dead today though!
  • I thought the race was great, the Marshall's were really good and encouraging and it was a good route, despite all the stick Brian got at the beginning of this forum.

    We were just let down by the weather everything else from runners to support and in between was great.

    On a personal note i managed by sub4 coming in at 3.48.18 wahoo!! lol

    Well done everybody that braved the weather and attempted to complete what was a really tough marathon course. And a special well done to those that did complete it.


  • Well done Ruth..   I'm sure your dad would have been / is proud of you. 

    If your joints are as painful as mine this morning, then you'll never again want to look at a pair of running shoes!  But I really hope you enjoyed it enough to keep on running, at whatever distance makes you feel good.

    Cracking time Crispo!

  • Thanks are indeed due to the organisers and volunteers for making this such a great day. I was visiting for the weekend from Kent and delighted to find such a great event only 30-odd miles from where I was staying.

    Thanks to Brian Porter for confirming that the turn-back point was mis-placed. No point in worrying too much about; it's just good to establish the facts. These things do happen. A race, or rather races, like that take a lot of organising and it's really hard to get everything exactly right.

    It would be great to get an estimate of how much the further the race was than it should have been. If the turn-back point was 100m too far then the course was 200m too long.
  • Thanks! The pain is worth the achievement but I think it's a one off marathon for me, as I'm nearly 40 and my joints won't take that again. Did the Lancaster wagon and horses 10 mile ln the summer so may stick to that sort of distance as I can't imagine my life without running now image
  • Vince id like to echo what ruth and ur fellow marshals should be very proud of urselfs.u really did perk the runners up.plz pass on my thanks to u all.
  • Difficult to say exactly how much longer it was. Estimates vary but the consensus appears to be around 0.2 miles long
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