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  • by'eck, i  usually have my tops folded up in winter under my coat as my tum is always so hotimage....will have to be warmer before i go out in those lickle shorts thoughimage
  • But loula, you are a size 0!
  • has to be warm before i bare my tumimage

    ok, heres a guessy game.....whos this?


    ................most of us will remember  him from our teens..........

  • I see da Girlz is at it at again. image

    Hope you're all doing OK.  Soon time for knee massage again - three times a day, for around twenty minutes.  So unbelievably boring!

  • Is that one of the Bros Boys Loula?
  • RR how are you feeling.How long do you have to rest for. Im off tomorrow to get my foot sorted.
  • Ain't got a clue Loula.....I wouldn't have been in my teens...lol......Ecky ...good luck at the docs....RR..good luck with the knee massage...hope it helps...
  • My father in law used to call BROS ...dros....lol.....
  • Before my time loula....
  • LLB-You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AF, take a look at dancing on ice if you want some female eye candy image

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/images_6.jpg

    gastank wrote (see)
    Too easy Luke Goss
    oh pants..you guessedimage...yes its luke...aint bad though is he?...imageimage
  • FrannyT wrote (see)
    My father in law used to call BROS ...dros....lol.....
    LOL franny, they were quite pretty boys though wernt they? i remember when they were noobies in the charts, crikey they were about 17 i think!image
  • Eckytump. wrote (see)
    RR how are you feeling.How long do you have to rest for. Im off tomorrow to get my foot sorted.

    glad to hear it Ecks...let us know what they say..i will have my fingers and toesies crossedimage

    RR, is the knee any better at all yet?

    Boss, i AM behavingimage

  • -Ecky:  I have to rest it for a month and then see doctor again.  Knee massage three times a day for twenty minutes in that time.

    -Loula: Haven't noticed any difference yet, but it's only been a few days.  

    BROS.... ugh.  My sister used to drive me mad going on about them!!  'Drop The Boy'.  Yep.  Drop Both The Boys!!

  • image' when will i will i be faaaaaamous'........oooooo-just for you RR !! LOL


  • SORRY BOSSimage...i will remove da boys in a while....
  • I have come to accept that I may have to rest for a while although that has been a difficult thing to come to terms with. I like to think of worst case scenario then anything else is a bonus.lol.

    Its rubbish isn't it R.R.We will have to just watch this lot and keep the cakes safe.

     Ooh Loula he has aged well. Remember the Grolsch bottle tops on shoosies.

  • Ecky, even those in a team who are on the bench have a vital role to play in encouraging, coaching and supplying the water bottles etc. Oh, and making sure we behave and kick us when we get disheartened.
  • Sounds just like my kind of thing By Eck

    From now on me and R.R will be CRAC support. image

  • No run today (witching trouble) but hoping for one tomorrow.

  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/members/images/676950/Gallery/Reef_Line_Up.jpg


    i've started looking for some cheerleading outfits for the girls, what do you boys think? RR,AF,DJ, Phantom, Spartek (anyone put up the bat signal yet...)

  • Hello everyone (and Chili)!

    I cannot resist a carrot cake- easy on the raisins though. Everything else that is vaguely cakelike comes a very very close second! So, apart from all the running, do we have to eat as much cake to even out the balance? For example, how much cake warrants a 10miler?
  • Lol  *and spluters a bowl of cereal all over the keyboard*. Okay Gastank, I admit I wasn't expecting that!

    Hi everyone. And Welcome Nicole. The lads are getting their own back cos Loula keeps posting pictures of biceps! Please do come in and join the CRAC Team. That's a good questions actually... I'm not sure we've ever tried to measure our cake input.... we just enjoy eating it image

    I have read all the posts, but it's late and I can't remember much. Except that I hope your little un is feeling better Jude and well done again to your middle lad.

    Loula - You will look lovely in that outfit. 

    Did get out for my run which means I've hit my target again of 5 runs this week. Very low mileage though... just 23miles... so why am I sooooo tired? image My plan is one more week of 5 runs/low mileage before beginning to build up my LSR again and then I start my proper training plan.

    And I've had my brother and his girlfriend visiting from Berlin today which has been really lovely.

  • i've started looking for some cheerleading outfits for the girls, what do you boys think? RR,AF,DJ, Phantom, Spartek (anyone put up the bat signal yet...)

    Very nice, Gas. image

    Night, all!

  • I'd be Jaffa cake or banana cake ... Jaffa cos once I start a 12 pack I don't stop or the banana cos I love to make it - also goes down well with work colleagues !

    as for targets ... 1.43 for Watford half Feb 2012 and 777 miles for the year - both set by 10 yr old son

    Thus far this has been my longest stint with this running lark. Thought I was aiming initially to get a half in under 2 hrs ... failed 2 yrs ago by a minute - how rubbish is that ? !!
    anyway now that I can get to under 2hrs I feel I might as well press on to whatever ... I do a run - normally a 3.5 mile lap and sometimes I cant help myself and say - just a little bit further !

    do i need help ?
  • Morning all.

    Hope the weekend went well with you all? Sorry I can't catch up with all the news!
    How are the injuries and sickly children doing now?

    I spent the weekend transporting my off-spring back to uni-land and (not) sleeping on a camp bed in a freezing room for my efforts!

    Tonight will see the re-re-re-commencing of some sort of structured running routine (I won't class it as training!). I'll start off small for a week then see how it's going and how rapidly I think I can build back up to my old distances. I'm not expecting miracles but I have some events that I am determined to do comfortably.

    Have a good day Crac-ers.
  • Morning Folks.....

    HI Limper...your up early..hope ypur re-start to running goes well tonight.

    Hi Nicole and welcome to this rather nice but nutty thread...You to Merlie.

    Chilli..well done on the 5 runs this week.

    Ecky...Good luck with the docs today...let us know how you get on.

    Hi Loula,AF,Jude,Gastank,RR,Mathschick,By'Eck...and anyone i may have missed...sorry

     Just off to gym in a mo and then a run once its light...Oh i can't wait till the lighter mornings arrive again.

  • Welcome nicola and merlie. Glad you both like cake. Hmm, do we need to have an EU style debate on what constitutes a cake?
    Was up very early this morning because one of the cats decided to set up a protest outside our door. Wish I knew what it was about. He's our feral so doesn't normally come near unless he wants food. Couldn't go for a run because husband leaves at 7 to catch his train image
    Jude, how are the children now?
    Gastank, I think our cheerleaders are far nicer (and more natural looking)
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