Preston Guild Marathon



  • Sean Gavin 2  I suppose I have to hold my hand up there, and admit that that's largely my fault from way back in Jan when I specifically joined on here to find out what the Guild course was going to be for us. Apologies for that.

    However, I doubt that non Prestonians on here will even understand what a "Guild" means so most of what I've said will hopefully go over their heads. You see, to Prestonians, a Guild Year is something we've all grown up with every 20 years. It's a festival, a certain spirit of belonging, of community, and as a Prestonian born and bred myself, for some unknown reason I fully expected that to be brought out in our Guild Marathon event.

    Non Prestonians won't understand what it would mean to them to run along New Hall Lane, where we as kids actually participated in processions way back in '72. Just like they wouldn't know what it would mean to run along our main streets like London Road, or Blackpool Road, or Garstang Road, or wherever. In fact, I doubt many would even know the names of Preston's main roads, so again, most likely what I said went over their heads, simply because the Guild's traditions are not something they've had in there lives.

    Make no mistake though. There's not been any blame laid anywhere here. It's just been my sheer shock and surprise that this Guild Marathon has absolutely nothing to do with a Guild, and is just in fact an ordinary marathon, but then non Prestonian runners coming from outside of Preston will have seen it that way from the very outset anyway, for the reasons mentioned above, so nothing in fact has been lost at all.

    If anything, any non Prestonians reading earlier posts may get to realise that the experience on the day will be different for actual Prestonians than it will be for them. 

    I'm sure it will be a great one day in 20 years anyway, and many will love it. We've all just got to accept what's been managed for us (both Prestonian's and non Prestonians) and mentally prepare ourselves now for a rolling first 8 and last 4, with a flat to gently undulating middle 14 out on lonely countryside roads, and be truly thankful we've actually got a marathon in Preston at all, Guild year or not Guild year.

    Yes, it's a massive 'once in 20 years' rare opportunity missed, but that's all water under the bridge now. No more can be done, and no more negativity has been said about the course for the past 4 weeks. It's been positivity all the way since mid-April. ...Bring on the 'Preston Marathon'.

  • I have been running the countryside section for the last couple of years as it is  my training route. It is reasonably flat and pleasant run and I can't wait to run the marathon on it. Sign up everyone it will be a great run.

  • Why does it say` full` on the top of the page?

  • I did a 10 mile loop of part of the course yesterday, i believe it was miles 10 to 20 and found it was not totally flat, but a route that most runners should be able to cope with.

    In case any one else is interested, the route i covered was :

    It is certainly a nice area to run around

  • Reading this, I'm a little bit gutted that it sounds (correct me if my hasty skim-reading is wrong) like I won't get a medal or tshirt for finishing the Half Marathon- it would have been nice to have some souvenirs, and nowhere during sign up did it mention needing to complete four races to get a t shirt!

  • No!!!

    I got a really nice t-shirt (and little goody bag) just for the 5k. You get an extra medal and t-shirt for doing the whole series! I`m sure you`ll get something for completing the half and the 10 miler you usually get a mug for but that might be `upped` this year

  • Aaaaah, like I said, sorry for the skim reading, am a procrastinating medical student that should be revising hard image

    Sounds lovely! I can't wait, it's my first half marathon image

  • Go for it Sarah! And it doesn`t say `full` now either!? image

  • Confusing! I was in no way ready to attempt a full marathon but a half is do-able with contingency time added in (medical school has a nasty habit of springing exams with little notice!)

    Are you doing any of the rest of the series? image

  • Ha! Brian Poerter I love your quote from page 4: 

    'Just about, but it doesn't go along Cop Lane.
    It doubles back on itself between Cop lane and the next roundabout
    Apart from that you've got it right
    I'm leaving this thread now until later in the year
    I have 3 other marathons to run before this one, numerous courses to measure, The Olympic Games to volunteer at, Preston Guild volunteering, The Olympic Flame to carry, my son's GCSE results to enjoy and our Silver Wedding to celebrate.

    So if you want me you will have to message me'.

    Nice one Brian.

    Anyway... I have just entered this marathon... Aargh.....

  • Just done some more exploring of the Guild Wheel. The bit from the Crematorium on Longridge Road throught to Redscar Woods and the Brockholes Wildlife Park now has a definite path. It is only the base layer they have put down but you can definitely tell you are on the Guild Wheel.Far better than last time we went that way. Its not signed at all well from Broughton to this bit yet but I am assuming that is the last thing they will do. Looking good for long training runs for either the full or half marathon in October.


    So how is everybody’s training going ? The sun is helping to motivate me to get out there, although saying that some days the heat has been a killer.


    And is it me or are there more flies about ? :S


  • Going well for me! image After a decent block of foundation training (ie plenty of runs and a decent amount of miles plus regular gym work), I did some races. I didimage Eyam HM (WAY tough), my first fell race 2 days later and then 3 days after that managed to finish just outside the top 10 in a very hilly, local 10k. Glad that 2 of those races were in the evening so the heat was doable. Back to building miles now!

  • Perhaps we could do to be getting started with some long easy runs sooner or later. Maybe every 2nd or 3rd week starting at say 11 or 12 miles then upping it 1 mile each time between now and say early October.

    Anybody up for any long easy Sunday runs at 9am along the Guild Wheel? Pace can be whatever's agreeable between us as it's a motivation and company thing more than anything, as my body sure as hell falls asleep after an hour's running.

  • I might be up for that Pete. However, we`re only occasionally over in Preston but I`ll keep an eye on this thread. It`s tough to train at MP here in Sheff as it`s so hilly everywhere.

  • The some good going E. Toe, i am going to do the Freckleton HM in a couple of weeks but other than that I’ve yet to decide on any other races to enter. But i am not for a 16 mile training run, as i am following a program i got out of the runners world book thingy. I know its a bit early to have started one of those, but i am thinking i will just re-start it when i get to 16 weeks before the big day.

    Hi Pete, i would be interested in meeting up now and then, but i would have to wait till times that your distance matches the ones i am down for, not that im running massive distances at the mo. The 16 mile, i mention above will be the furthest ive run this year, looking forward to it mind. A few of us get together in our area, which is Walton-le-dale and usually just do the runs from there.


  • I've decided not to bother with the marathon but if I'm free I'll join in some runs along the wheel.
  • Yeah, that'd be good. I need to get my brain into gear at some point soon and start mapping out my long runs over the next 4 months and see if any match in with others. I certainly don't mind coming over to Walton-le-dale. It'll just help the long runs get done easier as come Sunday mornings sometimes last thing on my mind is a long run!

    Pulled a hamstring after our first interclub race this year on 4th April and am only just getting back a few days ago after a forced two week abstinence, so gimme a coupla weeks and I'll do my summer plan and give you a link. Freckleton HM certainly needs to be on it. Not done that for a decade at least.

    I'm thinking with the Guild Wheel now that the loop is fully connected up we could just meet at any agreed point on it then head out for 5 miles in any direction then turn back, then next time meet somewhere else then do 5.5 and back, etc, so that the overall run increases by a mile each time we tick one off.

    If we start soon enough then there's just the right amount of weeks between now and early October to increase it by a mile each time and even do the full 21 mile loop a few times before tapering off. What do you think?

  • I'll just go with the flow. Where n when I'm free
  • Fantastic for northerners to have another marathon without having to travel down south with all the expense that entails. Except the pre-event email tells us that race numbers are to be collected at the expo the day before with no provison for collection on the day.

    So then - either we now have to travel to Preston twice in two days - or we have to stay over. Might just as well be in Watford. I'm really looking forward to Preston - but come on guys you're not London. 

  • CCSH - the email I recieved from the organisers says regarding pick up the day before:

    'If you do have any issues with this, please contact us as early as possible at'

    Have you contacted them and have they said they won't arrange to send you the number? Or have you just not read all the mail image


    To be fair CCSH, we all know thats an age old trick to get you to an Expo to spend money. Otherwise, i suspect most of us wouldn’t bother, be it London or Preston.


    Sorry to hear about the injury Pete nothing more frustrating than not being able to run hey!! If you just keep posting how many miles yours doing on the Sunday, each week. Im sure people will be happy to meet up. 9 is certainly in by the look of it and i will try and meet up and yer sure you can come over our way sometime if you want.There are four of us that meet up, of different ages and pace ability


    Does anyone here ever run around Rivington Pike? I do have two 5 and a bit mile routes around there, but was wondering if anyone has mapped out any longer routes. Here is what ive got :






  • Maxpower - yes I have read the email and yes I have contacted them. And guess what - no resopnse whatsoever.

  • Have your tried this email address CCSH

  • Just noticed that this is a `hot thread` now!

    Personally, I`m not a Preston native but I`ll be happy enough to toddle along to the expo the day before if needs be. It`ll only be my second marathon. Just need to enter now. image


    Entering is the first step to completing the marathon :P Your be fine E.Toe, this will only be my third marathon. Yes it is daunting , but yes you will complete it. There is something like 21 weeks to go and i see on your profile youve done HM before, so youve got the base to build on.


    I didnt realise that this is now a hot thread he he. Hopefully it stays that way, although there is a long way to go, till the big day.



  • SJPC14 - yes. Same result - or lack of result.

    Get yourself entered E.Toe - then you're committed and you will do it and you will love it! Even now after quite a lot of marathons it's the entering that makes me commit and keeps me training.

  • Cheers CCSH. I really don`t struggle for motivation for training; it`s more the cash and time (young family!image). I intend to the whole series and that`s my main goal for this year .

  • ccsh - chill and give them time to get back to you.

    pete - definitely up for meeting up on training runs, if you post on here I will pop along if I can.

    sjpc - done lots of running around rivington when I was training for anglesarke amble a couple of years ago. My favourite run was from cricket groung at white coppice to top of darwen tour and back via great hill. Also set of from white coppice and went to rivington along tracks next to reservoir and then up to pike via barn. Never mapped any of the routes, just went where my feet took me.

  • the riv/half/mar route. You can get the map off events2:09 web. The race is held in oct , I did it 2 yr ago .
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