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  • Unless she changes it I have put it as Ma'amy, it's an in family joke as when we went to America she hates the way they say marmy so it kind of stuck, that combined with when I was in the Navy I had a commission I was addressed as Ma'am, hence the name image
  • Will say hello - invested in some new trainers and plan to start (slowly) with a walk in the morning with Maamalade
  • Welcome mummy, can't wait to take you out with your shiny new trainers (won't stay that way long image) and of course the new top image

    Opinions folks: I'm so proud of my mum, I'm looking at c25k but building up to week 1, until mum can run 5k continuously.  Then to look at building up from there towards her goal! Much to my admiration and amazement, it's to run the 2013 Great North Run!!! A HM!!!! Did I mention I'm so proud??? Better get my running in gear or she'll be running rings around me image

    Hope that everyone is having a great weekend and getting some fab runs in.  Roy, we already know of your brilliant park run! That was brilliant.

    I'm feeling so upbeat at the moment, just want to go running image

  • Well I'm disappointed, come back on and not a word from anyone, I thought we were the chatterbox not just the tight crew image

    Been out twice this morning, first with mum (let her tell you about it), then on my own, did 2.41k in 16.05 with wind for the first k so much so I felt like I was standing still!!!

    Subject to not being sore tomorrow I'm planning on a 5k run just to see if I can do it, wish me look!

  • Well did 1st walkk/gentle jog.  Total distance of 2.06km in 23.35min - with 1st 5mins as walking warm up - then 8x run 20sec / walk 100 seconds.  Then walked remainder home.  Not the longest or fastest - but for me it was a good intro - can only strive to improve
  • hey guys image not managed to get on this much this weekend image though i was at an awful party last night and managed to have a look at the thread on my phone  and it really cheered me up image just didnt manage to comment, and didn't get the 'ontoast' joke last night, but the penny dropped this morning and i burst out laughing image

    Ange how good is this, your mum aiming for a half maathon, thats exciting stuff, must be great having your mum as a running partner image

    Welcome to the thread Mrs Ma'amy, great to see you've enjoyed your first run and even invested in a new pair of trainers that brilliant image so how many times a week does the c25k plan get you out? i haven't had a chance to look at it yet but does sound really good image good luck with the rest of your training, you'll b round the half marathon before you know it image

    Hope go-karting goes well today, and also Ange.......hows your wee dad, hope he's recovering well and keeping his knee rested?

  • Roy- aka - RoadRunner lol, well done on your time thats unbelievable, so good you must be so proud. i reckon its time to ge the tights on, you've been threatening us with them all week but i think now is crunch time lol GET THEM ON!!! image

    so is your birthday Monday 30th? and on your day off u lucky bugger lol image mines is Tuesday 31st image gonna b the tender age of 23, image groing up time is approaching image nearing the mid twenties, though that'l b u slap bang in the middle of them image joint birthday wine run is a must lolol image

    i think us all doing a 10k together in the future is a great idea, what a laugh we'd have image ankle feels a little stiff today but nothing i haven't run on before so gonna go out a light run later today FINALLY! this has been most boring demoralising week not being able to run image desperate to get back on the horse lol

    Happy running everyone image

  • Hey ma'amy welcome to the group image. Ange seems very proud of you. Rightly so. Best thing to do is to start slow and increase it slowly each week. Sounds like you did really well yesterday so keep up good work. Are you going to be a regular on here then? Nice to meet you. image
  • Kirstin mine is tue 31st! Haha how.mad is that.
  • Hey, good to know that you are all still there.

    K - sorry party wasn't so good, but glad that you seem to be having a good weekend and getting lots of rest on that ankle.

    Roy - have we braved the tights yet, and more so are we going to be seeing pics??? image

    Looks like 31st is def party time, will have a glass of vino for you both, oh so young! Making me feel old, and yes mum I know you are obviously older still.

    Roy - your right, I am so very proud of my Ma'amy, she did so very well this morning, especially into the head wind. Mum lives at the top of a hill and the best route is along the flat ish bit, but it is surrounded by open fields so you def feel the wind.

    Dad is doing good, getting up and about bit more often, but so much bruising!

    Lunch time now before heading off karting image Just hope that my arms hold out after my push ups this morning, can feel the burn image

  • Im at work soon so running today.going to run in the morning and lookin to do about 6 miles if i can......these tights yes i will wear them but they look like budgey smugglers hahahaha.

    I think someone should pick a 10k and we'll all book. Kirstin i remember what it was like to be 23.....wasnt that long ago lol.

    Ange deffo best to stay on the flat...hills just take it out of the legs..does mine anyway.

    Kisrtin what we doing for birthday a virtual webcam run party absolute naff is it to have a bday on a tuesday at the end of jan.....everyone is skint!.
  • Have fun at work Roy, good luck with the run tomoz.

    I would say a 10k prob Oct sort of time, if not early next year to give time to build up to it. Any suggestions???

  • push ups and runs, putting me to shame here ange, gonna need to get circuits set up in the garden today i think lolol.

    AAHHHH whats the chances of that my fellow aquarian.....want to know two interestinf facts bout the 31st of January....asides the fact thaqt we were born then......the first monkey ever launched into space was on January the 31st, and it was the day that sellotape was first ever out to buy lolol, remember this, never know wen it  might come in handy haha.

    virtual webcam lol, thats hillarious, wont b attractive on my part. i no, i'm just havin drinks in the local on the sat before cause everyone is rooked so no wild party plans unfortunately image. yeah u guys book a weekend 10k n i'm there image

  • I'm out seeing a band on Sat 28th so could poss have a drink, and I will have done my run too so should be ok to have.

    With regards the 10k, which part of the country do we want to look in?

  • Lol i was just thinking about the star sign and factfinder mission. I doubt the garden is a good idea in this weather far too cold. I think the most important one.wad.that wr where born in that day lol.

    North south east or west? Im easy...should have a better car by then without thinking a.messy one this sat to be honest. Cheeky vimtos.or.some jeagar bombs. Wont be running sunday though.

    Where do yoy all buy your gear from?
  • I try to stick to sweatshop for trainers as they do a full analysis to make sure you're getting the right ones for you, then either sweatshop or sports direct for other gear.

  • ange i say have several drinks on sat in our honour. if i'm 23 and roy is 25, should meet in the middle and aim for 24 drinks image skittle bombs r the future!

    i'm easy, i'll jog down to England, south might b a tad far but with enough notice i could sort train or something.

    Sweatshop online r excellent just now i feel

  • I would say go for something Newcastle, Manchester or Liverpool type way image My thought anyway.

    OK, really have to go get ready to go kart, have to try and do well! image

  • image sounds good.

    have fun x

  • Can women drive? OoOoo have i opened up the can? Waiting for the worms now..... Lol only kidding. Newc would probs be about in the middle.
    Have fun ange i love go karting.

    When is your first event kirstin, you looking forward to it?

    Hope weather is better in the morning for this run.

    Dont mean to sound rude just wondered where everyone had gone.from earlier in the thread.

  • Forgot to say....kirstin i got a free £15 off shoes from sweatshop yesterday due to my first run at a park run. You can have it if you like they sent me it via e-mail.
  • Hi all, and welcome to Maamalade's mum! Look forward to getting to know you, and well done on your first run! Slow and steady wins the race, keep plodding on like I am, and you'll really see your fitness improve.

    I'm a bit upset to find out lots of you are in your 20s! When you get to my age, you don't advertise birthdays! (Mine's next month...)

    It was my eldest's 14th bday this weekend and we had a sleepover, somehow I'd agreed to let him have 4 friends to stay.. not much sleep. I managed to fit my 2 runs in though, one yesterday through the woods while my middle son was at nature club, and one this morning. I'm up to 18 mins of running now, and it feels good! I think before when I've tried to run, I've gone too far, too fast, too soon.. I'm finding this gradual build up much more satisfying! image

    I'm liking the music ideas, one of my faves to run to at the mo is Freaking Me Out by Simple Plan. Cheers me up anyway. Liking the Chase and Status choice, I saw them live before Xmas with my eldest and my daughter, v fun.

    Anyway, prob won't be about much this week as my husband's away in the US, so I won't get out to run till later on, but have a good week everyone, and catch up soon. xx

  • hahaha course woman can drive lol, the ones in my house drive me up the wall image

    thats so nice of you Roy, as long as your definately not gonna use it then sure i'll take it, going to shop next week to get my gait done as promised image

    first event is april 1st, just a 5k but looking forward to it, then next ones aren't till May, got a 10k and a HM!!!

    looking at booking anymore yourself?

    i know havent heard from some folk in a while but maybe its harder for some folk to find time to get online, luckily i can log in every now and then in work and stuff.

    Rachel, excellent music tastes, were chase and status good live? great that your still keeping up with your training, 18 mins solid must b tiring, i'm only managing 12 mins, walking 1. how long has it takin you to get to 18? x

  • They were really good, I wasn't sure what to expect as I'm more of a rock chick, but I was pleasantly surprised! I try to get to quite a few gigs. I managed to get tickets for Yelawolf in May for my eldest's birthday, he was really chuffed and I'm pretty excited too, can't beat a bit of live music!

    It's taken me a while to build up, Kristin, I started on the 6th Jan, and I'm just entering my 4th week of the programme (so I'm a bit ahead of myself, I think I run 4 times a week instead of 3). I started walking 5mins, running 6 mins, walking 2, running 6, walking 2.. now it's built up gradually to walking 5mins, running 18, walking 2, running 18, walking 2. I am actually amazed when I finish and think about how far I've gone! I plotted my route today and it's over 7k! I've never thought of myself as a runner and I didn't really expect to complete this programme.. but now I'm determined to. I've even got the bridge to 10k ready!

    I did find today quite tough, probably the biggest jump I've done in terms of time, but it wasn't impossible. I know my times and distances are a bit rubbishy compared to proper runners but it makes me feel proud!
  • Oh, and I think you're really brave to book into proper races! I don't dare really. I keep thinking I'll come last or fall over or something!
  • Hi

    Rachel - Brilliant increase in time/distance, no wonder you are proud! image

    Agree with you on K booking so many races, I'm not brave enough yet either, but do like the idea of us all doing a 10k later in the year, sure us girlies will stick roughly together while Roy races off image

    Well, as you'll have guessed I'm back from go-karting, Carl was proud of my driving today, good speed, got some over taking, and put up a fight when over taken image Only thing is don't do push ups before karting, my arms are knackered!!!

    Looking for food again then to drive back south image

  • thats brilliant rachel thats only been like just over a fortnight, well done you image just keep doing what your doing and before long you'll b a "proper runner" lolol

    tbh, races r great used to do them before my accident, mostly just 10k's. i remember my first, hadn't trained properly but i got on far better than what i had trained for as the buzz of it all gives you a real adrenaline boost, i always tend to come in at the 55 minute mark, some people sprint ahead and do it in half an hour, others walk the whole route in 2 hours so theres always people ahead and behind you. seeing all the charities, causes and family and friends that other members r running for really make it quite emotional but  its a lovely spirit throughout the whole race. supporters cheer all the way and you honestly end up enjoying  yourself so its not something you should b frightened of, should all try one in next couple of months and see what i mean. ;D

  • Thanks K! image I've done the race for life, but that's not a 'race' in any sense... I have seen a race I'd like to try, but it's 5 miles, which seems a loooong way! Maybe I will pluck up courage and go for it.. not quite ready to enter yet though!

    Maamalade, I went go karting with my husband once, I was so crap, I wrote off a go kart! I just drove straight into the tyres! I'm not the best driver tbh, and it wasn't really my thing...
  • So so busy in work....who said january was quiet.k if you pm me your e-mail ill forward i onto you later.hope your all enjoying your sunday off image
  • Had my sausage barms for breakfast lol just need to now digest it then run as far as i can hopefully. Anyone else running today?
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