New Year...New runner



  • Morning all

    Nice to see people making a move forward. Well done all.

    Dog and I did a 50 min walk last night and then 11x run 1 walk 1 this am at 0530!!!!

  • Wow, slowjoe, that's impressive.What you doing up so early???? At that time of day there is only one thing to say for that time and it's Dedication!

    K-Anne - sounds like you're having a tough start, do stick with it though as it will get easier with time.  Don't hurt thinking about it, enjoy! You're making progress and that's what counts. Well done for getting out there.

    I'm hurting today, think overdid the sit ups yesterday,oops! Planning on going for a walk later, hope the weather picks up a bit though as it is that horrible fine drizzle here at the moment.

    Oh well off to finish my brew image

  • K Ann well done on starting, I started last Monday for some reason it didn't occur to me that I would ache.... Have no idea why lol. The next day I was walking round like a 90 yr old ! I did get back out to it on the wednesday and haven't looked back. One week in and I am already feeling the difference!! I love this thread, I was made to feel very welcome and was encouraged even though I was a little disappointed because I only managed to jog for 50 seconds only 4 times!! This week it's 60 seconds 8 times and will be increasing next wk, not sure it will be to the planned 90 though !!
  • I work nights and even on days off tend to sleep during the day LOL

    So if i finish work at 5 im home by ten past and go straight out. I find if I stop for a cup of tea I cant get going again.

  • That makes sense slowjoe, can't imagine working nights, imagine it would be hard going.  Bet you get lots of peace when you're out doing your runs though which would be great image

    Can't wait till I get back to it, I feel like I'm chomping at the bit to get running again, but one step at a time and all that.

  • Its difficult to know when to get back to it Maam.

    Better to wait a day too long than start back too early. 

  • I know what you mean, going to go for a walk in a bit once lunch has settled. See how I get on with that image Quite looking forward to it as weather has cleared up a bit now image
  • Hope your walk has went well. image I've walk up today and am starting to feel human again so I'm buzzing to get out tonight, supposed to be a 35 min jog........supposed to be, but we'll see, plus the football coach father is coming with me tonight so the family competitive nature will only spur me on image HAppy running guys image
  • Sounds like great encouragement K, let us know how it goes.

    As for my walk, I did 5.06km in 54.04! Still got another k to do as need to nip out again, but feeling really good for it. Only problem was part of the walk was my old running route and I just wanted to run image Oh well! Going to save that for next week. Feeling like I could do it now, but as you say slowj, better to wait a little longer than do too much too soon.

    In the words of K - Happy running everyone image

    Oh - has anyone heard from James????? Seemed really encouraged but not seen anything else from him image

  • a 5k walk is an effort, well done!! i managed 30 minutes running tonight, the last 5 i was sure were going to kill me, running against the wind tonight was brutal. ran with the old man, he done well but took a short cut through the park while i took the high road so it was a moral victory on my part lol, even though he made it back bout 10 mins before me lol. gotta get up and run at 7 in morn as i'm working late tomorrow then straight out...........doesn't bare thinking about image how has everyone else done tonight? image
  • Fantastic day K, you did brilliant, bet you're feeling really good for it!

    Know what you mean about getting up early. When I go back to work next week I'll be out the house at 6am everyday and not get home till just gone 7pm!  So workouts will be before I go if I can drag myself out of bed, or once I get in providing I don't sit down first!!!

    Surprisingly I haven't done anything since my walk, other than chill out image Just trying to decide what I'm going to do tomorrow???

  • Sounds like you're doing great k! Well done.!
    Well done to marmalade!

    I am really getting into it now. Just got my Nike+ today with sportsband and have calibrated it to hopefully this will help push myself each day.
    I got it at a bargain price of £19.99 from jjb online so half price hehe!
  • Sounds like you may have found your passion in life now, stuck on the streets forever - should we start calling you Forest Gump??? image

    I'm looking at a gps watch thingy to track what I'm doing, fed up of taking my phone out with me. May have also just bought a cross trainer - good for alternative when weather crap etc image

  • Hey all!!!

    Apologies for the silence...back in work this week after a year off for maternity so has been a little crazy! Just read back through all the posts... and loving that this thread has really taken off and we are all going for it and big thanks to the more experienced runners for all your advice and tips! They are much appreciated!!

    It seems we all have similar issues in finding the time to run and keeping it up!! My hubby is in the armed forces and works random shifts but have worked out early mornings are the best time to go...our little boy is still asleep and hubby is either coming in from work or about to get up so I can go consistently! It's tough dragging myself up at 5.30am especially on these cold mornings but as soon as I am out and get going, I love it! Really sets me up for the day! Am running Mon, Wed, Fri at the mo although this morning I have injured my knee - not quite sure how but worried in case I can't go Friday!! Last time I started running I got achy knees but that was down to being a little too enthusiastic and overdoing it whilst massively this time am doing alternate days and until today my knees have been fine!!

    So far I have dropped a dress size and my energy levels are getting higher! Has been a massive boost! Has anyone felt any changes from running yet..apart from the achiness! LOL!! No pain no gain..well that's what I keep telling myself!

    Glad to see we are all in it together!! For anyone on FB there is a group set up on the back of this thread called New Year New Start - Get Running if you would like to join! x
  • thanks Maam, i'd b flat out let alone chillin out after 5k lol.

    great your getting the running bug Wilson image well done you, got any goals in mind anyone?

    can i be really dim and ask what a nike+ and a gps do? feel like i'm missing out on something lol image

  • hey ginger, thats amazing that you've dropped a dress size, spesh this time of year when everyone tends to over indulge, well done for 5:30am??i genuinely would be sleep running lol, heres me moaning about 7am lol, i'll just have to man up. sorry to here put your knees, b very carefull. saw a thread about aching knees in the health and injuries forum.....never looked into it but maybe might be some advice there? Thanks for starting up this thread finding it really positive and motivational, defo add the facebook page. image hope you feel better for friday
  • Yes K I am looking to do the full marathon sometime early next year. I started mainly to push my body and get fit, I used to be a sprinter in my teens but I've always fancied the London marathon as my aim. Ive had a bad year in 2011 with issues that they still haven't found the cause convinced its anxiety and would probably fit in my job. This running is hopefully gonna make all that go away and chill me out. I've got a big year this year getting married in July in Mexico so I need to get my ass in gear!lol

    As for this Nike+ it is a little chip that u can put in some Nike trainers but if you don't have a Nike shoe then u can buy a pouch and out it on your laces. Then you can either use ur iPod/iPhone or buy a sportsband by Nike which is the option I have chose. Basically as u run it records from your chip in shoe and records miles, pace, calories burned and gives u the time. You can then connect it to your pc and logs all your runs as to how fast, how far you ran and you can compete against yourself and others to make you go further and faster.
    Hope this helps.

  • May well give this Facebook page a whirl! Hehe
  • There's quite a few group pages called 'new year new start'. Any idea which one K? None seem to stand out.
  • congratulations on the wedding!!!! mexico...amazing!!!!

    i'm also aiming for a marathon but since i'm up here in scotland its the Loch Ness one at end of september EEEKK!!!! long way off ready.

    things like anxiety are difficult to diagnose, so make sure your getting the right help, but i do personally believe running does help relieve stresses and tensions and so forth. before i had my accident i ran alot and was weeks away from first half marathon, i was in a relationship from hell and used running to help me relieve stress and anger (went a huge run the morning i split up with the guy lol) but then when i fell and was unable to move my ankle for couple a months let alone walk propery, i realy hit ock bottom and became deeply clinically depressed, seeked thehelp of a councillor and together we talked through my upset and the fact i would use exercise as a diversion but not necesserily to deal with issues. i got all the right help and advice and a year later i've never felt better and i'm able to run and it keeps me really happy. so make sure you take advantage of help offered to you, anxiety and depression are two diff things bought can be helped by councilling or even medication if thats a route you wanted to go through, though i'm sure your doc wil have bored you with for the marathon with your wedding in sight will be a fantastic and positive journey for you, excited to see how it goes so best of luck to you image

    as for facebook i had no pages come up when i searched for it, maybe see if Ginger can add my page to it or something? x

    Nike+ sounds a great idea, heres me still in the dark ages with my reebok pedometer lol x

  • You are all doing great image

    Bristol Newbie - I have lovely friend Jan (K2 forum name) that works in Sweat Shop in Bristol. If you ever need help joining a running club etc she's your lady. She in her early 60's and took up running late in life.

    We had a few New Year runners at my club on Tuesday. Some newbies and some getting back to running.

    I started running in 2004 at 39 because I wanted to run a marathon. Good luck with your running goals image

  • Sounds like everyone is having a great start to the year!

    Ginger - fantastic news on dropping a dress size, bet that has given you one awesome boost!

    I'm feeling much better, getting back into it slowly, did 30mins on my stepper this morning followed by some sit up's and push up's and loving it.  Just have the urge to run, but going to wait till probably the weekend for that, don't want to do it too early and push myself back.

    As for the iffy knee, take it easy, it could be that you're knees just need more time.  I have had problems over the years with knee trouble and got advised not to do high impact sports, this is why I mix it up a bit with walking, stepper and soon to be cross trainer (just bought one image )

    Roy - The facebook page is New Year New Start  - Get Running!

    K - GPS is a watch that tracks your speed, distance etc by using GPS (bit like a sat nav) to know where you have gone.

    Keep running image

  • Oh, this year is getting better and better.  I have just bought myself a cross trainer for warm up, cool down, when the weather is crap etc.  I've always wanted one and now I have, well once I go collect it in a couple weeks image

    Even better though, I don't have to take my phone out anymore, just bought, or should I say my lovely man has bought me a Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS watch image

    Can't wait to get running even more now image

  • Lucky u maamalade. Think u should start a gym at yours and do memberships haha! I used to use my brothers treadmil but i just cant be confined to 4 walls. All this new gear will deffo keep you motivated. Think we.should start a new running club in hereimage.
  • Call me stupid but I cannot find this page on Facebook. I've typed it in the exact way you have put it and nothing has come up image. maybe they don't like scousers on there image.

    K thanks very much for the advice. I've done all the counciling long years ago when I went through a bad patch, I would say the thing that gets me down most is my job and working 60+ hours a week has taken its toll on me now. I'm generally happy in my life apart from the cost of living lol.

    It's the job that generally gets me down. Working 60+ hours is bit of a killer both mentally and physically. As a young guy in a high role I've let it get the better of me and I take things far to serious and personal and therefore I get very stressed and worked up easily. It's something I've been trying to work through for months and I would say my stress levels have come down. This is my next step to get that even better and thanks to you guys that is what's happening so cheers!!!!
  • That's odd, I just typed New Year New Start and it came up with a list that New Year New Start - Get Running! was one of the options. I'd offer to add you to it, but it's a closed group so you'd need Ginger to find you and add you image

    As for you're life it definately sounds like it is getting there, and with a lot to focus on with work, running and of course the, what I imagine will be, spectacular wedding to look forward to I'd say you're turning the corner and good on you for keeping going.

    When I went downhill it took me nearly 4 years before I saw a councellor and it then took me 2 years to get back towards even.

    Since the beginning of last year I have started to feel like I've turned the corner, then meeting my partner convinced me of this.  He has been a huge support and continues to be.  He is so supportive of everything I do, especially my running image

    Here is to a great 2012 for everyone, full of health, happiness and of course Running image

  • Nope still can't find it haha!

    I'm just about to head off to decathlon, anyone like me to pick anything up?
  • Oh well, sure Ginger will sort it out for ya. 

    Good spending in Decathlon, don't need anything just yet image

  • I am not worthy lol.........tried the early morning run, and by early, i mean slept in for the 7 o'clock start so headed out at 8.......nightmare, proper sleepy rubber legged effort lol. don't know how people are managing to do it even earlier than 8am lolol, in my humble opinion, anything earlier than 8 o'clock is stupid o'clock......what a let down i am today image gonna have to substitute a rest day for a normal evening run. Glorious day up here in sunny Glasgow which is a plus, hows the weather everywhere else?

    i'm starting to feel like i'm really missing out in life without a Nike+ or a GPS lol, i have to take out my pedometer and my phone lol. soon as i'm finished i record my steps, miles and calories into my phone lol, pathetic, don't even know how accurate it is......I'm Like the Alan Partridge of running, proper cringey and old school lolol. not a good day for K haha......hope everyone does far better than i have today.

    Happy Running Everyone.

  • Back of the net!

    K I am exactly the same I cannot for anything get up and do an early run. Bed is far to appealing hehe. Just got back from decathlon what a dent in my card image but there are some good sales! (no I am not a woman) haha.

    Glasgow is always sunny isn't it?
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