Rollers or Turbo?

Read in some Tri mag that for Triathlete rollers help make you a better cyclist... Balance?

Can I ask which you would invest in? Or do I save money and just go really slowly outside, and just a short way so the cold and damp doesn't get me.


  • I bought a turbo. Happy with it. Would certainly recommend having the option of indoor bike for when it's inclement outside, or it's your turn to have the kids.

    Sure someone on here has rollers, just can't think who. Think it MIGHT be Cat5?
  • Turbo.

    For most triathletes fitness rather than bike handling skills is the biggest limiter. When you are very fit from training on a turbo get some rollers. It is easy to go flat out on a turbo not so easy on rollers.

    If you want to improve bike handling skills then ride outside, MTBs are great fun in the winter.

    In my opinion anyway - which is often wrong (ask the wife)


  • I have some rollers in the garage. Not used them for over a year. They can be very tricky to get used to. Prefer the turbo as I can't fall off it. 

    Triatheletes don't like bike handling skills. That's what separates us from mere bikers.

  • I've got both but if you only get one then definitely a turbo.
  • Rollers look scary as tacks on a corner - I'd definitely break several bones before my neck!  I do however love my turbo more than my children.  Not difficult but definitely worth selling the kids first when the baillies arive.  I definitely gained fitness from the turbo, which served me well this summer when it came to hills.  Me and my OH are at similar levels on the bike on the flat but on hills I take off while he plays catch up.  TBH I think if you're gonna come off, you're gonna come off either in a pack or on a tight/slippy corner and ultimately no amount of stability training can overcome that?
  • I use rollers, but have just got a fork stand to use the TT bike with them (I can't ride rollers in the aero position).
  • Meldy turbos with her rollers inimage
  • Crazy Diamond  wrote (see)
    Rollers look scary as tacks on a corner - I'd definitely break several bones before my neck! 

    The myth is much worse than the reality.  The problem is when you approach them too cautiously your front wheel will be all over the place.  Get the power down then everything becomes much more stable and it is quite easy.  The concentration required does make it much less boring than the turbo.

  • turbo!!

  • Hi, can anyone recommend a turbo please, I have never used one before, I was thinking of getting the Giant cyclotron auto trainer or the Giant cyclotron MAG 11 trainer, I want something that I can control how hard I work whilst I'm riding the bike rather than having to get off the bike and change the setting. Many thanks.
  • A friend of mine got some rollers for Chrimbo. She's a GB Age Grouper at Olympic distance, and top-10 in the Euros and Worlds in her age group, so no mug, despite clearly lacking the aerobic capacity to complete a proper triathlon.

    She looked like a frightened rabbit on her rollers, wobbling all over. I'll stick with my turbo.

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