New Year...New runner

I figured there would be lots of people like myself who have decided to take up running for the New Year; so I thought we could egg each other on and ensure our trainers aren't gathering dust by the end of January! What do you reckon? Do you want to join me?

Here's a bit about myself..I have decided to take up running to lose weight, get fit and feel good about myself! I did begin running in Spring 2010 and surprised myself at how much I loved it, not being the 'sporty type'! Since then, I became a mum gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of confidence. I haven't gone running sooner through embarrassment to be perfectly honest, but I had a word with myself...what is the point of moaning and doing nothing! So today I have downloaded the Run 5K app that was recommended by a friend which I will use alongside my Nike +. I used my Nike + last time and found it a really useful motivator to help my push myself that bit further!

So tomorrow it begins....wish me luck and good luck with yours! Every journey begins with the first step! x


  • Hi,

    I'm doing pretty much the same, I've got a whopping 11 stone to lose! So I really need to keep motivated. I'm going to be using the C25K program (couch to 5K), I'm not sure if that's the same thing as the 5K app that you've got?

    Anyway good luck! And I hope we both succeed. I hope to give regular updates.

  • Good luck you sound like me a few years ago. I hope you stick with it, I have even joined a running club!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best of luck, Ginger!  Enjoy the ride. image
  • Good luck Ginger and James. Have you entered a 5k race - an event some time in the spring may help to keep you motivated.
  • I ran my first half marathon in 2010 (Run To The Beat), then didn't do much after that. Last October I decided to enter my first full Marathon (Berlin), following the loss of people I knew at comparative young ages. I have 9 months to shed a few stone, and achieve my target of 4 hours.

    I've not really used forums, but figure support for and from like minded folk will help a lot.

    All the best for your 2012 goals.
  • Good luck guys, motivation is one thing that I have found from just reading the posts on here, and joining in on a few.

    I've set myself a bit of a challenge in that I'm trying to overcome injury and want to lose about 2 stone, know that I can do it and with the encouragement of RW know that I will keep going.  My partner bought me the RW training diary for Christmas to help keep me motivated.

     The second part of my challenge is that my mum has decided that for New Year she wants to lose weight, about 5 stone, and wants me to help train with her and encourage her even though we live nearly 200 miles apart!!!!! I'm working on the training diary bit for common updates, but am going to suggest that she joins here to for a bit of moral support image

  • Thanks for your motivating posts! They are much appreciated and it's reassuring to know there a few of us all doing the same thing!

    James - You can do it!! I have 5 stones to lose! It's not going to be easy but it's achievable! Are you just starting out too? What made you decide to go for it? should definitely get your mum to join! I am really glad I did!

    Has anyone done any running today? I went on a 7k walk with my hubby and for the first half I carried my son, who is nearly nine months old, in a baby carrier. Haven't done a big walk like that for ages! Was a good start! Tomorrow evening the proper running starts!
  • Ginger, that is fantastic, especially carrying your son.

    It is an uphill task, but managable in bite sized chunks so keep at it.

    As for my mum, I have signed her up on here and will show her how it works when I go to see her in a couple of weeks, unless she learns by phone first image  I think that she will love it when she gets over the confidence side of it.

    Let us know how your run goes tomorrow!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Good luck to all of those starting out. It'll be an uphill challenge but you can do it! As others have said - sign up to some races to keep you motivated and focused.

    One biggest bit of advice from me: Make sure that you wear the right shoes (and for ladies a supportive bra) and don't do too much too quickly. The different app's and plans on here are fantastic for building you up slowly.

    @Ginger - Well done on the walk. I bet you'll be running it soon!

    You can find some real pearls of wisdom from the forumites on here so don't hesitate to ask. We were all beginners once too!

  • Good luck everyone!

    I'm just starting back as well.  Used to run fairly regularly but its been really hit and miss the last few years. Also very slow! Went for my first run / walk of the new year this morning and was out about 20 minutes (with the dog!!).  Going to aim to run 3 times per week and slowly build up the mileage.

  • I am starting out AGAIN!!

    6 ft 2 19 stone and determined to crack it this time.

    Going out now for my first walk 1 run 1 and the weather is horrendous. So bad Im not taking the dog - an hes not happy!!

    Will report back later.

    Good luck allimage

  • Good luck all. I'm also re-starting today.

    After previously running 3 - 4 times a week and completing a half marathon I slipped back to once a week if lucky and the weight soon piled back on (slipping dietry habits didn't help either).

    So New Year, new start.

  • Ok Im back.

    Ran 1 walked 1 x 11.

    Wasnt too bad - didnt feel like I was killing myself.

    So thats the first step taken.image

  • Well done to all those that have made a start.  I'm still not back to it, got chest infection so need that to clear up first image

    Good news though, my mum is looking to get herself some running shoes and give it a go.  She is even looking forward to getting on here and saying hi to you all once her internet works a bit bettter image

    Slowjoe, has the dog forgiven you yet???

  • Got out for 10 minutes running tonight in the driving rain - not much I know but it's a start...
  • Hello can I join the newbie group.

    I would like to get into some running but in the past any attempt has been the worst experience!

    So this time, its short distance and I have a new term - I "ruffle" which is a mix beteen a run and a shuffle!

    I am up to 1.5 miles in about 22 mins and its enough. Aim is to do this twice a week till comfy so look forward to sharing my success with  you!   image

  • Hi

    I am too just starting over again...where can i get the couch to 5k plan? GL Ginger and James.

    I need to start thinking about me again time passes so quickly, sick of making excuses but i really dont know where time goes image

    GL to all x
  • Wish you best of luck and its true that "Every journey begins with the first step"..
  • Keeny - I got the Run 5k app for my i phone but i have scrapped it already in favour of my Nike + which has a programme. If you Google 'Couch to 5k' there should be loads of info for you! But all you really need is a watch and some determination!

    Bristol Newbie - loving the ruffle!!

    Slowjoe - Well done!! We have taken the first steps!!

    Maamalade - Hope you are better soon!! x

    I went for a run this morning..well can't really call it that...more of a ruffle (as Bristol Newbie would call it!) but I beat the time I ran on Monday and if I can brave the current weather...I have no excuses!! Somehow managed 15k since NY day (including that walk!)

    Thanks for even more messages of motivation!! They are much appreciated and it makes it so much easier knowing there are others in the same position! x
  • Hi all

     It is really good to hear that you have all taken the first step and are getting out there and giving it a go.

    I too love the idea of the ruffle! It is sometimes the best way forward and remember, at least your doing something image

    Ginger - well done on the 15k, bet you're feeling so proud, know I would be.

    Bristol - before I got injured last year all I was doing was about 2 miles 3-4 times a week, kind of comfortable distance, but once your happy with it you can do more with it to help build up the fitness, you don't necessarily have to up the distance.  Keep at it, you will see improvements and find you get addicted to it image

    I'm still out of it, dr has me on antibiotics and steroids to try and sort me out so the nearest I'm getting to a run it encouraging you all on here.  Heaven help my partner though coz all is gets is me winging that I want to go for a run!!! Our mate over the road has a treadmill too which he has said I can use when the weather is bad etc so I'm down to my lungs holding me back. Anyway less of me moaning on, more of KEEP IT UP GUYS, YOU'RE DOING DO VERY WELL!!!

  • Hi allI'm in a similar situation where I've decided to give the running lark a good go this year - I did a half mara back in 2010 but since then the motivation (and miles) and dropped to practically zero. Unfortunately my weight has gone in the opposite direction! I've had a couple of shortish runs so far this year, but I'm seriously considering joining the local running club, as I think the support and motivation will (hopefully!) keep me going and get to the level I want to be at.  However I'm finding the prospect a bit daunting, and still trying to find the courage to get myself down there.....Good luck everyone.
  • Gary - you'll do it, just go in and say hi.  I've done it the other way, said hi and not managed to run with them yet, but am ill so still got lots time.

    Good luck with it all

  • If anyone is interested, I have set up a Facebook group called 'New Year New Start - Get Running. Just search for it and send a request. Thought it would be easier to communicate this way and motivate/advise each other as it can be difficult to find the thread, let alone follow it as more people contribute!! I don't know about you, but I keep finding myself wanting to 'like' comments and reply directly! There also seems to a be a few regular contributors already which is brilliant and thought it would be nice if we continue to help each other out as we make this lifestyle change! x

  • Ginger, that's a great idea.  The only thing is not to neglect here to as not everyone will have facebook. i'm off to find you now image
  • Yes of course Maamalade!!

    How are you all doing? How has your first week gone?

    I did a 7k walk on Sunday, then 3x4k runs in the week!! Knocked 6 minutes 47s off this morning from my first 4k on Tuesday! Woohoo!! x
  • That's brilliant, sounds like you're on your way and also very addicted.

    I've still not done anything, trying to shake this cold/flu off, had it nearly 3 weeks!

  • Good to see new runners joining in.

    A few tips for you: Don’t overdo it on speed or distance. Training regularly is the key to weight loss or running improvement. Park runs are also a good alternative to a running club – less formal and less of a commitment, although still good for motivation. Also, don’t forget that you can cross-train (run, cycle, row etc) which will help with initial fitness and lower injury risk.

    Lastly if you can stay motivated at this time of year then it will be ‘easy’ come spring – good luck!

  • Hi guys,
    First post before my first run.
    Due to some illnesses and a new years resolution I have decided to take my fitness serious. After getting my gait done today and purchasing my first set of shoes I'm ready to go. Many years ago I ran short distances for a club but always wanted to do a marathon when older! I have now hit that point where I want running to become serious part of my life.

    A little about myself, I'm just about to turn 25 and am a pub deputy manager which unfortunately does not help me with the long hours. I have always kept myself pretty healthy until this last year where stress and anxiety has gotten the better of me. I am 5ft 11 and slim and my ultimate goal is to do at least one full marathon and make running a prominent part of my life.

    I'm quite nervous about first few runs and i'm worried my usual lack of motivation with 'get up and go'!

    Do or die right?
    Looking forward to the challenge and hope I can become a regular!

  • Roy

     Sounds like you have a good drive and challenge to keep yourself going.  We will help give you that kick when you need it, but sure you'll be just fine. Just remember slow and steady.  Overdoing it to quick will only cause you to injure yourself.

     Let us know how run number 1 goes


  • Hello all. hope you dont mind me joining in!

     Im starting again after a long break which got even longer when I became pregnant!  The baby is now 6 months old and I havent been for a run in about 18 months.  I was only struggling through 20 minutes when I was running so I really am a new starter now!

    So Im going to dig out the C25K programme on my Ipod and start again - hopefully tomorrow.

    I am quite unfit, 36 and about 4 stone overweight so a lot to be done.  The ultimate aim is weight loss - with a late May holiday as my first goal , but Im also determined to do a half marathon at some point.  For now though, I will start with a few 5k races, then perhaps a 10k...

     Woah.  First things first!  Looking forward to sharing this with others going through the same pain!

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