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  • Thanks for the words of welcome

    Have been out on my own this morning - 2.5km in 24mins - walking with some small intervals of jogging between lamposts (have not got stop watch yet) - will go slow and steady and should see some improvement in fitness

  • Hey all

    Today is looking like a good day, my lovely  mummy has taken her first solo run, and gone further than we had yesterday image Proud of ya!!!! Just remember to take rest days too image

    I have been out this morning and increased my distance, did 4.02km in 26:56!!! Felt like I could have gone further but didn't want to increase too quick if that makes sense. I had also done 5 mins warm up on stepper and 5 mins cool down on stepper, and increased sit ups and push ups image Feeling good now, just need to have a nice soak in the bath as a reward!

    Roy - good luck with your run, hope the sausage butty helps image

  • Hey ma'amy congrats on second run..... Keep going with slow Improvements and u'll do great! Keep up the good work. You'll be beating your young daughter in no time hehe.

    Just got back from run went a lot slower this time and felt better for it. 6.4 miles in 49 minutes so very happy with that. Only issues im having is major pain in ny two middle toes after I've ran and slightly during run to. Not sure what the issue is but need to figure it out. It doesn't tend to bother me as I'm running but hits me hard afterwards.

    Felt a great improvement in leg strength today. Not sure if this is because I went out a lot slower or the fact I'm starting to see the running pay off abit...... So apart from the toes I feel great.

    Ange great run. You really seem to be progressing great. I don't think your looking at too much longer till your doing 10k. I think you'll progress faster than you think image.

    Ps I actually think I did 6 miles today as I think my Nike + is slightly out.
  • Roy - sounds like you have had a great run, and well done on slowing down.  How did you manage it??? Looks like you are doing better for it too, sure with time you'll speed up again though image

    I'm already expecting mum to be beating me in time, after all she is the one aiming for a HM where I'm just looking at the 10k mark, at least for now image

    Don't know what is going on with the toes though, never heard of that one. The only logical thing I can think is the fitting of your running shoes maybe? image

    Just worked out you slowing down, it was the sausage butty image

    How is everyone else getting on???

  • Hi all

    went out this morning and instead of doing run 1 walk 1 I just set off nice and steady to see how long I could run.

    20 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Was tired at around 15 but wasnt too hard to keep goin for the twenty.

    Let there be no misapprehensions my "running" is v v slow - i get passed by people with walking frames.

    Still chuffed to have made 20 minutes.

  • Joe - that is awesome, well done, bet you are so very very proud of yourself and rightly so! The only way is up image

  • Joe we all start somewhere pal so well done....keep it up and not too far down the line you'll be running for an hour and twent minutes.....the only granny's to pass you then will be on the bus haha.

    Ange yeh maybe about the trainers although I have plenty of room in them they feel snug fit without being tight anywhere. Maybe it's the shoes I'm walking round in work with after I've ran because they basically have no soles in at all, this might be where my toes are becoming injured and I'm making it worse when running.

    About slowing down.... I think I just relaxed abit more and thought to myself this isn't a race and I was aiming in my mind for distance rather than time.

    Ps I've taken the tights back today just couldn't do it sorry!!!! Haha. However I will be purchasing some ronhill tricksters which are similar just not as tight lol. You need abit of room if you know what I mean...blood needs to circulate and too tight just isn't good. Didn't want to lose my vital bits!
  • Ha ha ha, Roy I'm disappointed you didn't even give the tights a go first image Hope the ronhills are better for you, after all running is tough enough without feeling awkward too!

    I'm sat at home chilling infront of the tv and my stepper is calling image Just not convinced the legs would take it after my run image Maybe later image

  • Roy nooooo! Oh well I guess comfort is key!
    Sorry I have been off air... Internet connection was down at home over the weekend.. Sounds as if everyone is doing well.
    Good work Joe..I remember when I couldn't run for longer than 9 minutes..... I seriously would hit the wall! I too am pretty slow and whilst I can get myself to 45-50 minutes now...I don't cover much distance.
    Welcome to ma'amy..fab start...we hope to see lots more of you on here.
    Well up for a joint 10k.. If some of us can't make the actual venue then I am sure we can all commit to doing a 10k somewhere at the same time ish.
    Looking forward to sharing a drink on the 31st for you young 20 somethings!
    My goal this week is to try and do a morning run so that I am back in the house by 7.45.... So not going to happen!
  • Gem - be positive, it will happen and it'll set you up for a really good day, just remember, what's the reward to dragging yourself out of be for the run??? image
  • Gem I can't even do morning runs, i think to myself the night before yep i'll deffo get up, then when it comes to the time for it I think nar i'll do it later lol.  Keep up good work image

    My reward tonight was some big fat chocolate fudge cake mmmm!!!

    Everyone watching Corry tonighht i hope (Yes i admit i like corry!).

  • Well done Joe, thats a great effort image

    and well done Ma'amy for gettin out on your own this morning.

    i still haven'/t been out yet. feel like since i took the week out with the sore ankle, i'm feeling a bit aprehensive bout startin back up again, like i've lost the running bug image gettin me down. think i just need to physically force myself wither i want to or not then should hopefully feel good about it again. a horrible feeling that i just cant shake image on the plus i had was teaching my dance classes tonight for 4 hours solid so atleast got a work out, and my god was it a work out image, i'm getting worried us girls r brushing off o n u hahaha

    have good runs all round tomorrow guys image

  • Hey guys how are we all today?
    I have man flu image so haven't been out today trying to keep warm haha.

    In work on 16 hour shifts the next two days so going to be hard to get out on a will also completely sap me of energy.

    Anyone been out today?

    KIrstin chin up mate once you go for a run again Ull love it.
    Just a quick question....
    What trainers is everyone running in?
    What routes are people taking?

    Well that was two but its all good! image
  • Beechams and hot sweats! You have to love days off image
  • Well done Slow Joe and Maamy! image
    And K, I think you have to bite the bullet, and get out there! The foirst 15 mins will be hideous, but then you'll remember how good it feels (when you stop, at least!).

    I've been out, in the rain this time, and so I pounded pavements for the first time.. up till now I've been using footpaths and the sea walls! Managed another 7k, another 2 lots of running for 18 mins with walking breaks in between.

    MrW, my trainers are Saucony Triumph. I'm a supinator (is that right?) and I've found these really good. I definitely get less calf strain than I used to when I ran ages ago in Asics. My routes are always different, I live in the sticks and try to vary the route, but I much prefer running off road.

  • Hey, not long since in from work, well long enough to do sit ups, push ups, cook dinner and scoff it down image

    Haven't been running today after yesterdays run, however have walked to station and back total of about 3 miles today, going for a run after work tomorrow.

    With regards to your questions Roy, I don't watch Corrie, I wear Nike running shoes, got them in 07 so not the most up to date but had them fitted at sweatshop so they seem to do the trick. As for running routes I try to make them to be street routes around where I live, I find it leaves options so I can continue in a different direction or if all going horrible easier to get home if that makes sense.

    I did read something in RW today though about if you have a cold from the neck up you can run through it, you only need to worry if from throat down image

  • Cheers Ange it is only neck up so far so i'll probs run on break tomorrow i think.  I run with nike Lunar Glide 3's which a bought few weeks ago.  I try run solely on the roads by my house try to do a set route, but I may change this and try to run different routes by mine.  Only ran once at work but its on very flat land there so may try run round there when I can.

    I have to admit I don't like these rest days i feel like I should be out there running.  I know they are vital though!!

    What do you do for work Ange? Well done for the walk.

     I think you should all put in for a park run in a month or so,  It was a great motivator for me being around lots of other people who run, seeing what trainers and gear they wear.  I'm going to do one again this Saturday as im on  lieu day from work image.

    Oh and Ange what was for tea?  I haven't made any yet, you got any left overs image

  • Thanks for the encouragement - today is rest day - so not done much - and have also been blood doning - have still to decide whether to walk/jog tomorrow or go swimming - will let you know
  • Good for you Ma'amy with the blood doning. Very impressed.

    MrW, the park runs sound good but none anywhere near me I'm afraid.
  • K - get back on it, but remember if it hurts stop its your bodies way of telling you it needs more time!

    Roy - Will let you know when I'm ready for a park run coz it'll be princess park image I work in a bank so sat behind a desk all day. Dinner was a homemade pasta with tomato, mushroom, spinach, sweetcorn, oh and bbq chicken image Yes there are leftovers and no you can't have it coz it's my after run reward for tomoz image

    Know what you mean about not wanting rest days, takes me more effort to take them than to lace up my running shoes image

    Mum - sure you'll enjoy which ever you decide, just remember 'effort!' xxx

    Feeling so stuffed!

  • Ange's mum do both!! No in all seriousness i'd love to swim if I had a pool abit closer to me.  Try alternate between the both although you aren't going to get massive leg strength from swimming.

     MMMmmm that sounds nice, you want a job as a chef? hehe.  I'd love to sit down on the job more, never off my feet!  Let me know when your up for it i'll give it a whirl.

    Anyone got a handkerchief? Achew! image

    I'm on acid inhibitor tablets at the moment Ange so i can't eat after 7pm its rubbin, I really miss my kebabs, haven't had one in months!!!

  • Morning all

    Just been out for a stagger around the local reservoir. 24 minutes!! However I bet its not longer than a mile and a half. So someone walking at a decent pace would probably keep up with me, which is kinda embarrassing but I know if I keep at it I will get quicker.

    Anyway the last few mins were tough but the dog loved it - especially his paddle at the end to clean his paws.

    Hope everyone else is goin well and those of us injured are getting better.

  • Well done Joe! image Those minutes are building up! I'm only doing 18 without a little rest!
  • Hey everyone, hope your all well image well done Joe image

    Rachel, i'm doing exactly as you said, and this evening i am gonna bite the bullet. decided to run home from work tonight at 5. not sure how far that is, i'm guessing at maybe 6-7miles but gonna run walk at a good steady pace so i can get my bug back and earn my dinner, so fingers crossed for me. if you's haven't heard back from me after 8pm,. raise the alarm lol.

    what did u decide to do Ma'amy, very impressed how well your sticking to this image no wonder your proud Ange image

    Roy-hows the man flu? u gonna live? cause after you peer pressuring everyone into a run i've booked a 5k for 11th of march. closest i could find but gives me 6 weeks to b ready to face it head on image excited image!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for all the encouragement.

     Have been out for a walk - 3.1km in 39 mins - with some downhill and finish with uphill stretch (Ange - your circuit)

     Will keep on going - with slow and steady.  Will keep checking how you are all doing

  • Mum, well done, that's a tough route! I should know. Hope you are still enjoying it, but would say next time you are out do the same route and do some run sections on the straight along to southerlands, then some more run sets along by the fiddlers (that bits downhill too!) Just steady but regular like we have been talking about.

     K - It's gone 9pm now, where are you??? Hope you have survived image

    Roy - guess you're at work with those long shifts, hope you get some runs in soon.

    SlowJoe - Well done, sounds like you're doing really well.

    All going well today and I can finally say YIPEE image My exercise today, 2.43km walking to the station, 2.47km walking home from the station as a warm up for my run of get this: 5.86km in 40:31 image Did my warm down on the stepper and did all my sit ups and push ups! As you can prob guess I'm feeling very proud of myself today image

    Keep running everyone image

  • Hey guys just got in from an absolute killer of a day 15 hour shift with a 6 mile run thrown in this morning before I opened pub...took me 48 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed running on rural roads. I am shattered now but don't feel too flues up now just kept taking beechams and multi vits.

    Ange - amazing well done image I think I've well deffo got running bug now!

    Kirst... How did your run go?

    Ma'am well done keep goin image

    Back in work at 7 for another 15 hour shift image. Better get some sleep. No running for me though tomorrow I'm so so tired. Night all image
  • Morning all! A rainy day here but I've got a run scheduled for this afternoon... if I tell you, I'll have to do it! image
  • Hi All

    HOpe your ok?

    Ran session 2 of wk 3 c25k this morning....feel great!!

    Pilates last night very hard looks so easy!!

    WI this morning and i am now at a total loss of 4st 5lb.

    K hope the injury is ok?

    Happy Running

  • Well done Keeny! Pilates is much tougher than it looks if you do it properly! I did my run, go me. image
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