Preston Guild Marathon



  • Yes there is a map and sheet with directions on but there's no need to flap. It's more a case of , turn left at post box follow path to farmers gate and go through , across field right at farm house etc.

    You should join a club it'll get your times down. I run with the harriers but there's no pressure to run or race with them. I train alone as I'm to tight to pay for a track pass. I say tight but I'm already a member of a gym so I use their treadmills. In summer I join in with the fell runners and do a few fell runs/races, makes a nice change. In winter they train around w-l-d ,you can join in on a thurs eve and see if it's for you?? Give me a shout and I'll come along..

    Don't think I'll be fit for the 17th, it'll be dec before I'm ready. But yeah let me know when you're down there and shout if you see me running.
  • will do 9 and yes keep in touch maybe i'll sample your Thursday runs every now and then always good to mix it up. A few of us from the area have been meeting up Sundays for long runs in prep for this marathon and hopefully that will continue and likewise i will keep you informed when your fit and raring to go.

  • SJPC14 I'll just chip in re clubs.  I don't know of any running club that doesn't let you try before you buy!!  Don't rule it out unless you've tried it and if you don't feel like joining at least you've given it a go (although if this is the case, I'd still urge you to try a different club - you might just have picked one that didn't suit your needs).  There is a huge variety of levels within any club - ranging from super speedy racers to those who just do it to keep fit or for the social aspects of meeting new people with similar interests.  If you want to get faster, intervals with others are always quicker than those on your own!!  Not only that, there's normally a small discount on race entry fees (if it's a club affiliated to UK Athletics) and 10% off in most running shops - which for the membership fee is often worth it in itself ;-)  Never feel that you would let anyone down, it's all about you and what you want to get out of your running.

  • Very good words Forever H. i might end up joining one, one day well see! In many ways your right that it does make more sense to join one.

  • I think after my 1st marathon im going to join a running club.maybe accrington road runners.anyone here doing darwen tower gell run on 25th?
  • I am not doing the Darwin tower run, but i work in Blackburn and often when driving home i wonder what it a be like to run up it. No chance you can post a good running route for it Rick ?

  • I run round there for my London training. I'll

    Try and post a route
  • I ran upto it from sunnyhurst woods last sunday.will runkeeper it on sunday and try podt it was hard on my legs but being only 5 miles wasent so bad
  • Hey just thinking.seeing as we all still here chatting 2 weeks after our marathon i wonder if any of u would fancy meeting up for a run some time.
  • Why not start a Preston social thread, or similar. We have one for Sheffield that has worked very well until recently and I have met some nice folk through it.
  • How about a "Preston & South Ribble Social" thread that would be good or "Lancashire Runners even" its a samll enough place, well if you dont include Merseyside or Greater Manchester it is.....

    And thanks to those who said they would post a Darwen Tower route up. I do fancy running it, but i just dont know, were to park or were the trails begin.

    Here is a 2 short runs up to Rivington Pike that i occasionally do, if any one is interested :



  • Park at hare n hound pub. J3 m65 abby village. Go down path along ressi and into ronaldsworth woods. Just run along paths you'll soon hit 5-8mile. You can't get lost, there's a road runs all the way round. Tons of people walking and even some guys playing camelot with swords etc. When you find your way around its 5mile to the tower from the pub. It'll be a few week before I'm back there.
  • Ah ok perhaps it isnt as complicated as ive feared!

    And err Camelot!!! Now that would be something new to come across on a run!

  • Poo'd my pants first time I saw them. Was on way back from a 20miler and for the split sec I thought I'd gone back in time..
  • Following suggestions on this forum ive made a forum for general running discussions

    Hopefully it a be a good place for people to make friends and discuss running/races the Lancashire area.



    Forever Hopeful, what a brilliant name for those wanting to keep improving, well done.

    Best two running clubs on the Fylde Coast, Thornton Cleveleys RC ideal for first timers & user friendly. Also Lytham St Annes RC, a brilliant club, well organised and well run.

    Been in a few athletic clubs over the years whilst on my travells with work (10 years in the South of England. Too many politics in clubs that have athletics sections, committee's devided, split personalities etc. Two clubs combined  some years ago but there still seems to be a devide between members and attitudes, be carefull if deciding to join an athletics club. The biggest club in the UK is the unattached runners club for those that still want to do their own thing. My personal views only, take it as you see them, most of all enjoy your running you have chosen a great sport, relatively cheap to participate in and has the freedom most people seem to enjoy.



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