New Year...New runner



  • Thanks Rachel.................GO GIRL!
  • Had further rest day today - like I said slow and steady

     Will decide and see what tomorrow brings

  • Hey people...well done Ma'am keep it up image!  Horrible weather today though.

    I'm knackered from those 2 shifts today so not going to run, going to save the energy in the tank for the parkrun in the morning.

     How is everyone?  Anyone running in this lovely weather today?


  • So wanted to run this morning...but surprise surprise still haven't managed getting those trainers on at crazy o'clock! Tomorrow and Sunday run for me. Forgot to say Roy that I wear saucony trainers and run along river, parkland and road.
    Isn't it birthday celebrations this weekend?
  • ooh just a thought - as Sports Relief is coming up I see that they are doing the sports relief miles up and down the country. There is the option of doing 1 mile, 3 miles or 6 miles - Most are taing place on Sunday 25th March - Maybe we could all find our nearest one and run on the same day. Entry isnt too much and if you dont want to go down the sposorship route you could just put a tenner (or however much) in.

    Google sports relief mile and it should take you to their site where you can put in your postcode.
  • Well done keeny, doing really well! To steal one of my mums phrases, slow and steady image

    Mum, keep up the good work, you are doing really well, proud of you, looking forward to hearing what you've done today image

     I've been walking to and from the station today and done 15mins on my cross trainer, felt really tough. Planning on a nice long slow run tomorrow before the hospital for my ankle on Sunday.

    Guess the only thing left for now is

    1. Glad it's Friday

    2. Where has K gone, think she has got lost on her run

    3. Have a great weekend and happy running image

  • Been out again this evening - 2.6km - walking with half doz intervals of slow jog betweeen lamposts 22min - so slight improvement on time/distance

    Work tomorrow so short 1 day weekend

    Keep up the good work allimage

  • Woo Hoo image go there ma'amy!!! So work tomorrow then out again sunday? I'm well impressed image

    Keep up the good work you're doing so so well image

  • Morning all, hope that everyone is keeping well.

    K - still not heard from you! Where are you????? How is the ankle????

    Well, I have been out this morning before breakfast and managed a 6.56k in 44:08 image Feeling very pleased with myself, now just to hope that I don't hurt too much image

    Hope you all have a good weekend and that the birthday celebrations go well image

    Footie today, then think out tonight and a well deserved rest day tomorrow image

    Happy running image

  • Just been sorting my training diary out and putting the dates in for next week. It's the RW one, and the quote for next week from Ron Hill in 1970 I think just sums it all up:

    "Get going. Get up and walk if you have to, but finish the damned race."

    Just thought I'd share  image

  • Morning all, or afternoon, how is everyone?

     I did parkrun again this morning pennington flash again, ran well and battered my time from last week 5k in 22.05 minutes.  Made up with that!!  Very icey in parts of the course but generally good!!  Shaved a minute and 9 seconds off my time last week.

     Anyone running today?  Kirstin where have you gone?

    Feeling great at the moment, very motivated so i'm glad i'm keeping it up!!


  • Finished 13th by the way out of is the link for the results....
  • You're too competitive for me, Mr W!! But glad you had fun. image

    Great to hear that everyone is up and out, and still running! I managed to get out this morning but I must admit that the extra minutes are now feeling really tough! Today my programme moved up to 2 sets of 20 min runs, and it was difficult to keep going for the full last 20, especially uphill, I was rather slow! I'm not sure whether to struggle on, or to go back a week and consolidate. I managed over 7k though, and I've enjoyed comparing my last route with my first! I remember how puffed I was when I finished it and now it looks like a warm up. So, I try and take some comfort from that. image

    Gem, I think that Sports Relief idea is a great one, although I don't really want to get into a big 'comparing times' thing, (mainly as I'll come last). Can we do it in a friendly way?

    Oh one weird thing... I didn't start running to lose weight, but I did think I might lose a couple of pounds because of it.. but I'm getting bigger! I've always been quite slim but I feel like I'm bulking up and I really hate it! Does anyone else find this? I really don't want to have to diet because I'm running! Seems a bit unfair! image
  • Well done Mr W - keep up the good progress - glad you had fun

    I will get out tomorrow (fit in between housework/ironing and shopping - with only 1 day weekend this week lot to fit in) - will persevere.  Nowhere near stage where would think of trying any sort of organised run - even fun style.

    Good progress Maarmalade - another good run today - congrats - keep it up but don't overdo it image

  • Morning all, how is everyone and what runs you got for today?

    I'm back from the hospital, have to go back in few weeks for an ultrasound, but they think it is acute achilles tendonitis, good news, I can still run image

  • Has K-Anne turned up yet? Maybe she's still running! image

    Sorry to hear your ankle still causing concern, Maamalade, what a pain.

    Gem, you have totally inspired me and I have entered the Sports Relief 3 mile race with my daughter, niece and sis in law. My daughter came with me today for my run (before brekkie, give me a medal) and I think she was a bit surprised by my new found fitness! She's 11 but has run for years, cross country is her fave and she kicks my butt in the Race for Life, her best time is something scary like 25 mins.. makes me laugh when this little dot zooms along at the front! Today I had to slow down for her! Woohoo!!
  • Afternoon all. Just done a 6.3 miles in 48 minutes. The thing is everytime i get to.about 4 miles i start to feel a slight pull/twinge in my right ankle/achilles. It isnt a pain and doesnt stop me running it does feel uncomfortable. Any ideas? I seem to run mid-forefoot!

    Ange is that good news or bad....what does it mean? Glad you can still run!

    Rach and gem good on yas! Go girls! image

    Eugh sundays...busiest day at work image
  • Roy I can still run, just have to be careful, make sure do warm up, cool down and stretches, including some extra ankle ones image, I shouldn't be making any sudden turns of direction when running and may need an insole for my shoes to help support and reduce the tension on my achilles, but all looking good. Should know more once had scan at end feb.

    Well done on your run, just be careful with your ankle, I know how painful it can be. First time I did mine and over pushed it I was laid up for 3 days with regular ice packs and prescription painkillers to numb the pain!!!

    I'm gettting worried that we haven't heard from K, it is unlike her to be quiet for so long! Roy, if you've got her email could you drop her a line to say we are worried and is she ok?

    Housework time, but going to go for a run tomorrow after work image

  • Been out for a steady walk this morning - 4.5km in approx 45mins - not the fastest - but is much better pace than my usual sauntering walk.

    Have now completed week 1 of my training diary and all in all do not think too bad a start (any start is better than none) - will be interesting to see how fitness improves over the weeks/months - will keep you all updated - as well as keeping up to date with how you are all doing

    Maarmalade - take care of your ankle (and the rest of you of course) - you are doing great - keep it up

    Others sound as if you are doing gook - keep it up

    Rach - good luck with sport relief training/run

  • Hi guys... well done to everyone who has managed to get out for a run at the weekend. I felt rough with a cold so stayed in and felt guilty for managed to make it today after the school run. Did 6.5 miles in 65 minutes - hardly the fastest but chuffed at the distance..

    Roy - I seem to have the same issue - Ran 4 miles relatively comfortably but then began to have slight aches after the 4 mile mark.. mainly side of hip and general feeling of weakness in the legs. Not sure whether iits just early days and needing to build leg muscles up or whether I need to take it easier (although hardly sprinting!!)

    Ma'amy - Excellent stuff on completing your 1st week - onwards and upwards - look forward to reading your progress.

    Glad you can still run maarmalade - take it easy though !

    Prob wont get to run until Thursday now but have got dry slope skiing tomorrow and core conditioning on Wed. I have never been skiing in my entire life but am heading off to Geneva with some girlies in March - I thought it was just a girlie drinking weekend. Only just found out we are skiing!!!!! Any tips appreciated!
    Have a good week all x
  • Hi everyone image sorry haven't been on in so long, didn't mean to worry anyone image
    Been extremely busy all week then had a messy weekend for the birthday.
    Ankle is almost back to normal, was out running on thurs but it's been snowing here and very icey for running on. Got dance classes tonight then back out running tomorrow image
    How is everyone? Seems like your all doing great image how u managing with the Achilles ange? Your mums doin so well.
    Great run time on sat Roy image well done. image
    Hope everyone's well, missed u all x
  • Ta for the words of encouragement - will keepyou posted on how I am doing

    gemgemx - enjoy the skiing - great fun (although a lifetime ago since I was there - back in school days can just about remember that far back) - work on strengthening legs - lots of time spent with ankles and knees bent

    K-Anne - enjoy dance class

    Looking forward to seeing how you are all doing

  • Evening all.

    K good to have you back, you have been missed x

    Gem you'll love the skiing, it is great fun, but mum is right, strenghten the legs, it so much on the ankles and knees image

    As for how I'm doing with the ankle, I have been out for another run tonight and feel so proud of myself. 5.23km in 33:38! That was 32:13 to 5k compared to last time I did pretty much the same route which was c. 34:45! Feel really good for it too image Think it's going to be a stepper session on Wednesday but will see what time etc is like, can't wait to run again image

  • Hello everyone,....I'm not really a new runner so to speak. Have been a "beginner" of sorts for about 18 months now. Everytime I seem to get with the programme and get up to a comfortable 5k I injure myself and have to take time out. 

    I had a minor knee op way back in Oct last year and have been given the go-ahead from the consultant providing I take it easy.  So, this time round I am starting back out on the threadmill.  Yes I know they can be a tad boring but the cold air outside makes breathing painful when I run and that knocks my confidence which then makes me not want to go out. This way I can bouild myself up again in the warm and with help onside with qualified trainers in the gym. No more excuses!  My friend (yes we are still friends surprisingly hehe) has signed us up for a 10k race in Camborne, Cambridgeshire on April 15th. I have completed a couple of 5ks (pb was 36 mins) and in my head I know I can do the 10k. The problem is that my brain just cant' seem to convince my feet that they can do it!  I am determined to do this race but may be alot slower than the others. I'm not too worried about the time it takes but moreso that I actually finish it! 

    Fingers crossed everything goes well this time.  I do love the buzz that running gives me and it's a great feeling keeping fit and healthy.  At a mere 5' 2" short I do have trouble maintaining my weight unless I exercise.  This way I can have the odd treat and not feel guilty about it image

    Anyway, I hope that you all have a fun week and thank you for letting me rabble on.

    Auds image

  • Hey everyone
    Ange your doing great as always, well done you keeping it up image
    Gem need to let us know how skiing goes, sounds fab image
    Audrey welcome to thread, great 5k time image after coming from an injury Xmas last year I'd say it's important u take on board all the medical advice that has been givin to you and you'll b back to normAl before you know it. Treamills r defo a great idea for easing back into running image wen I was training for my first 10k me and my friend found a good 10k route that we walked first to give us an understanding of the distance. From then on in we ran/walked the route gradually reducing the amount we walked ANC increasing the lengths we ran. We found this to b a really uncomplicated and effective way of training then when race day came we completed it in 55 mins which we were pleased with. Dunno wither that's any help to you and sure that other guys on here will have extra hints and tips to. Good luck and well done for signing up to 10k image x
  • P.s happy birthday Roy in 15 mins x x
  • Morning all!!

    Starting week 4 of c25k this week if i can find it on my ipod!

    Feeling ok...been doing pilates and Davina dvd every other day too.

    Hope every ones runnings ok and injury free.

    Well done Ange

  • Hey gang !!

    Happy Bday Kirstin!!! Hope you spent my voucher money wisely and bought some new treds! haha.

    I went and got my GAIT done properly today from a specialist shop and they said i'm neutral but werent wering right size shoes.  I have bought some new brookes GHOST 4 trainers and feel so comfy.  Tried to do a birthday run today with them but i felt absolutely knackered with no energy and my achilles went again after few miles.  I think ive aggrevated something in my achilles, do i go doctors first to see a physio? How does it work?

    So so tired from all the hours i've put in work the last week I'm going to take a couple of days rest and maybe not run due to my achilles.

     Welcome to the thread Audrey, slow and steady is deffo better than being injured as it looks like I maybe.

    Kirstin what did you get for your birthday, hope you've had a good one image !

    Ange well done...told you that you will move on quicker than you thought!  You will be running parkrun with me soon enough image

  • Evening all and firstly let me say:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Roy and K - hope that you've both had  a great day image

    Auds - Welcome to the thread, pretty much the same boat as us lot so you'll fit in really well, just remember take it slow and listen to your body image

    Roy - as for the ankle, I'd go see the quack and get it checked out. As for the parkrun, give me a couple of weeks and I'll be there with you, princess park to start with.

    Oh - looks like I might be out with the begging bowl too - Subject to how I get on between now and pay day, looks like I'm going to be applying to do the Great Manchester Run (10k) running for the RNLI.  It is in May so have lots of training time image

    Rest day for me today and going to hit the stepper tomorrow, variety and all that image

  • Hi everyone

    Thanks for the comments.

    K-Anne, good idea on walking the 10k route first.  I will give it a go.

    Hello Marmalade thanks for the kind words.

    As we're going into February I have set myself the goal to go to the gym and get on the threadmill 3 times a week and build up my distance.  Will add a half a mile per week but if I am finding it too hard going I will take it back a step but I'm optimistic that I should be ok.  I'm going to mark it off on my calendar so I can see my progress and keep me focussed.

    Feeling really positive image

    Hope everyone has had a good Twattsday (Tuesday) and are keeping warm image

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