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  • Aftwenoon,

    Oh dear I have been watching the local news and have discovered that there has been rioting in Littlehampton-apparently a gaggle of ladies have been running around and trashing the place...what has been going on? image

    Mathschick- I like that film 28 days later- don't mind a bit of horror every now an then. It's good that your children are keen on exercise. Well done on your 6 miles today. 

    Chilli-Well done on the success of the Park Run. Well done on No 2 for her PB. Which Wildlife Park did you go to?

    LLB-Thanks for analysing my running style. Don't panic about your Marathon you will be fine and will be quicker than you think under race day consitions. You will do us proud.

    Jude-1.79 miles is better than 0! Do hope your youngest is ok? Well done to your son with his swimming. I am very envious with you lot who get there children to do sport I really struggle with my children and step children. 

    Phantom-Well done on your 3 miler.

    byeck- I am not sure we should be encouraging LLB with googling AF lookalikes!! How about finding some nice ladies for us blokes? 

    Well I have had a lovely hilly run upon the Sussex Downs mega hills overr 1120 feet of hill climbs and 11.63 miles run. May do the same next weekend.

    Hi to everyone hope you are all having a good day.... 

  • jez bragg??? *goes off to google*
  • AF - my eldest would love to just spend his time playing computer games or watchng telly - sometimes it can be a struggle to get him up and out. Just before xmas he asked to join the gym, so he joined and I have said I'll give him £1 if he goes 3 times in a week, so there is some financial motivation for him there! (he still sees £1 as being a lot of money - god help me when he gets to secondary school!). Youngest is really active though and no problem to get him doing things.

    feet up more or less for the rest of the day and tomorrow is rest day anyway - no cross training either, just work. Will massage affected area later

  • by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
    Pst, loula, is the boss around?
    Google jez bragg image

    well...i had a look, he is ok and a nice boy but..i prefer Dean, he is more my type lol..image

    AF, glad you had a good run and franny too, sounds like they were both hilly and fun!..Boss, your run style is obviously ok for you be keeping the speed you have!....im not sure i want to be faster on race day this time or i may crash n burn. image

    thanks mathschick for pepping me up, i hope i do make the cut off point in time, the info on the website keeps changing regards to start/finish points etc...and we also have to collect wrist bands on the 3 laps round like they do in tris so they know you have been around correctly...the map is looking more and more complex as there is a 50k ultra on the same route starting same time!!

    jude, thats great about the swims...hope you get out of the homework. no hope for me imafraid as little miss llb will only do it if pushed. they have rather a lot i think for 8years old!

    jude, i guessing jez is maybe the kind you like? not too bulked up with muscleimage

  • morning all, managed 6 miles today, but not exactly pain-free, so worried now about being able to build up for the marathon

    loula - you will be fine with that cut-off! My last hm, they said there was a 2:30 cut off time and then the marshals etc wouldn't be there, I knew I wouldn't make it in that time, but actually the marshals were all there and there was no problem! The finish line was still there too - thank goodness!

    If you are worried and need to know in terms of distance etc, why not try emailing? I am sure they will be able to give you the info to put your mind at rest.

    phantom - well done!

    Jude - hope the little one is ok

    hello to everyone else

  • *pops head out from bush* Pssst Loula..............how did I get here.

     Honest Loula you will be fine for time. Those things used to scare me saying you get dragged in if you not fast enough. I really dont think you have anything to worry about.

     Hi everyone.I need to catch up. Did notice the lovely piccies on the other page  of Da Boss of course.Nice Stripes Boss.

    Well I am sticking to my diet this week with not being able to run.I am having lots of veggies and tbh I feel very healthy at the mo. Big Girl is making a Pavlova for pudding tonight topped with vanilla Yoghurt and Summer berries. I am really looking forward to it as it smells so good.She made  the merangue herself too bless her with no help from me.

  • Wow AF....your run sounds good too....was it a muddy one Boss ???? Was very muddy on my run.....well done..............image I can't wait to do it again..will miss it next sunday as i will be working......Oh and i was a good girl.....polishes halo...i was not out on the town last nite so can't comment.....image on who was there and what tey got up to.......imageimage
  • i dont really know Jude but there is quite a lot of early speed work and the milage does build up over the 8 week scheduleimage
  • aw ecky, your big girl is quite the littlechef isnt she? bless her..miss llb does do a bit of baking but usually mum ends up finishing etc lol.....

    i can understand cut off for maybe ultra etc as the poor marshalls dnt want to be there for days but if even pacing is the key on a mara i feel its a taad unfair to pressure people to go faster in the first half to make a cut off point..well i can only do my best, no point worrying about it now.image

  • i got up to nuffink...i was just a bit off balance on my shoozimage......trying to run like Karnazes in stillettos doesnt really work.....
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Ecky.............if there is any pavlova left..............can i have an ickle small piece...i love homemade pavlova......yum yum............great your feeling better ecky and sticking to your healthy diet...you will be out running again soon.....so don't despair......
  • franny your pavlova looekd fab in the pic  i remember....i must try it one day. have just been looking at some 2xu shorts and crop top..if i survive the mara i may buy them as a treatimage


  • I thought you would have got them by now You will look fab in them I am not so brave to show my mid riff to the world lol
  • What do you mean If you survive the mara You will be excellent and finish in good time Dont worry image

  • /members/images/659372/Gallery/asics_sprinter_shorts.jpg

    they look good Loula.

    I bought these to stop my sore thighsimage

  • Have you tried them yet Phantom
  • You will look amazing in those Loula. Yeh my Big Girl does love to cook.At least she will be able to fend for herself when she leaves home. image

     I will save you some Pavlova Franny.

  • Aw fanks Ecky i will look forward to it x
  • Franny-It wasn't really muddy at all. Mainly chalk trails-since the Downs have become a National Park they seem to be spending a lot of money on the surfaces. Such a great place to run.Well done on your run.
  • ive worn them a couple of times running they are very comfy and stop my thighs rubbing togetherimage
  • Thats good phantom Are they ones that are good for muscle fatigue ?
  • I'm not sure.They are made by asics are are quite tight so maybeimage
  • Sounds good one AF parts of my run were difficult enough to walk never mind run but we did it Lol My trainers are now black
  • Sounds like it phantom if they are tight
  • Nice shorts and crop top Loula. They'll look really good.  I showed them to hubby who looked very shocked because he thought I was thinking of buying them. lol!

    Phantom - Very nice!

  • ooo phantom they are nice shortiesimage...bet you glide through the dark in them *swoooooosh*........i think i will get the 2xus, they do other colours but i have a nike set like tht in blue and white so i'll go for black i think this time...just hope the shorts arnt TOO shortimage at least they are compression so should hold my wobbly bum in LOLimage

    Aw franny, blimey have you gotta wash your shoozies nowimage..mine are black so i dnt mind if they get muddy cos it doesnt show .

    AF, well done on the run you sgould do the mileage challenge, youd have us southerners well in the leadimage

  • Jude Yazicilar wrote (see)

    Nice shorts and crop top Loula. They'll look really good.  I showed them to hubby who looked very shocked because he thought I was thinking of buying them. lol!

    Phantom - Very nice!

    oh gosh yes jude, you wouldnt be allowed to wear that outfit in your area would you!!image..crikey, what DO you wear when you run in such heat when you have to remain  modestly covered?!!

  • Some women wear vest tops in the summer but when I'm running I always cover my shoulders and I wear shorts just above my knees.  They are tight though so my t-shirts are fairly long and usually cover my bum.  It just saves unwanted attention from strange men. 
  • FrannyT wrote (see)
    I thought you would have got them by now You will look fab in them I am not so brave to show my mid riff to the world lol
    did i forget to mention franny that i will have my spandex tummy girdle control on as well with all that garbimageimage..just to hold it all in so i dont have to breathe in when i run past someone fit lol
  • Jude, I guess lots of kids get really run down towards the end of term. I know my daughter does and thats just on UK terms. It is horrible when it happens. You must be so proud of your son for swimming because he wants to and putting in the extra effort. Good luck to your daughter for her exam this week. Does she get nervous? I only did when I got older.
    Loula, I would love to be able to wear such minimal outfits. I was aware that my top and trousers were parting company on my run the other day. *blushes at the thought*
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