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  • Lou - http://www.go4awalk.com/hill-skills-and-navigation/index.php navigation skills online.... Saturday could be a challenge, clearly scouts and cadets was a lot longer ago than I realised!!! Going to need to find some time to brush up on one's skills

    Good news is that I think I still know where my compass is!

    Chilli - Holiday sounds great, i wish my lot would camp!!!

    Tottenham and back sounds good, is it safe? I'm looking to perhaps run through Trent park into the wide blue yonder on saturday, looks like beyond trent park there's plenty of other green stuff I just need to find the paths on map/phone (mental note must get emergency back up phone charge thingy) BUT I'll only be trying that if the weather is good

    Night everyone! image
  • See you there Chilli image
    I do the South Downs mara every year. It's a local for me. It's beautiful. The organisation around the finish area makes it great for families.
    You can go as foot passenger to Isle of Wight quite cheaply and then use their comprehensive bus service to cross the island if you want to. It's very pretty and the beaches are nice.

    Hope all the sickness has finished during the night and that everyone got some well deserved rest.

    Dunno about you guys who plan your long runs around a mars bar from Sainsburys... in the summer I plan mine around pubs and stop off for a shandy (for the energy top up!!). They always refill my bottle or camelbak for me as well (with water!!).

    Have a good day everyone. Stay well.
  • mmorrning allllimage.....hope everyone perkier this a.m....bit chilly so cover those nips up lads!imageimage...limper i could just drink a nice cold shandy nowimage

    chili...tht sounds a lovely marathon,i wish i had more trail routes to do here..i really loved highclere because of the terrain...NDW looks very off the beaten track so i cant wait for tht one.your 20mile route sounds good chili, i hate going anywhere near cars/roads so tht sounds lovely.

    gastank, thanks for the app info..will have to test it out. im thinking of trying to do an LDWA event around april time to get used to mapreading etc...anyone fancy doing one wiv me? varying lengths, and about 5-8 quid to enter. mix of walkers/runners...and always cake at CPs!!!image.....no time pressure either!

  • Morning all. Feeling a bit better this morning. I feel asleep in the bath last night so OH packed me off to bed.
    Jude, I am a bit younger than you. In fact, I think I am the youngest on here image
    South downs is local to me too. I'm the other end of the county to limper. Let me know if you want any suggestions of places to visit. There are some great places that are free (!) and of course gunwharf keys for shopping image
    Loula, my daughter did orienteering in PE yesterday
  • morning everyone!

    got up and did another 3 miles today, foot slightly niggly but much better than yesterday so feeling really positive!image. Will take it fairly easy for the rest of this week, then back into building my training up for my first marathong - Sussex on 1st April - Jude can you add that to the list?

    Hope everyone has got better from sickness etc! ecky - not surprised you are cross about that, I would have gone mad! So irresponsible.

    would love to do a LDWA event but my navigation skills are zero and I think they can be quite hardcore, can't they? My son is in cubs so he might be better at the navigation than me - although I don't really think they do much of that until he gets into scouts.

    oh, better get on with work!

  • good morning allimage

    hope youre not poorly Loulaimage and great sounding holibob planningsChili.I love cold mars bars Gas but dont eat them these daysimage

    I'm still at the stage where 20 mile training runs sound impossible for me to do.but have to say 3 months ago 5 miles would seem that too.I love the trail runs with my runny club too the pavements are ok but trees and woods are just lovely running through.

    A rest day for me today into the office soon for a day of meetings and a free lunchimage

    I am planning runs on Saturday before my visit to Tottenham and also Sunday early doors. I am hoping the tight spint shorts that i have bought will help the sore thighs i get when running with normal shorts.

    Have great days people.

  • Morning all!

    Just a quick one!

    DJ - I'll take your races off the list for January.  So sorry you won't be able to run them but you are right to give yourself a chance to get your fitness back properly.

    Mathschick and chili - I will add your races when I get home.  How exciting!  Chili - my brother lives in Petersfield and it is a beautiful part of the world.  As you know my parents live on the Isle of wight and as a foot passenger it is cheap to cross over especially on a day trip.  (Can't remember how much though and it is 18 months since I went.) 

    Phantom - Have a good rest day.

    By'Eck - Glad you are feeling a bit better today.

    Loula - Oh no!!  Hope you aren't any worse today.

    Bell's ringing, gotta go!

    Have a good day everybody else.


  • Morning

    Good news mathschick that you could run again today.

    Well, Smidge is much better. And annoucing she is hungry image. So I reckon it was just a very quick acting bug and all finished now.

    Was so excited last night I couldn't sleep and when i did I dreamt of running all night. Lol! I do that a lot.

    Limper - that is great! So i'll see you there. image I'm going to use it as a training run for the North Downs 50. Although I have a woodland route near here which is twisty and turny, that is about the only trail route I've found so far. I also have another marathon on 1st July so I shall take the South Downs Marathon easy.

    Byeck/Limper/Jude - thanks for the info. We'll have fun finding places to visit.

    Gastank - I ran the Lee Valley tow path quite a lot last summer. I never encountered anything to make me afraid. There was once nervous moment when I was stopped by three big guys who were surrounded by beer cans. But it turns out they were having a day trip out and just wanted me to take a photo of them. There are always people running, walking, cycling along the path. Hope you enjoy the run through Trent Park on Saturday.

  • Morning

    Hope all the sickie peeps are feeling better....Loula...I so hope you are not coming down with anything...

    Phantom....don't fret about folk going on long runs..as you said 3 months ago you thought running 5 miles was a no goer and now look at you..out running 5 miles most days..who knows where you will be running in another 3 mths time.....every extra mile we run is such an acheivement....so well done you...

    Mathschick...glad you got out your run and your foot seems on the mend..well done.Enjoy cake day at work..thats a brill idea.....

    Oooo Chilli.....thats a fantastic suggestion from your hubby.............you will have a great time i am sure and thats great that the girlies get to do an event as well.

    DJ...such a shame your still feeling under the weather and hope your back to your full fitness soon. how's the new job coming along?

    Jude...Hope you have a good day at school.

    Ecky...How are you today???? I am not surprised you were annoyed about the sickness. some people just don't think do they....very irresponsible....

    By Eck...How long were you sleeping in the bath for...LOL...Hope your feeling better....

    AF..you running with the ladies this morning??

    Gastank...Have you started your mara training for May or are you just using that mara as atraining run for your other stuff that you have lined up.

    Well I went to gym this morning 1st time this year...I did my weights etc...I am sure I will suffer tomorrow...LOL....Also did a short 3.38 miles just to keep the legs turning over....They felt remarkably fresh after my longish run yesterday.....

    Have a good day everyone.......and its FRIDAY.............Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Anyone up to anything fun this weekend? I am supposed to be doing club hill run on sunday morning...weather permitting of course as there has been snow on the tops of our hills....

  • Ooops Hi Chilli...didn't see you there.........Glad wee smidge is feeling better and that she wants to eat...that's agood sign.image
  • afternoon, all..gosh a lot of chatter has gone on this morning!..chili thats great you will run with limper..what run is it? i get all excited too when i keep thinking of summer and the trainingimage

    by'eck are all well now in your household? ecky too? are they back at school?

    gastank, i found 2 really squashed mars bars in the bottom of one of my run bagsimage looks fine though so i'll keep em for the marathonimage

    phantom..you are lucky with your free lunches-wish my boss did tht!!

    franny, you are going to in such good shape by may for your mara..have you a time in mind? the weather is better here today, much less windy, is it ok up in scotland?

    AF, have you got any pics for us yet?

    jude , i am ok i think-not 100%, felt all fuzzy headed today and just tired..hope i dnt get full blown coldimage

  • Afternoon all,

    Been off air for 24 hours and see loads and loads of posts so hopefully I haven't missed anything. I see there is a lot of illness around so hopefully everyone and their familes are ok and coping.

    LLB-HELP!!! I can't get work out the pictures AT ALL I AM USELESS AT TECHNOLOGY!!! Please can you cut and paste some that you found on the Trionium Knacker Cracker for me. PLEASE PLEASE and you can misbehave all weekend!! image I am in No's 8,101,160-1,289 & 503 please select the most Dean like ones!!! image Thanks. What distance have you aimed foe this weekend?Also congrats to Miss LLB you must be a proud Mummy?

    Mathschich-Well done on your 2 3 milers. Any distance is good and gets miles under your belt. This time of the year weather can be so pants that short sharp runs may be all that is possible.

    byeck-please to here that the household is getting better.    

    Phantom-Well done on your gym session. I have a hear rate monitir with my Garmin but never wear it? Do you find it comfortable?

    Franny-Hi. You have a great memory- I ran with the ladiis this morning and did 6.5 miles and am running with them again on the South Downs on Sunday for a 11.5 mile run.

    Chilli- South Downs Martahon also incorperates a 1/2 Marathon so may be up for that as Petersfield is only 45-50 minute drive for me. Am doing another 1/2 on the Downs in May as well.

    Jude-Brokeback Mountain I am sorry was not for me. I found it rather boring and the subject wasn't really my cup of tea!!!!

    Hi to limper,DJ,Ecky etc etc....... 

  • hello AF, yes boss i will go now and look for your pics....does tht gain me brownie points?image*polishes halo*

    ...im felling a little rough today, was going to do 6miles after school but am thinking id better nt wreck myself...tomorrow i think i will do 13 and 15 if feeling okimage

    chili........*sidles up to chili cautiously*...i know we havnt done NDW50 yet but if we do ok, then shall we go for ndw100 next year?image

  • LLB-Yes you will get brownie points and can misbhave & trash Littlehampton and find Spartak!!  

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/8.jpg


    da boss..in flight mode............

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/503.jpg


    AF, this is you isnt is boss? i forgot to ask your race number !! the numbers you gave me didnt correspond with wht i was looking at so i just scrolled through until i found who i thought was you!!image
  • guys, when are you doing these south downs mara thingys in may etc? im stuck for ones to do in june and juky and need a taper run for the 50miler in august....let me know whn and where and i could make it down for either a HM with the boss or full mara with you girlsimage

  • Thanks LLB that is me. So please take me through again how you post these!!!! Naughty behaviour allowed this weekend. image The Three Forts 1/2 is on 6/5 there is also a full marathon & the South Downs once is on 9/6. Would be great if you could enter one of these. I am definetly aiming to enter the 6/5 one and will be running 11.5 miles of the course on Sunday & hope subject to Mrs AF approval the 9/6 one as well.
  • ok...i went to the website with your pics, right click the pic and 'save picture as'...this should then send it to a file on your p.c ie a oicture gallery where you would normally upload your photos.

    then come back to RW and click on the tree icon aboveimage

    this then gives you 3 tabs...select 'from your computer'.

    then select'browse'

    from there go to your gallery/pic folder on your p.c and choose the pic you want to uploadimage thats it.

  • Thanks it seems to all go wrong at the browse stage on my laptop and don't have atree icon on my mac!!!! I will give it another go on my laptop.
  • what icons do you have other thn tree?

    the browse option should take you to the 'select file' part that is normally on your desktop/homepage....

  • Hi all a bit late joining the thread but have got a couple of 5k runs under my belt this week this year is definitely about going further as I got a place at London so however I get round I will have a marathon PB image in the meantime I have the Alsager 5 next month then the Wilmslow half at the end of march.

    Oh and cakewise Morrisons cream filled choc muffins are my weakness closely followed by the Ginger cake that was given out at the end of a race I did last year
  • Hi jshrew and welcome. You will enjoy this thread.

    LLB-The icons I have are b I U link image- nothing happens when I press on image.
  • hello jshrew!!*waves*image...fancy popping over my way from Bucks and doing some looooonggg runs?

    boss, i dunno thenimage...you have a different set up to mine then..but i am more thn happy to post any  future  race pics  etc on here for you of you let me know where they are and whenimage

  • good evening guys and welcome jshrewimage

    Hiya Loula and AF

    I wore my monitor strap for the first time at the gym but it feel ok and ill run with it tomorrow.

    My trainer wants me to wear it all the time including racesimage he reckons i should run using my heart rate zones as a mark

  • Hey jshrew! Welcome. It's always good to have new cake loving runners.
    Loula,your pic makes me think of summer image I only have the options AF describes but I use my phone
  • oh yes and its the WEEEKENDDDDDDDDDDDimageimageimageimageimage
  • Lovely photos boss! image

    Oooo this is getting fun! Is the 9th June going to be a CRAC Team outing. Here is the link Loula. I deffinitely think you should come and join us and your little Miss can play with mine too. South Downs It will be a perfect training run for the Ultra. and there is medal and t-shirt. Limper I've done a race with this event organiser before too and it was very well put on. We will have to have cake to celebrate! image Byeck - if you're not up to the the half marathon there is a 5k race too. And my hubby and kids will be around to play with yours. So why don't you join us since you live so close?

    Jude I don't supose that is the time when you are coming home from Turkey is it? If so then you could run the marathon with us ladies! image

    What a happy thought - it's distracting me from yet more bad news from my girls school... My twins are going to have 4 teachers covering their class this term image. My big girl has 2 teachers on job share and both are pregnant again and going on maternity leave at Easter. In the 3 years we have been here they have been messed around every year.

    Hi Jshrew - welcome! Great to have you join us image

  • sorry geographically ineptimage Chili where are the south downs?
  • hi jshrew

    phantom - I started using my hrm this autumn and now use it on every run. Ok, now I run almost every run as a slow run, but using it does make me stay at the right level of effort for 'slow', and when I have done tempo runs, intervals (not very oftenimage) it has also guided me to the right level of effort. I wouldn't be without it. I ran my last half marathon in it, but totally ignored what it was telling me and ran much harder than normal (probably why I have had ankle problems I imagine). I was very chuffed to have been able to run at >85% for the whole half though, never thought I would be able to do that.

    Now, just have to remember that if I want to race hard I need to do some training at race pace as well!!

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