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  • that sounds like sense maths lolimage

    I put that on because AF asked but its great that you use one too.hows your fitness today?

  • oh chili - bad news about the teachers! I am guessing they are at primary? I know how disruptive it can be, hope the supply teachers are good ones.

    Wishing I lived in south now so I could join you all in June!!

    cake today at work was nice - a sponge with pink stuff on from the cheesecake shop and mince piesimage. Slightly disappointed at the lack of home cooking, but it is the first week back and we are all shattered. Nothing else gets us through the week better than the thought of 'cake friday'!

  • Hi all!

    Welcome jshrew! I like your cakes! Well done for getting a London place.

    Phantom - those straps are surprisingly comfortable aren't they.  I didn't really understand what I should do with the info though.  I keep meaning to read up on it.

    AF - great photos.  Looks like a bloomin steep hill! Well done with that. And the convict's costume looks fab. (I couldn't copy my race photos either - but mine were copyright.)

    Loula - Are you taking lots of vit C and echinacea? (sp?)  I'm sure having today as a rest day was a good idea.

    This evening I did another 5.33 mile run with hubby who has started to talk about joining me for the Istanbul marathon in November!  We both have plenty of time to train.  He is already talking about how he will train when I'm in England in the summer and he is here alone.  image

    Well, a busy weekend awaits.  My 7 year-old son has his first swimming competition tomorrow and Sunday. He is very excited.  Daughter has swimming training and then will go to her best friend's house for a birthday sleepover.  Somewhere in the middle of that I'm going to try and run but it may not be possible.

    Anyway hope to be back later.....

  • foot feeling loads better - the massage the physio gave me seems to have worked wonders, still not 100% but really feeling more positive. Struggled a bit in terms of 'feeling fit' because I am so tired after just a couple of days back at work! I think it is the lack of sleep and having to get back into the routine! However, didn't really feel as if I was struggling either

    bumped into the mum of one the kids' friends and had a chat about running - seems she is as slow as me and wants to do a triathlon - they do a couple of sprint triathlons in my town, based at the local leisure centre so may target one for the end of the summer for  a bit of fun, would be nice to do it with someone as slow as me. I think I will go and watch one first to see what people do in transition. I wouldn't want to waste time in transition but am very aware of the need to be wearing a sports bra when I am running!

  • Jude - sounds like an exciting weekend ahead

    If you go to the training section on here there is a lot about heart rate training and what to do with the info

    I do find that mine digs in and rubs on the flesh between my ribcage on long runs, have bought some bodyglide to try to combat this!

  • good news re the footimage
  • jude, you and hubs are doing so well!! thats be great if you were here in june for the south downs...im very tempted as itd give me a bit of insight in time for the 50miler...chili, im being a bit think here but im assuming the north and south downs are similar in terrain????image or am i being REALLY thick and they are very different?image

    gosh thatd be great time of year to do another mara AND with come of the CRAC team tooimage

    jude , i havnt taken anything except paracetamol..will be ok im sure. just feel a bit off colour, and i suppose ive started worrying i wont be ok for the mara nowimage.....am really excited about it and just want to do it now though!! *boingy*

    hope you manage a weekend run jude, sounds like a fuly packed weekend for you all!

    chili, miss llb has got 2 teachers this term and i find it really annoying. i never know from one day to the next who it is between the 2 ....and then if one is off there is a stand in which means 3 teachers! ....daft

  • Sorry, it took me such a long time to write my message (lots of interruptions) I missed loads of messages imbetween.

    Chili - bad news about your girls' teachersimage As Mathschick says, I hope the supply teachers are good.

    Mathschick - I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things soon.  The beginning of term is always a bit of a shock for me.  Here in Turkey we only have 2 terms and they are about 19 weeks long.  The summer holiday is 3 months for the kids though!  For teachers it's only 6 weeks as we have to come back for seminars etc (Big waste of time!!) but I suppose we are getting paid for that.

  • I don't come to England until 21st Julyimage so I won't be able to run the marathon with you.
  • 22.01.12          Gloucester Marathon (LLB)

    13.02.12          Valentine’s run Southwater (AF)

    19.02.12                   Brighton HM (AF)

    22.02.12                   Tunbridge Wells HM (Spartak)

    04.03.12                   Eastbourne HM (AF)

    04.03.12          Frank Harmer Memorial 10K (Phantom)

    04.03.12                   Steyning Stinger HM (Spartak)

    05.03.12          Chichester Priory 10 K (AF)

    11.03.12                   Bath HM (Matt)

    17.03.12          The Mighty Deerstalker Night Race 10K and then some… (Gastank)

    18.03.12                   Surrey Tempest 10 mile (AF)

    01.04.12          Sussex marathon (Mathschick)

    ? April             Bursa 15K (Jude)

    15.04.12                   Brighton Marathon (Spartak)

    15.04.12                   Rock and Roll HM Edinburgh (Franny)

    29.04.12                   MK Marathon (ByEck)

  • 06.05.12                   Three forts HM (AF)

    13.05.12          Votwo Kamikaze The final sortie (AF)

    27.05.12                   Edinburgh Marathon (Franny + Gastank)

    27.05.12                   Northants Ultra 35 (LLB)

    09.06.12          South Downs Marathon (Chili)

    01.07.12                   Marathon leg of Outlaw Ironman Nottingham (Chili)

    11.08.12          NDway ultra50 (LLB + Chili)

    19.08.12                   Isle of Wight HM (Jude)

    22.09.12          JW Ultra (LLB)

    ? Sept              Maidenhead HM (Angel)

    21.10.12          Great Birmingham HM? (Ecky)

    21.10.12          ABO Marathon (LLB, Spartak, Chili, Franny, Angel, ByEck, Matt, DJ)

    11.11.12          Istanbul Eurasia Marathon (Jude)

    Nov                 Druids (LLB + Chili)

  • Jude Yazicilar wrote (see)

     Here in Turkey we only have 2 terms and they are about 19 weeks long.  

    I really can't imagine teaching for 19 weeks without a break! Aren't you exhausted?
  • Which reminded me to put the amended race list up...Any other changes or additions, folks?
  • Mathschick - absolutely! but only 2 weeks left...
  • Loula, I'm really hoping that they will be similar terrain! And I know you are very keen to extend the miles, but in the interests of this thread title 'Just a little bit further' do you think we could start with the 50miles Ultra's before attempting 100! image lol. But seriously Loula I think you could do it if you chose to build up that far. I don't think I could. Physically or mentally. I really hope to do the Druids two days of 30 miles each. But I am going to struggle to fit in the training for the Ultras this year, I can't see that I could ever manage to do the training for 100.

    Phantom - the south downs are inland but run paralel to the south coast from Winchester to Eastbourne That's where the marathon what we're talking about will take place just north of Portsmouth.

    The North Downs Way begins at Farnham, Surrey and makes it's way across countryjust south of London until it reaches the coast at Folkstone and then does a big loop round to Canterbury. To my mind they are both very south but one more east and the other west, but there you go....

    Hope you have a good weekend Jude. And all the best to your lad for his first swimming competition.

  • ive a few jude just finishing my soup and ill post themimage
  • Jude - please can you put Limper down for the South Downs Marathon too image
  • Jude - I had forgotten I have entered the Sheffield HM on 27 July - will be my first 'mass' event - I have tended to stick to the small local ones before so I might love or hate it, but I bet I won't be alone at the back, and for once won't be one of the last finishers!

    I have my eye on other races, but want to tackle the 'big one' before committing to the others!

  • brill hilly 10k 1st April

    maxifuel 10k dorneylake windsor 15 April

    Stockley Park 10k 20 May

    Grand Union Canal half marathon 11 Nov.

    Thank you  Jude

  • mmm, forgot to say that I went for a run today! Cooked dinner but left hubby to dish it up so I could get my 5 miles in.

    Now I need to get off the forum and start the work I couldn't do this morning cos I was playing with Smidge.

  • well done youimage
  • South downs is a bit hillier from my recollection but a lot will depend on the route. All equally beautiful. Whether you run north or south downs, you will be spoilt for views! We live in an amazing part of the country.
    Desperately hoping for a run tomorrow. Had a lovely walk after school with little miss today and definitely feeling better image
  • Hmm, I have decided I need a race between now and Milton keynes. I enjoy trail running and multi-terrain stuff but think I should get some experience of road racing. Any suggestions guys?
  • I can't even pretend to keep up with all the posts on this thread so please forgive me if I continue to not respond to everything that is said!
    I manage a skim read and pick up on the gist of things though!

    To those with primary school nippers suffering non-continuity of teachers I sympathise. My limpettes had rubbish secondary teaching (not rubbish teachers per se, just badly administered) but I believe they survived it due to their excellent primary base.
    On the subject of school etc., I will be off forum-land most of the weekend while I transport #1 back to uni. #2 went back last week. Then I shall be a lonesome frog again image

    I recall reading once that South Down mara is about the third hardest southern marathon. I've done Beachy Head and that was tougher!
    OK - just checked my garmin and it was nearly 5000 ft of ascent at SD last year!
    Sounds like there will be a few of us there this year. Meeting beforehand works well as does communally lying around in the sun at the finish line! I'm happy to keep other slow people company throughout (just under 5 hours last year, road mara times approx 4.5 hrs).

    By 'eck - is it you that lives in Hampshire and when did you want an event? I know of a few in the New Forest.

    There's probably been another billion posts since I started typing this message!
  • Just noticed that my edited bit didn't add on for some reason.
    Anyway, it was for Mathschick...

    Triathlons - wear your sports bra for the swim.
    I've done some leisure centre based sprints and the general method seemed to be, swim in sports bra and cozzie (assuming you don't have a tri-suit), slip running shorts and top straight over your wet stuff in transition 1, plus shoes and crash hat obviously, then just lose the hat in transition 2. Some ladies cycled in their swimming stuff and added running kit in T2, I guess that's just personal choice for how much you want on for the bike and what the weather is like.

    Nightnight all.
  • 3.2 miles d&d. Started feeling a bit achey so cut it short. Did get asked by 2 police officers in a squad car if I was ok because I went from doing some fartleks to walking image
  • Morning!

    Well done Byeck image

    Off to Parkrun this morning.

    Happy Running everyone!

  • Good morning gangimage

     The lads could have given you a lift home by'eckimage mind you if two police officers saw me in my all black outfit complete with cape and mask they would probably arrest meimage

    4.5 miles with 2.5 miles slow and 2 miles faster a la schedule.Nice out there not too cold guys.

    Off to watch footy later.

    Have a great morning friends.

  • Certainly not cold out there. I was overdressed in my layers, hat and gloves.
    Well, children mucked up my plans for post run essentials - like changing and showering. Does anyone else have to be 'supervised'?
  • morning all

    limper - thanks for the transition info - doesn't your wet bra chaff when you are running or has it normally dried off from the bike ride by then?

    well, no run for me today, but going to do spinning and a bit of gym work, better get ready actually

    have a lovely day everyone

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