New Year...New runner



  • Theres nothing like a turkey roast on your dinner hour mmmmm. Pigs in blankets mmmmm
  • Roy - That is just cruel! You could have given me a shout to come over the water to share it image But there again I've a chicken dinner waiting for me cooked by Carl's mum, just need to get Carl out from under my car (he is kindly servicing it) before we can go image

    Good news is I've fixed the most annoying bit of my cross trainer, just need to get a new runner wheel to fix the other bit, just need to find somewhere that sells one first!

    Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, getting up at 05:00 image my body has got used to taking its time, oh well will be home at 19:30 and will have walked to the station and back (approx 5k total) so can't be all bad, and might have a sneeky 20mins on the cross trainer when I get back image

  • So how did everyone's day go? Just got home from work. Looking to get out and do a 5 miler tomorrow.

    Ange how did ur cross training go?

    Kirstin hows ur wand? Hehe. Did u get out and do that long long run?

    Day off tomorrow cant wait.
  • Good day guys!

     Just got back from a 4.74 mile run at 34.26 minutes and 7.15 pace average mile.  Felt sluggish today and i had planned to go for 6 miles but i felt my achilles start to pull so i stopped and walked home image.  Hope it is ok for my next run i can't be doing with being injured image.

     Again i try to go slower but i just seem to go faster and its getting to me at the end, whereas if i ran slower id be able to run further.  Does anyone have any hints as to how to slow down?  It's clearly not as easy as it looks for me lol!

     How is everyone?

  • Hello everyone! How's it going?...well I did it...I cracked...I had the master of all gorges on saturday and I'm so mad at myself! I just had a mega chocolate craving and basically brought out the shop's sweets isle...Oh well...its the work I put in to make up for it that counts!

    It sounds like everyone is in good stead and keeping up the running regularly, as for me I'm pumping myself up for go on another 5 miler in 15 minutes which I'm deading...not because I can't do it but becuase I'm afraid of the damage I've done to myself over the weekend!

    I'm sorry Mr Wilson but I have no tips on how to slow down as I'm mostly concerned with speeding up! I wish I had your problem, but I see what you mean. Do you listen to music when you run? you could try and listen to sounds with a slower beat than you run and your natural rhythem will fall into it...if all else fails you could give it a try!

    Maam - you must be dead chuffed with your run, sounds like an excellent comeback from a lengthy absence so well done! (and I'm well jealous that you have a cross trainer!? I know what I'm asking for this Christmas! lol)

    K-Anne how old is your pup? I hear that dogs make excellent running partners...its like running on your own but with a friend!

     Hope This message finds everyone well! spk soon


  • Roy - You are super quick - Not sure on how we can slow you down!! I wish I could improve the pace - even on shorter runs I still seem to plod along!!
    Do you listen to music when running - I take my phone and have an app which updates me on speed and distance - actually find it helpful in knowing when I need to pick up the pace a bit - although knowing and putting it into practice are 2 different things! My average pace seems to be 10.30 minute per mile!! I promised I wouldnt get hung up on stats but at the same time I find it helpful in charting my own personal progress.
    How is everybody else doing - I have just finished off a pack of mini blueberry muffins!! oops!
  • Hey gem

    i use the nike+ sportsband but dont listen to music. Maybe i should? I think ive.pushed it too much today and maybe pulled my right achilles.

    Im not great at following the idea of running further, not faster. Many years ago i used to be a 100-200m runner and im not one for getting beat in my mind. I guess this battle in my mind is causing this problem. Running in shorts in this weather isnt clever either but im one very concious person. Bought some full length lycras today but just cant vision myself running in
  • I am sure you will look lovely in them. I was more a sprinter (back in the day) too so long distance running has been a huge learning curve (still is). Think with me its technique - I am sure that my stride and the way in which I run is not that efficient - I am hoping that lots of practice will improve this so I then improve my normal speed.

    Once you are in you lycras and actually running I am sure you wont feel elf conscious at all.

  • Sounds like me really Gem.  What exactly is a more efficient stride?  Every now and again i tend to catch my inner ankle bone with the side of my other foot shoe.
  • Hey all, sounds like everyone is getting on well and enjoying themselves. I tucked into 3 jaffa cakes sat and another 3 sunday and felt guilty! How bad/good is that???

    Roy - my advice would be listen to music with a slower pace to try slowing you down.   Personally I don't listen to anything, but know it can be a huge help.

    Well done on the running, everyone seems to be getting on with really good distances, very proud image

    Today I dragged myself out of bed and walked to the station to get my train. Makes my journey 2.5 hours to get to work and 2.5 hours to get home, but at least I'm exercising.

    Have only used the cross trainer for yesterdays warm up, spent the afternoon fixing it (only small things). Planned on using it tonight, still might, but after not eating since lunch and getting in at 7.30 from work I wanted my food! Can you blame me????

    Collected my new gps watch today, now to learn how to use it before I run again on Wednesday.

    Roy - I have been out since Oct due to pulling my achilles, but I did do a full workout on it once pulled so increased the damage. It still pulls from time to time and unfortunately rest is the only cure.  I now have to make sure I do a good low impact warm up and cool down with lots of stretches and exercises. I'm going to see a specialist in a couple of weeks coz know its still not right! Hence my very slow running and having to take it easy, but even slow I'm glad that I'm running again image

    Ok, off to play with new toy now image

  • Hey Ange, mmm i love chocolate orange but not jaffa cakes for some reason ?  Which watch did you get? im considering asking for the garmin forerunner 120 for my bday soon!!  I hope i haven't pulled it, i'll give it a couple of days and see how it holds up on a run on wed/ thursday.  Sounds like your making good progress on your dodgey leg image.

     Kirstin where art thou?  Did you get to do your run yesterday?

     I'm considering running a park run on sunday by mine but i know i will just try to run flat out because you are timed and i would hate to do a slow one.  Need to try change from being competitive with myself to just enjoying it.  This is why i quit sprinting years ago because the competitions just became to nerve racking and i put alot of pressure on myself to win.

    Hope all is well!!! image

  • Roy - choc orange mmmmmm, easter soon too. What can I do to have one as a reward??? Not Terry's it's mine!!!! I got the Garmin Forerunner 110, looks good and from reading the manual sounds good, but running will be the real test.

    If you go for a park run, it could be a great option to run slower, pick someone with a slower pace and stick with them. Mentally tell yourself you have to do 10k or 2 laps or whatever to try and force yourself to save some energy rather than going flat out? Might help, know I do that with myself sometimes.

    Running should be fun, except when you freeze me thinks!

    K - how was the run????

  • Ange i've had 5 over xmas image.  you'll have to let me know how this watch does?  See how accurate the mileage is?  That's what worrys me the most about this nike+ as to whether im getting accurate stats.

     Think Kirstin has fell into a pot hole on a run somewhere!

  • We went the other way, Carl got 120 Jaffa Cakes for Christmas so still trying to get rid of them. My dad kindly didn't get me choc orange coz I said I was cutting down on choc!

    As for accuracy, I have used a website that you can plot your route on to get an idea how far somewhere is so can compare. I did google search for something like how far have I ran? and it seemed to work. Will report on Garmin as soon as used image

    Hope K hasn't fallen down a pot hole, more like the pup is still keeping her going image

  • Hi, I'm Here!!!!!!1

    I've hurt myself though image went run on Sun, took the bloody pup, and he decided that sunday was infuriatingly annoying dog day lol, so rather than just ran by my side like the clever pup i no he can be, he decided he was sherlock holmes and investigated every driveway, other runner, bike, car, litter that crossed our path lol, but during a very disrupted run, i was running up a steepish hill, and the pain i have in my ankle went from being a 3 out of 10 to at least a 7 out of 10. so painful, i've been trying to be so careful but fooked it image walked rest of route. never ran today. i teach dancing and the classes started back today, really felt the pain all night....just avoided jumping. tomorrow i'm gonna get ti massage and put self heating mud on it to try get swelling down. if it makes any difference i'll take a canter round the park after work but getting worried bout how much i should push it image anyway....enough about me....

    Roy - Lycra legs, how they working for ya hahaha??? i think you'll defo need to start listening to music not only to slow you down but to drown out the wolfwhistles haha. y don't you pander to your competitive nature and try and beat us at slowest pace lol? i'm happy to go head to head with you on this one lolol, you'd have to slow down drastically image

    Maam and lidi, don't worry about the jaffa cakes and the choco binges....if it makes you feel any better i had a large texan bbq pizza from dominos last night and powered through the whole thing, i sure showed it who was boss, got them to add pineapple tho so wasnt al bad lol ;p

    also lidi, my puppy is 5 months old, he's a Westie called MacDuff and he is a handfull lol.

    Hows everyone feeling today??? i need motivation badly image

  • Kirstin chin up treacle and be 'reem'! Are your trainer's to suit your gait?  Sounding like a pro here i know but i really am not! lol.  Perhaps its the shoes doint it for you and maybe not providing it enough support??  Don't worry about it too much just give it some rest and a nice radox soak! Does that actually work?

    As for the tights, you should see me in them as Alan says 'hotter than the sun' hahaha!  I'm tempted to take them back yet not sure, maybe you can let me know how it feels to run in tights?  Although i think its the image bit im more curious about lol!

     I'll race you if you like, maybe we could do that power walk marathon where you walk like you've just received it from the back door hahaha!

     Ive got a ham and mushroom sitting in the fridge awaiting me to eat it for my tea in work tomorrow, although i do have st burns night coming up soon perhaps some neaps and tatties are in order?

     Chin up, you're supposed to stay positive to help me! image

  • look reem, smell reem, be reem image

    ahahaha- "walk like you've recieved it from the back door" hahaha, is that the official slogan of the marathon lol. amazing....i'm gettin that printed on a t-shirt for my next power walk

    i think the tights will be fine lolol, stop worrying...but defo get us a photo to give us all a laugh haha, only joking.

    i haven't the foggiest notion what a gait is? would u care to explain? broke ankle a year ago and have pins and plates in it but should've healed by now image

    St Burns?? Saint Burns?? oor Rab is no Saint, he's just a poet is he not? do all you fellow englishmen celebrate burns night???? as it falls on Sat this year i'm actually going to a party that night so best i'll manage will be a haggis supper from the chippy ;p same thing really image

    Positive Mental Attitude.

    We should all do a run together in the future sometime, how funny would that b? though we'll need to tie your laces together Roy to keep you running at our pace image x

  • We celebrate it down here in my restaurant KIrstin, have neaps and tatties on and balmoral chicken. Doesn't go down very well must admit....although the free glenkinchie glasses do!
    As for the tights I'm gonna do one of them poses in mirror and try to look serious dressed in tights, gloves and a high vis top.....the look of a god if u ask me haha.

    A gait is to find out how you land on your feet as you run, ie. you land on heel or forefoot or slightly on side. This determines what trainers to get as you could be wearing one's that don't suit how you run and could cause you injury. If you go to any specialist shop they will do one for you for free......this may help with your ankle.

    Lol on the running together would be great although it's the pub at the end that wouldn't lol. At least if my laces are tied together I wouldn't have to get round in image
  • thats so cool, i didn't no people bothered about i in England.....though i suppose, the whole world chant one of his chart hits every new year so i suppose everyone knows of him lol. can't beat a balmoral chicken, image what do u mean your restaurant? do u have a restaurant?

    the look of a god hahaha, the god of all things tight and revealing thats hillarious lol.

    right, this Gait thing seems like a good idea, cause i'd reckon i run on the sides of my foot, definately walk on the sides, ever since my accident i've walked on the sides i think so as not to put pressure on the full flat of my foot, so theres something in this gait thing. need to find a proper running shop up here and see what they've got.

    I remember doing A 10K  a couple of years ago and their was a team of say 5 woman running.......they all had pink t-shirts on and were running for a friend they'd lost to breast cancer.....they were all named after a different kind of wine i.e zinfandale, merlot, chardonnay etc and at each marked K, they had a mate with 5 little glasses of wine for them and a jelly baby hahaha, i thought this was amazing lolol!!!!what better motivation can there be than 10 half glasses of wine through out the race lolol x

    Happy Running everyone, jealous of eveyone making it out today x

  • Yeah deputy manager of one, it is a big chain hence working up in Scotland, ran a few from time to time, hence the stress and long hours.  Think there is one or 2 Glasgow way there are hundreds of the things.

    Go get your gait done it may just help you in the long run, or short run image lol.

    Imagine having whiskey in your flask whilst running that would be ace, something to heat you up in the middle of the cold!

    Eugh long day today, happy running you all! image

  • Hi
    Posted on here few weeks ago and by cant you all chat!!

    So i have gone back to basics to see if this will help with my legs as my last running bout suffered terrible and also my sis wanted to start coming running with me and she thinks she is mega unfit!

    Downloaded the c25k plan and went out sat to test the waters to see how manageable this was on my own so i could see if my sis could manage this, and am not sure she would i was a little pink after completing but think my 60 seconds runs where at a quicker pace than advised and was surprised at still how fit i am today was going to be our 1st session was thinking of trying her with half the plan instead of 8 mins run just doing the 4 to test as do not want her to over do it? So there i am in all my running glory and she rings and tells me she is poorly which would be the case! so i still went now am onto my second session one more to move to week 2 and my sis is still to do none!!

    Mr Wilson legging are the future, it took me ages to pluck up the courage now i don't care so if i can wear them ANYONE can!!

    K hope your foot/ankle better soon and definitely get your gait done...check this link it sounds like you over pronate if you run inside....normal pronate has a degree of this, hope this link helps,7120,s6-240-319-327-7727-0,00.html

    sorry for waffling keep up the running xx
  • Hey Keeny.........anno everyones really shy on this thread, cant get a word in edge ways sometimes lol. joking. Where can i find this c25k thing that everyones looking at? might b worth giving a look. i'll give that article a look thanks image well done you for getting up and out even tho the sis isn't , i'd defo just have had a duvet day if my running partner wasn't game for a run so well done.

    Leggings ARE the future haha,

    Roy what restaurant chain is it? i love how you must think i,m some hurlin burlin Scots man with my Whisky flask and haggis hahaha, hate whisky, not keen on haggis and could live without square sausage lol. i'm a poor excuse  for a jock.....believe it or not i dont have ginger hair or pale blue skin either hahaha, they've defo put me in the wrong place i reckon.

    Hope everyones having a good day, ankle feels like its clamped in a vice today, sooo painful, don't think i'll risk the run tonight, see how it feels after massage image

  • Hi

    Its the NHS couch to 5k in 9 weeks.....its good for learners!!

    its good for newbys defo, i have a tiny knowledge of running as i have dipped in and out for the last 5 years image

    rest up and have a duvet day, no better get to docs x
  • Hey all!

     K - Rest the foot, no point overdoing it or coming  back too soon, you'll only do more damage. As for the shoes, I got mine from Sweatshop few years ago and they get you on a treadmill to see how you use your feet and suggest / test shoes with you till you get the right pair.  Means you may pay a bit more, but they will fit and work for you. I was a cynic at first, but my next pair will be bought the same in the same way.

     Roy - stop being a wuss and get the tights on. I worried at first, but they ARE much better for running in, I swear by them. Which restaurant do you run? I'll join in the how slow challenge, my last run was a 12min mile, top that ha ha ha There is some slowing for ya!

    Keeny - Don't know what you mean by we can chat image sounds like you're getting on really well with the c25k, keep it up, and let us know how sis gets on too.

    Def think we should all run together one day, sounds like a plan image

    I'm having a rest day today before going for another run tomorrow. My other half has suggested I may be overdoing it a bit image but I feel good so going for a half way ground image

    Happy running all - Oh, and where is Ginger????

  • Hi All,
    Nice to read the posts here. I'm a beginner and have four stone to lose - already lost half. Maamalade - which gps watch did you get and is it any good?
    I'm doing the RW programme to get you up to running for thirty minutes in eight weeks. My goal is to run the London 10000 in under an hour.
    Look forward to reading more from everyone xx
  • Hi APM, good to hear from you.

    I've got the Garmin Forerunner 110, so far seems brilliant, just need to run with it for full test, roll on tomorrow image

    Looks like you've set yourself a good goal which will help with your drive going forward.  You'll get heaps of support, help & guidance (where we can), encouragement in abundance, laughs and of course a good old chin wag on here.

    Oh, and I'm Ange

    Let us know how the running/training is going xx

  • Hey All image

    Ange, I have taken yours and Keenys advice today and kept the ankle rested, couldn't manage a full duvet day but slept like a cat soon as i got in from work today. knew i wouldnt make a run, ran across street today to our local shop and must have looked like i needed a toilet stop or something  the way i was hoping and staggering, just too sore just now.

    Ange, your partner probably just worries you'll hurt yourself again but just make sure your not doing too much image

    APM half a stone off is amazing, what is the secret??? i imagine in my case if i didnt phone dominos wen i was upset at my ankle hurting or visit greggs so often i probs do a little better in the weight loss game image welcome to the thread though image its great fun, keep updating everyone on how your doing image

    the slow challenge is on!!!!! Team Look-Good-in-Leggings are taking on the challenge image

    i no where is ginger, and claire image x

  • Hey all, again sounds like every one doing well, this thread skips by so quickly it's hard to keep up with every one lol. Well after joining friends for a run on Sunday with a major hang over I ran with them again tonight, 60s run 60 s walk was so much easier tonight and I wasn't so much out of puff and didn't struggle at all. But I've hurt my groin and it was quite uncomfortable to run to be honest but I managed to keep up, I've had a warm bath and applied voltarol, I hope it eases it!!! We are out again on Friday increasing our running time to 90s. I was a bit disappointed to learn this week that I hadn't lost any weight but I can definitely see a difference in my fitness level which is good x
  • Evening all, I'm still running! This is a major thing for me, today I even felt a bit like a runner! On week 3 of my c25k thing, and thinking of rewarding myself with a pair of running skins (as my daughter calls them, none of this leggings/tights stuff) if I make it to week 4!

    I booked myself and daughter in for our local Race for Life today too, that's in May and I'm determined to match her pace this year. (She's only 11 but she's a proper runner!)

    If anyone is interested, my c25k app is called FunRun, it was 61p from AndroidMarket, and it's already got me feeling fitter than a 3 month gym membership did... I think there arelots of different ones available though. I like mine cos it's 'advanced', so makes me feel professional! image

  • Well done Claire!! Feeling fitter is fab isn't it? I love not getting that awful lung burn so much anymore!
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