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  • JUDE, the list is fab and we love having it...keeps us all on our toes!!...am trying to sort out our holiday flights as we are going away in May and i dnt know if i will be back for the northants ultra nowimage...hopefully i will but if not i will try and find a replacement race in june.

    nighty night phantom, enjoy your early run, i will be cuddling my teacup as you are outimage

  • ooh, loula where are you going on holiday?

    night Phantom, hope you sleep well. I think I may go soon too

  • we are going to Crete mathschick, prob around the 16th may so i dnt know if i wil be back for 27th
  • Evening all..

    Wish i could get into my jammies and go to bedimage Ah well just half an hour till i finish...Has been mega busy today....

    Loula..no probs hun you hang on to Deano until after your mara......image

    jude ..we are lovin the list....hope little un is better in the morning.

    Night all

  • hellooo franny...night  night frannyyyyyimageimage

    i am going to bed in a mo, was just checking out the mara course for MK for mr llb...itll be as flat as a pancake...am tempted to do it too but think i will just be a spectator for a dayimage

    jude, crikey there are such a lot of bugs going around, just hoping the rest of us on here escape the germiesimage aw jude portfolios at 4? i thought miss llbs homework topics/presentations were bad enough at 8!! hope you get something for your sons birthday, miss llb has already started planning hers which ismt until middle of May and i think our flight could possibly end up being that day! she is quite excited at the prospect of a birthday in the sunimage

  • ooh, crete sounds nice, never been there. We have switzerland planned for the summer. I love holidays!
  • such  a nice little thread ........
  • ***still searching for mojo!**** grrr and we have sick child too and a very busy week. Will try post tomorrow night team!
  • Morning!

    Another disturbed night but little one is sleeping now.  I just tried to have a shower but there is something wrong with the boilerimage.

    Loula - Crete is lovely, have you been there before?  There is a walk/trek that the king of Greece did in the 2nd world war to escape.  It's quite touristy now but worth doing.  It lasts about 2 hours I think.  (My memory is terrible and I can't remember its name or details etc. but it was about 17 years ago that I went.)

    Gastank - wish your little one better. 

    Have a good day all!

  • Poor little gastank. Hope (s)he gets better soon. You will soon find your mojo.
  • morning all!!! gastank, i am looking for your MOJO...what does it look like? does it wear a little superhero costumeimage*looks outside up in the sky and then in the bushes*...nope ,not there , it'll turn up ...i think everyones mojos are hiding latelyimage mine needs a bit of a fuel injection tooimage.....

    jude, no i havnt been to crete, but have been to Zakinthyos(cant rememeber how to spell that)..and i loved it there. Greek islands and roundabouts are my fave place...i will def look into that walk, we are staying somewhere begining with ' H' -image thats really helpful isnt it ?i will find out the town later.

    gastank, hope little G gets better ...phantom,have you had your run?

    Merlie, good morning, if you are passing nearby my village or vice versa let me know and you can drag me round a trail routeimage

  • Mooooornin.

    Gastank I hope Little Gastank feels better soon.I hate it when the kids are sick.

    Mornin Loula and By Eck.

    Well went Boxing last night and struggled. I had to ask the coach if I could do different exerises to the others at points. He is lovely and gave me the number of the fizz he uses.I will see what the Doc says and if he sends me to a fizz I will just ring this guy up. Coach says he is really good and he works at a local Footsteps clinic.Im sure they did a night at the Athletics Club.

  • good morning everybodyimage

    4 miles at an easy pace.its nice out there guysimage

    sorry to hear of the sick mojo and child  Gastank image

    have lovely days friends.

  • Morning guys and dolls

    Hope all the sick little people get better soon and that gastank you find your mojo...detective Loula is on the case and she is a good finder.image

    Ecky..Hope you get on alright at the docs...thats good your coach gave you a fizz number...at least you will have someone else to get advice from.well done for going out to the boxing....((())))) sending you hugs....Imknow only too well what its like being on that injury bench.

    AF.....Let us know how you get on at the docs too.

    Oooo Loula....Crete how lovely...nice warm sunshine image We are booked up for portugal again but not until late August - September....will give us plenty time to save up....

    Phantom...well done on your run this morning...you obviously have better weather than me.........Brrrrrrrrr

    I went out and did 12.83 mlies Long slow run pace..............but it was rather cold and very breezy although dry........Work for me at 2pm....

    Have a good day everyone image

  • Afternoon all,

    Jude- The race list is great- Please can you remove me from the Eastbourne 1/2 and Chichester 10k as I have substituted these races for the Leith Hill 1/2 which cost an arm and a leg. You seem to be a very bust Mummy at the moment?  

    LLB-I love the Greek Islands went to Crete many years ago. Have you read the book The Island by Victoria Hislop? Great book, based on the lepper colony at Spinalonga which is an island off Crete-worth a visit. We have booked up to go to Centre Parks in Nottingham in August.

    gastank-We are all looking for your mojo-it will be back! Hopefully little gastank is getting better!

    Phantom-Well done on your 4 miler.

    Franny-Well done on your epic 12.83 that is a great workout.

    Hi byec eck,Chilli and other Newbies..l

    Well I went to the Dr's and he did various tests like checking out my reflexes and looked into my eyes. He said that as a fainting on a one off basis and fitting wasn't an everyday occurrence and is referring me to a Neurologist- I am a little concerned as if it happend again driving would be a major major issue. I have to have some blood tests next week. Part of me wishes I hadn't gone so I can forget  about it....now I may have to wait 2-3 months to see a Neurologist- I guess if there is no repeat by then I needn't worry. Luckily I have had no head aches as that could be a great deal more serious.......

    So to calm down I went on a 7.6 mile run in 1 hour and a minute & had a little thibk about things......which will equate to try not to worry.

    By for mow folks............. 

  • AF - I'm sure it's good that you went even though it now means waiting a few more months for all the appointments. But the Doc didn't say you had to give up stuff did he? So you can keep on with life and running?

    Gastank/ Jude - hope your little ones are feeling better.

    Holidays sound nice image

    I did go to bed in good time last night and legs are feeling much better. I got my bike out yesterday adn gave it a clean and pumper up the tyres and so today I did bike ride and swim. Was quite quick on my 50 lengths today. Although the pool was busy cos of the new January swimmers, but it felt good and managed it in just over 35 mins.... which is good for me cos I'm pretty slow at everything

  • boss...i know you are feeling now like you have to wait for yet another appointment but you know what im going to say. its for the bestimagereally,you need to know and be sure everything ok. glad you did a good run to chill afterwards though.

    franny, wowee a long run before work-you are too good! bet you are looking forward to portugal againimage...i will try and do some poledancing shots in creteimageimage....prob get arrested knowing my luckimage

    phantom, you will be superfit by the time your 10ks come around and probably leave me behind at brill hilly!!image

    hope the poorly ones feeling perkier today...its lovely and sunny here and quite mild....i wonder if we can creep quietly through the whole of january with this weather...*shhhh*

  • afternoon everyone

    sitting here icing my foot - I don't think being on my feet all day at work helps as I got home and it was really swollenimage. Couldn't get a dr appointment today either, will try again  tomorrow

    Franny - well done on a long run on a work day!

    Gastank/Jude - hope the kids are getting better

    AF - you know that it is a good thing that you have been to see the dr. If he thought it was serious you would be seeing the neyrologist tomorrow, so hopefully it is nothing.

    Should have been going to band practice tonight, but going to goof off and try to have my feet up as much as kids/OH/chores allow! (I play sax but not very well)

  • Afternoon,

    On a break at work...Aw mathschick..not so good that your foo t is swollen...rest up and get the kids and OH to run after you.

    AF...am pleased you went to the docs and I am sure everything will be fine but best to be checked over by the specialists...try not too worry meantime ...easier said than done i know.....well done on your post doc run...very therapeuitic.

    Chill...well done on getting to bed early and glad you had a good bike ride and swim. I am dreadfully slow at swimming.

    Wonder how Ecky got on at docs??? Hi Loula....Busy day at work for you was it?

    Will try and check in later to see whats happening with the rest of you lovely people.

  • helloooo franny, hope your shift not too busy and you are having a nice cuppa on your break...do you get bleeped during breaks?

    we kind of have our breaks on the go at work, no point trying to stop lol....

    chili im very sloooowww at it all too....swimming? i think im good at sinking  and wearing pink armbandsimage

  • Hi loula....No we don't really have allocated breaks either just take as and when depending on how busy.....don't get bleeped..the phone can just go constantly somedays when i am on an office day...last night was really busy....no time for eating dinner in peace.....tonight seems quieter.....touch wood...

  • Ouch Mathschick image Hope the swelling goes down and you can get it looked at.

    Loula, I may be better at swimming but I reckon you are going to be far faster than me on your marathon image Am so excited for you.

  • ooo chili, i dont think i will be fast at all..in fact i dont want to be...i need to go out slowly just so i can do those last 6 milesimage...had another wibbly moment earlier as a friend/forumite on here told me that some races in gloucester had been cancelled due to new highway legislation!!image..i emailed the organisers and they replied  saying it was still on -phewimage

  • mathschick, yikes that sounds painful if you are icing itimage...staying off it sounds the best thing, hope it improves quickly
  • good evening gangimage

    look after your tootsie Maths sounds not very nice at all you poor thingimage

    no news from Ecky yet re docimage

    well done AF these girls dont understand what a sterling thing it is for a man to actually go to a GP in the first place. He has done the right thing i think sending you to a head man,no pun intended, and its up to you to get every test x ray scan etc going to confirm that this was just a blip and nothing else that might slow down such a good runner.

    i am being a good boy and sticking to my schedule Loula though i do really fancy a run tomorrow too image

    and no i dont think youll be following me up the hillies.I dont like hills and up till now slow to a walk before i hit the summitimage

    Everybody else poorly get better please and everybody else run,swim or bike or all threeimage

  • Hiya,

     Sorry i've been so busy with work and college,i haven't been able to post.

    So back to the song of the day.Tomorrows tune is a Britpop classic.It's Blur and 'For Tomorrow'.

    Still a bit under the weather,but i'm hoping to get back out running in a week or so,then i've got to find a couple of Spring races.

    Jude,I'm thinking of entering the IOW HM as part of my ABO preps.If i do i'll see you there.

  • great tune DJimage
  • Evening gang!

    Thanks for all the well wishing, child still sick but liquid paracetamol doing it's job and keeping temp in normal range

    Mojo still lost, but have had a strong word with my alter ego and we agree to do better tomorrow!

    Lou - "Greek Islands and roundabouts are my faves" - that's good with Mr LLB running the MK marathon, you'll be in your element they have LOADS of ROUNDABOUTS!!!!

    M'Chick hope tootsie gets well very soon

    ... Now if anyone wants a bit of a laugh read the "Socks" thread in the gear section

    Boss - better safe than sorry!
  • socks????????? i will go find it gastankimage

    milton keynes and roundabouts? tell me abt them!! nightmare! MK is only 40min frm here and we go there to shop- BUT - i know one way in...and one route out. ebnd of, i cannot deviate in anyway from that route or am lost in a big wayimageimage......MK can put the fear of god into the most confident of drivers lol.....

    had a brainwave today. we live 20mins if that from Blenheim palace and often go there in summer. at the mo there is a deal on converting a day pass into a yearly pass. past 3 years i have done the ox5run which is 5miles at Blenheim for Oxford childrens hospital. blenheim isnt major hills but there are some good inclines to train on. ive asked mr llb -well told him actually- that we are going to get a yearly pass and then i can drive there ,park up and do some trail runs!! yyyyyyippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeimage *boingy boingy boingy*

    gastank, i think your mojo will be back.

    phantom, a rest day is in order me thinks for you-dont want another injured!!

  • Just back from music rehearsals and I ran there and back.I did get someone to take a change of clothes cos I figured I wouldn't be popular otherwise.
    Mathschick, your foot sounds so painful. Will your OH help out?
    Boss, your GP is getting you checked as a precaution. I do have every sympathy with having to wait though. It's horrible not knowing.
    Hi everyone else. Have I missed the tea trolley? I am parched
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