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  • Nurse Franny and  Loula on the case....*swishes superhero capes*image LOL.....seriously though, AF, please, i mean look now, im sat here surrounded by all me medic booksimage

    limper...you will soon find out that i am THE worst patient ever and despite my job my cabinet has nothing useful if for illness remedy.imagean out of date ibuprofen ratting around at the back-if you are lucky......

  • Welcome Deva!  What half marathon are you going to do?

    Loula - Well done on another 20 miles!  That's brilliant, esp. after a very late night.  When is your marathon?  As I finished my run today I did think to myself that your ultra is over 3 times as long as I ran. Don't think I'll ever be able to do that ...but you never know.  2 years ago I didn't think I would be able to run 16 miles without stopping. 

    Franny - enjoy your dinner and champers.

    Phantom - Excellent time for a hilly 5K!

    Hope AF is OK.  When did he say he'd be back?

  • I come back from church and lunch and find all these amazing messages, including from new people. Welcome everyone!
    Hmm, should we go looking for AF, I hope he is ok....
    Blister is not huge (bout size of 20p) but it is right on the instep of my foot. I didn't think you should POP a blister but I will use a sterile scalpel if loula and franny say it is ok. I was planning a short recovery run but it is proper raining here and I have 2 children tucked up in bed feeling sorry for themselves. (not drunk!!!!!)
    Loula, Turkish tea is great for sore throats. Worked wonders on mine.
  • Lime and coconut for me image

  • Thanks for the welcome.  Am doing my home town half in Chester which is not until May, but I wanted to make my first attempt at my local race and it is flatimage  In the meantime I will be entering a few 10ks over the next few months and will chip in with a few parkruns.

    You don't sound quiet to me loulabellimage

  • oh i amimage*sits quietly*

    by'eck i willl have to try that, it has been sore a few days but i made it worse trying to thrash the males of the NYE gathering we were at playing Nintendo Sport..not tht im competitive or anyfingimage

    i had a blister on same spot by'eck whn i first got my lunarglides..they have quite a high instep and it rubbed , now even though its gone i put a cross shape of plasters over tht area...solved it pretty fastimage

    jude, thank you for your kind words..yes i do sometimes think the same abt the distance.but i have to put it out of my head really, and break it down. my mara is in 3 weeks, depends pretty much on the weather and Gloucester not a million miles but would be a bad enough if icy or snowy and mr llb and miss llb coming too so wouldnt want to drag them out there in it. IF the weather is bad i will just have to find a another mara soonishimage..really my purpose of aiming for end of jan was to push myself over oct/nov/dec and not lose what id built up which has worked and ive done that. your 16 miles is brilliant and yes if you can do that now i reckon you do moreimage

  • Diva Duck Welcome.Honest Loula is sooooooooo quiet *spesh when she is in hiding*

    Ooh lots of cake on here today.Just back from a walk along the canal with the kids so am having a bit of Christmas Cake. Im just so glad all my booze is gone now.

    Franny it was lovely while I was drinking it but I felt a bit rough this morning.Had some Bacon and Scrambled Eggs and felt much better.

    I will go the docs if my self help doesnt work.I just hate the Docs and will avoid it at all costs.

    Hi to anyone else new.

  • ok,we are waiting for AFs report in...and i know he is ok and did the event..phewimage i tracked him down* puts secret spy uniform away now*.....AF, come on in.....
  • Ecky, hope you are ok, i hate the docs tooimage we are soooo stubborn! i still have some xmas pud and im a bit peckish now so think i will use up some cream with itimage

  • Afternoon all,

    Welcome to all of the newcomers Deva Duck,Liz,mathschick- are you a Sussex based runner?,limper & any others I have missed.

    I am somewhat worried that young LLB has already been sussed out as the noisy one!!!!! LOL!

    Ecky-Don't worry about the bad behaviour of last night & don't wsate the wine today and tomorrow are still days off for most of us!

    Jude-well done on your 16 miler that is fantastic.

    Well I am back form my very very hilly race that included 2 hills that were so steep you had to walk up them + one that had 275 down up and then 275 steps up!

    I took it easy and didn't get het up about times- i just enjoyed myself. The race distance turned out to be 7.78 miles and the total climb up hills was 1726 feet- we also ran up part of the hill that they are using for the cycling road race in 2012 & I am sure that I was overtaken by Mark Cavendish on his bike!

    I have no idea whee I finished but the time was a very slow 1.22.08 but bearing in mind the steepness of the hills & I took it easy I am happy with that.

    I do feel fine now....buty, will endeavour to make a dr's appointment on Tuesday....

    Have agreat time everyone....and thanks for all of your concern.....
  • I am stubborn Loula.I have had this problem before and it seemed to go away for a while.I know I have been overdoing it lately as even if I havnt been running then I have been walking miles.I walk so fast too its almost like a jog.

    Wohooooooo you did it Boss.That time was really good too.Hope you do go the Docs.

  • AF!! BOSS !! yay  you did and are back safelyimage  good time and a fantastic 2nd day result for our 2012 results boardimage

    oo um, yes maybe ive been sussed..but i have been a very good girl today and done my miles boss! i was quiet on thoseimage didnt have the energy to talk.....or sing

  • Well done LLB sounds like you have been a good girl. Not sure what you mean about 2nd day result for our 2012 results board- I thought it was still teh 1st day of the year- been on the wine? If not why not?
  • imageoh poopy yes...i meant our 2nd result in 2 days.....by'ecks being the LAST of 2011 and yours being first of 2012image....nope now wine for me today....and prob not anymore for a while...i only had 2 glasses very early eve yesterday....i was at the very leasy consistent on time... my 20 was 3:35 ...same as last weekimage
  • AF - well done today and glad you were ok, but you must go to the dr!

    I am not sussex based - based near Nottingham actually, just picked that marathon because I didn't get into London and it was a good date - beginning of Easter holidays so means I have 2 weeks to recover afterwards!

  • 20 miles in 3 35 is really good sub 4 30 Marathon is in your grasp.
  • Oh there you all are!!

    Happy New Year Crac team!!


  • Deva Duck wrote (see)

    Thanks for the welcome.  Am doing my home town half in Chester which is not until May, but I wanted to make my first attempt at my local race and it is flatimage  In the meantime I will be entering a few 10ks over the next few months and will chip in with a few parkruns.

    You don't sound quiet to me loulabellimage

    Ha ha ha ha!!

    AF - Hope you're doing OK.

    'German Cake' in the oven as we speak! image  A Piece of Cake is a most wonderful thing, in ways some might not have thought of:


    Oh by the CRAC Gods, would you look at that beauty?

    Then there's this:


    Two entirely different types of Cake. image


  • limperlimper ✭✭✭
    I'll take the first example of cake thank you very much RR image

    Loula - that was an excellent run you put in today. I've heard good things of the Gloucester Mara, although wasn't it cancelled last year due to the weather?
    I'm so glad you are a very quiet person - you make me feel less self conscious about my own shyness image

    Well done for your race AF. Sounds like it was a toughy. Which one was it?
    I'm a Sussex girl BTW, even if Mathschick isn't.

    This is a busy thread! Please excuse me not being able to keep up too well. Broadband on the lily-pad can be a bit temperamental!
  • limper where are you from then?

    mathschick- I have never run a marathon aiming to do one when I hit the big 50.....in 2014.....or unless I get persuaded by people on this thread.

    RR- I feel fine now thanks.

    SL- Happy New Year too you too
  • limperlimper ✭✭✭
    By the seaside AF. Not far along from Portsmouth.
    You local to me?

    Wait two years until you do a marathon? Nah, do it this year. Gaw on, gaw on gaw on!
  • limper - I am near Horsham. I want to get my 10k an 1/22 marathon times down before I do a marathon.
  • Loula, I was very brave and sorted out my blister. May I recommend savlon's advanced healing gel for all those running ultras or liable to get cuts, scrapes, sunburn, blisters. It works wonders on kiddies minor bumps too. Almost as magic as calpol image
    Limper, AF, I am north Hampshire. I did my first 10k along the seafront in southsea.
    Mathschick, any chance you are a teacher....
  • limper, it may well have been cancelled due to bad weather indeed...thats why i havnt paid entry yetimage
  • limper the race I did was the Trionium Nacker Carcker starting around Box Hill in Dorking.
  • NOMMY CAKE RR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!imageimage

    I have nearly finished reading my Dean Karnazes book...im in luuurveimage

  • by eck - yes, I teach maths in a secondary school

    AF - I think that is a tough race? Someone on one of the other threads did it in a gorilla suit!

  • Mathschick, it's only teachers that want their races at the start of the holidays. I am planning mine so the kids are at school and I can spend the day recovering!
    RR, that cake looks diet busting. My daughter bought me a huge Christmas pudding yesterday while I was racing. Bless her. I didn't have the heart to tell her I was going on a very strict diet.
  •  I want that Cake. Yummy Yummy.

    Mind you I could do without any more sweet stuff. Just had Chicken Dinner with Syrup Sponge for afters.I am proper stuffed.image.

  • Ooo ecky that sounds like proper winter food. I had spaghetti hoops on toast but was too full to finish it. The diet really needs to start tomorrow...
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