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  • Hi Brian

    If you did want to measure the extra distance, and I am not saying/suggesting you do, then the point we turned was level with the start of the pub car park.

  • lowrezlowrez ✭✭✭

    A grand day out! Everyone was superb. Thank you Preston and everyone involved. I had a dreadful third quarter after hitting half way in 2 hours, couldn't believe the 15min mile rate I dropped to, dragged myself through the doldrums and managed to string a last few good miles together. Think I came in around 4:45 (forgot to stop the watch as usual!). Wonderful memories; well done Preston!           

  • Ran my first ever half marathon yesterday with girlfriend and brother and we had an amazing day. Hoped for under 2hrs. I also noticed as we ran out into the country at around 9 miles, the marking on the road that clearly said "turn" painted (I think in orange). I wondered why we carried on but didn't think too much about it.When we finished my runkeeper said 13.32 miles. Not overly concerned, although as we finished in 2:00.08, it would have been nice to have done it in under the 2hrs officially as we clearly did, and not the 8 seconds over!!! Ah well, have to do another one now image

  • Just to add my thanks to all the organisers and officials for putting on a great event. Wanted to put this on a rating for the event but only the half marathon seems to be listed on the RW events list. Am I missing something? Nice clip on BBC NW news bulletin last night. Some great achievements by everyone!
  • Hi everyone. Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice on this blog in the run up to the event yesterday!  After starting running early this year and trying the Edinburgh half in May, this was my first marathon!!  In my home town...and it happened to be on the 28th Oct on my 28th birthday so I thought I had to give it a go.  What a great day - despite the weather..honestly the best and worst thing I've ever done I thinkimage  The volunteers/marshalls and public really pushed me through...they did a fab job!  I finished in 4.43 which I was over the moon about.  Thanks again to the organisers...I can barely move today but it was definitely worth it image

  • Someone told me that this marathon could become an annual event.   Does anyone know if that's true?

  • There was nothing wrong with the route!  We were there to run a marathon and that's we all did!!  I thought it was very well organised and my hat goes off to those poor marshals who all looked freezing - especially those at the finish where you actually have time to stop and see them shivering! 

  • really enjoyed it, even through the wind and rain. Marshalls were great, as was the support of the crowd. So, was the marathon distance correct ? Just need about 45secs off my time so its not my worse time marathon of the year!!! image

  • Forever - that is your opinion and not mine!

    I think the field having to cross over itself twice wasn't the greatest planning!

  • This was my first marathon so I have nothing to compare it to, but if this is what I can expect from other marathons then it certainly won't be my last.  My 2p worth; I thought the organisation was great and the marshalls/volunteers were brilliant....a very friendly bunch with words of encouragement all the way round.  Also, hats off to the locals who, considering the weather, were out in droves.  Even when the route headed into the slightly more isolated areas, there were pockets of spectators cheering and handing out jelly babies. 

    Thanks to all of you, each and every one of you made it a great day.  And to top it all, I even managed to get a decent time in too (for me), at 3hrs 20mins.

  • I think lots of people enjoyed the course not just Forever and there are plenty of races , bigger than Preston which cross over themselves. It was a good route and more enjoyable than if we had to run through Deepdale or somewhere like that lol

  • Yesterday was an awful day, rained on and off most of the event and STILL the crowds came out to cheer us on!!

    I ran the HM and although i didnt do a PB for whatever reason my pace was 8mm and came in officially under 1.47.

     This was the 1st event i have been offered gels which sounds a small gesture but with the event only costing £15 for an affiliated runner this makes it an absolute bargain. gels must be around a £1 each.

    I would like to run this event again but not when am 61. Lets hope everyone can get preston council, the police and race organisers to make this an anual event!!!

    well done brian porter and all your team, the people who came out to marshall the event do so has volunteers and we are all human errors happen so what.. thanks for a great day and great event


  • Well done to everyone. And we can only say that the error on the half marathon was down to someone who cant read or look at a picture properly. As brian when he documents his mile markers takes pictures and myself and the race director who spent nearly 6 hours putting signs out on the friday sprayed the road with new paint just incase. I will measure it tonight on my way to my club and let you all know as you all deserve to know. For those who have got the bug for distance running try the inskip half on the 20th jan 2013.
  • I completed my first ever marathon although it took just over 5 hours which was way outside my expected time until I pulled a calf two weeks ago and missed most of the last two weeks training. First half went well about 2:15 but felt my calf after that and eased off walking up a lot of the hills in the second half because I wanted to make sure I complete the Guild series in November! Thanks to the organisers and marshalls for making it a day I'll never forget and for the encouragement they provided all the way round. And after watching the Snowdonia marathon it seems it wasn't as hilly as I thought.

  • Hi all. If anyone has, or knows someone who has a place in th Preston 10 miler that they can't use I have a friend who would like to take part.

  • First of all a big thank you to the organisers for such a brilliant event. And thanks to the marshalls at the start and finish and all the volunteers at the aid stations you were all fantastic. I'm sure the weather was more miserable for you than it was for us runners. I for one absolutely loved the cold wet conditions - so much so that I knocked 20 minutes off my PB and managed a reasonable (in my book anyway) 3 hours 15 minutes. My only gripe with the course was the lack of hills ! - no seriously - because my thighs are killing today and I reckon its cos I trained on hilly terrain - often off road -  and my legs are simply not used to flat tarmac !

    And well done to first timers like Crispin and Rick Slater - I think Rick mentioned only starting running in January this year and he returned a 3.44 or something. Excellent.

  • Alan Taylor and Brian - This was the best event I have ever taken part in and I've done a few in the last 20 years. I'm sure you will be disappointed about the turn point marker but these things happen, anyway I probably added much more by not running the true race line!! To be honest I was really struggling at that point and to see I had taken over 10 minutes to do that 'mile' was a huge spur for me to get my figure out and get a move on again. It was a proper test of a course (which I love) made even more difficult by the conditions which are the worse I have ever run in since my school days doing cross country!!

    Well done to everybody with the organisation and a huge thank you to the people of Preston for turning out in such horrendous conditions!! Hopefully I will still be fit enough the next time Preston Guildhall comes around in 20 years!!

  • I'm out measuring a 5K and 10K on Wednesday so while my bike is calibrated I'll measure the extra distance. I need it for my report to the Course Measurement Working Party anyway.

    So thanks for that MaxPower

  • thanks PureManic i did indeed start running in jan.even though i had run 23 miles in training that was over flat ground and on canals so the hilly course did hurt me a lot after 17 miles.never had pain like i had before in them last miles.but hey it was worth it all when i ran towards the finish line with with cheering ppl.was happy with my time and finishing 25th in my class of over 50s.ive deff got the bug now and am thinking of entering the manchester marathon.and brian if preston are doing it again put my name down even though your hills hurt me lol,

  • You did great rick! In fact everyone did in those conditions, I was a bit upset with my time of 5 hours 36 as I wanted under 5 but while I was out there all I was bothered about was finishing!
  • I new Phil Walsh would get it right on the day and as spent many months in its planning, can't quite see the point in having the extra distance measured most who ran are not that bothered, the threads prove that.  take a well deserved rest now Phil me old mate, you are due one.  For all those first timers well done, now consider the North West flatest half on 7th April 2013, The Blackpool International Marathon & Half starting and finishing on the pitch at Blackpool FC . O'h and two good warm up half in the bargain, new Year half at Catforth 6th January (this fills up early December and The North Wests biggest half, the 24th Great North West Half on Blackpools North Promenade 24th  February with over 1500 runners. No card fee for online entries at  Yours in Sport.

  • Confirmation of the ladies half marathon result:

    First Sarah Ridehalgh

    Second Victoria Broadbent

    Third Emma Lund.

    This is different to the result published online but is easily explained when you look at the finishing photos

  • Hi Brian, I wondered why I saw a turn point marked earlier on the route than.where we turned. It is better that it was longer than shorter anyway and to be honest that's a small thing in what was a great race despite the weather
  • Well done and thankyou for promptly explaining what happened Brian- hats off. The whole thing was a brilliant experience for my half marathon, and now I know the course was long, I did even better than I thought!

    Thanks to all the marshals too, they were truly brill image

  • Great event, shame its not every year. Finished my marathon in 3:57 that's a new PB. Great support from marshals
  • Annieshaf,

    I can probably help with the 10 miler place as am still injured and will probably have to miss out. email me at if your mate is interested.

  • You need to check if transfers are permitted
  • Best of luck to the guy doing 2 in 2 weeks for Sunday. You came at the perfect time for me with 10k to go & helped me up my pace & inspired me to push on & smashed my 3:45 target with a 3:41:16. With those hills I'm elated. Cheers
  • Well done to all those that took part and a BIG thankyou to the organisers and the marshals for standing out in the rain while we had our FUN!!? running round.

  • Oh dear on ladies finishing places, schoolboy error, if your going to swap numbers don't be so darn fast !!!!  Well done to all the ladies moving up a place, makes me wonder how many others weren't who they say they were.

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