Preston Guild Marathon



  • Beev wrote (see)

    Oh dear on ladies finishing places, schoolboy error, if your going to swap numbers don't be so darn fast !!!!  Well done to all the ladies moving up a place, makes me wonder how many others weren't who they say they were.

    Might it be possible for you, or someone, to clarify what happened?  Everyone is talking in code!

  • Just take a look at the finishing photos, the third lady appears to actually be a man. Not so important unless you are in the running for a prize when it changes everything for the 4th lady.  Good spot organisers.

  • I get what they mean check the race results and then official running photos for No. 5704 and you will see that, the name and the photo don't quite match up lol

    What happens in this instance, im guessing whoever 5704 was will be disqualified, but will anything be said to this Beth Watson person ?


  • Beev wrote (see)

    Just take a look at the finishing photos, the third lady appears to actually be a man. Not so important unless you are in the running for a prize when it changes everything for the 4th lady.  Good spot organisers.

    Ah.  It is runner 5704 who is listed as 3rd female home.  Looking at the photo, she's wearing a hat, so it's hard to tell : o )

    Hopefully any misunderstandings were sorted out in good time to allow the rightful person to enjoy being 'on the podium' at the finish.

  • Classic! Although I'm sure organisers would not be so amused if someone became ill during the race! If anyone fancies another challenge 2 weeks on Sunday, the Conwy half marathon including a proper hill round the Great Orme in Llandudno is a great race or the Nic Beer 10k round the Orme again in feb through the north Wales road runners website. Apologies for plugging this again but worth the journey if you can
  • Of course the good lady may not have swapped her number - in the mini marathon my son's number is credited with someone else and he does not appear in the finishers list (chiptiming have corrected their list).

    A challenging course for the half but would love to do it in better weather (and proper training). For such foul weather it was a great day - if you do it again (before the next Guild) I will be up for it.

  • Rick Slater 2. Hit the hills! Forget the canal and hit the hills in training. The steeper and longer ascent the better. Choose a route which takes in the worst ascents but has benign descents if possible - or go slow down hill. If you are in Blackburn there must me loads of hills - Buncer Lane is ideal - and try off road too.

     I used to avoid hills in training until some who lived in a flat area said that I was lucky and should make the most of them. So I did , and it certainly paid off for the Preston Marathon - for me it was flat as pancake and I can't understand all these comments about the route being hilly. Pah ! And I knocked 20 minutes off my PB - maybe not entirely due to hill training but I'm sure it was a big influence.

    Hills = Free interval training. So, learn to love them and hit the hills !


  • How much longer was the half marathon route?

  • Hi fellow runners,

    If anyone has or knows someone who has registered for the Preston 10 miler and has decided not to do it, I would like to do it please!

  • 10kay, I'd measured it about .2 of mile long

  • cheers for tip puremanic i will give it a go when i get back running.i live in accrington so plenty of hills round here,i have a friend that sometimes runs with me and hes a fell runner.hes always trying to drag me on one of them.theres a 5mile dash in darwen soon going upto the tower and back.might be tempted to give that a go,but i do love my canal at 7am sunday morns lol,hes one for you,blackpool marathon is on 7th april with manchester marathon on 28th april.would it be possible to run blackpool and be ready to do manchester one 21 days later?

  • Measured it today and it was 225m long hope that helps. I for one am cheesed of as we put so much time and effort in to make it right and some idot could not read his notes or look at a picture provided by brian. well done to all of you who had pbs or very near all the best Alan T.
  • Is any one willing to swap their large Preston marathon T shirt for my medium size T shirt that I collected on Saturday in error? It has not been worn. Thanks.
  • Rick, it depends what you want to get out of them. If you want two days out combined with the challenge of knocking out a marathon then go for it but make sure you take them easy and do plenty of recovering in between. I've twice done races 5 weeks apart in the past and the second race felt much harder both times.

    If you want to push for a PB or even just run close to your potential then pick one and forget the other.

    (go for Manchester! I'll see you on the start line)image
  • Too many of these wrong/long course stories about recently IMO.

    I may well have a ten mile entry available although I ran for 32 mins today!
  • Id be up for 10 mile run if i cam get a placr
  • rick slater 2 wrote (see)
    Id be up for 10 mile run if i cam get a placr

    rick... is there any problem with that?   According to the website, it says that registrations close tomorrow.    

    slightly confusingly, if you click on the link to the entry form, it says that entries are accepted up to the 9th.

  • Cheers i will check it out.
  • This was my first marathon so nothing to compare it to other than the numerous halfs I have done but ... I have to hand it to the Marshalls . They were super : really encouraging and supportive . A huge thank you to them ! And to the public who braved that awful wind and rain to spur us on . I was disappointed with my time and swore never ever again but reading the comments on this forum and the race organisers press reports that it was a "challenging course" feel a little more inclined to try again - in nicer weather .
  • Racing two marathons in three weeks is manageable if your training has good volume and is consistent. The key would be to spend three days after Blackpool running each day, but only for 20 mins on soft terrain, you're legs will feel stiff, even terrible, but the gentle running should get rid of it and getting really good sleep is essential! Try and get some normal training in two weeks after and then taper leading in to Manchester. Just be careful.

  • Chippy1---- I've a lrg if you still need 1. Don't need to swop I didn't do it
  • 9, I would really appreciate that if it's ok with you. I did contact the organisers this week but they could not help. Could you email me at please.
  • Email sent

    My names Darren , just in case you get a few
  • Darren, appologies but it should have been, and it's only a temporary email.
  • It's failed and been returned??

    I'm at Walton-le-dale are you in Preston ?
  • Im in Walton-le-dale too 9, i bet ive seen you out running a few times!

  • Probs have. I run down tram lines into the park or upto houghton tower.
  • Oh yes i have had many a run round those parts. I like the Houghton / Gregson lane area as there are loads of country lanes and hills to tackle, makes for some good training runs.

    If you go the other way, you can cut through cuerdale valley and get to the Leeds-Liverpool canal. Thats a nice run too.

    And if you take up the parkrun, your see me on the occasions i go, as i run down via the farm by Capital Centre and along the river to the park, crossing at the bridge at the bottom of tram way.

    If your on RunningAhead you should be able to do a search of the area and your find my runs, they will help give you some ideas for your own runs. My runs are usually prefixed with " SC - "

  • Im going to do a parkrun before end of year. We live in a lovely area.

    Are you in a club ? You should be image

    If you fancy something a little different ,sign up for muddy bottoms , march next yr.

    Always a lovely spring day and it goes off road locally.

    I'll look at that runningahead!
  • No not in a club, i get asked a lot, like i guess all runners. I just dont think i could fit it in, so would be letting folk down.

    I'll be next at ParkRun on the 17th i think, well thats when im planning on doing. I will let you know and im sure i will bump into you running down, as its only about 2 miles. It makes for a hard 5k, but im thinking in time your 5k and 10k times will come down, which a be nice and its a none serious even so you can play around it i think.

    Yer ive heard about that muddy bottoms, but it seemed a bit more of an orienteering thing than a run, maybe im wrong though.

    And yes we are lucky that W-L-D is places so close to so many parks, walk ways and country lanes though which you can spend most of your running avoiding main roads.

    If you make any runs on RunningAhead save them with the prefix " 9 - " then i will know that they are yours, then I might be able to pinch some of your ideas lol

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