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  • evening all

    gosh, just read through all the posts since 7pm last night and I can't hold everything in my brain! Sorry! It has been a long day at work - 6 lessons straight with no free time and revision sessions as there are lots of exams this month.

    Well, went to see my gp, who is a runner, he isn't unduly worried about the swelling, and has said that maybe the combination of support shoes and orthotics arch supports is too much and to try without the orthotics for a bit and go back to see him in a couple of weeks. He also said not to bother with physio if it isn't helping. Which is good because at £40 a go I am spending far too much!

    So, I have come home really happy as he has told me to run - well, if the dr tells me to do that I have to, don't Iimage.

    Kit ready and alarm set for the morning. I willl be sensible and do no more than a couple of miles.

    He seems to be of the opinion, and I know this can be controversial, and not everyone agrees, that too much support can be counterproductive. He said he moved to less supportive shoes and all his niggles went away. He hasn't gone down the 'barefoot' road, but is just wearing a trail shoe.

    So, my plan is to spend the next couple of weeks running on the days I would normally run but only doing a few miles, but will keep up the spinning/cross training etc. I am sure losing all the excess weight I am carrying will help

  • oh, and chocolate chip scones with cream and nutella sound amazing.....

    oh to read the sock thread

  • Byeck - you inspired me to make a nice pudding. We had apple pancakes with chocolate sauce (am using up the excess christmas chocolates!)

    Mathschick - that is really good news image

  • the dr told me he had done the same hm as me in December - just looked up his time 90:20 on a pretty hilly course! Just hope he doesn't go and look up my time...
  • Mathschick, you have a GP who runs? Mine just smiles in that favourite uncle way when asking about my running. I am so pleased you can get back out there. Just take it easy for a week or 2 (so you can enjoy it!)
  • (eats humble pie) just discovered my GP is a triathlete image
  • yeah, I know I won't make the marathon in April, so will focus on 'rehabilitation' and getting fit. Hopefully I will be fine for the HM in May - and it is a 'mass participation' event (5500 I think) so doesn't even matter if I do a run/walk there as there will be loads of other slow people.

    Just hope it doesn't get worse! 

  • by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
    (eats humble pie) just discovered my GP is a triathlete image
  • He doesn't look capable. Unless he is lying on his biog page for the surgery. Drs never lie, do they?
    You will soon get your fitness back
  • evening all ,

    all this talk of food made me feel hungry so just polished off 2 steak rolls : ) ... sorry but its my tea time .... working night shift till 6am.

    My Dr is a season marathon runner .... but not being a sick person or injury prone person I don't have to see him that often.

    and cakes .... got me thinkin . I think I will knock out a real banana cake when I resurface in the morning.

    do I count it as a double outing if I did a 14 miler early afternoon then did an hr of footy early evening ?

    Still yet to replace twin ply sock ( I feel I'm in danger of it all kicking off again !)

    oh and .... sore nipple ....
  • Erm, merlie, dare I ask how you.managed to hurt a single nipple?
  • by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
    Erm, merlie, dare I ask how you.managed to hurt a single nipple?

    by'eck i must inform  you and merlie of the correct and medical and CRAC terminology for nipples that are in distress...its 'nipperoonies' and i think you will find that the Boss and DJ have indeedy suffered the sore niperoony fate and will administer guidance in due course.........i am not qualified on the sore nips situation(thank goodness) prob due to not enough bounceageimage.....

  • Was it tonight franny was going to her running club? All the days are rolling into one another at the moment.
  • Evernin all.

    Sorry not been on much but Im afraid for once that I am feeling a bit sorry for meself.

    Docs today confirmed that I have PF but I need an x-ray to make sure I dont have a Heel Spur or even a Stress Fracture.

    He said I could still run on soft surfaces..........mmmmmm where have we heard that before.

     I just have to wait for appointment to come through and then he will give me some exercises and then refer me to a Fizz.

    A.F glad you went Docs. I know its a stress but its better in the long run.

  • Awww Ecky image sending hugs.

  • morrrningggggggggggg! *whispers*...i got a sore croaky 'froatimage........

    ecky, will all be sorted y'know...can you still do track run as thats not as hard as tarmac?

    hello phantom, how was dentist? are you running this a.m?

    franny, hope you got on at club run okimage was it hill sesssion?image im looking forward to getting our Blenheim passes sorted so i can make the most of running around the groundsimage

    chili...how are you feeling? less tired? i know now how you felt in the last few weeks before your mara, my bod was getting tired too. am trying to give myself a rest now for last 10 days or so. will do a run tonight hopefully, one on sunday and thn v short on tues perhaps.

    have a good day all !! lou x

  • Ecky - I really feel for you. Did the GP give any idea how long it would take? Running round playing fields (especially when rugby/football practises are going on) can be good fun.
    Loula, I thought we could wear little mice costumes for your Gloucester mara.we just need to practice so we don't trip over each others tails.
    Boss, can we set up a mojo lost and found section? I have found my mojo but have no chance to run. Perhaps someone could use my mojo/healthy feet and legs.
  • morning allimage

    I guess if one of us has to be injured Ecky then January is the best timeimage Then when the weather is getting warmer and the sun starting to shine you will be all fit and helfy againimage

    No runnings this morning but a hefty gym waiting for me laterimage

    Running round Blenheim Loula that sounds lush image

    I have to miss runny club again this Saturday for footy.Such is life.but an early doors trek might well replace.

    Fine days my cakey friends

  • Morning my friendsimage

    Sorry i didn't get back on again yesterday...you have all been very busy posting and i can't remember the half of it...LOL.....

    Ecky...(((((((.....)))))))) sending you lots of hugs......and hope your injury clears up soon....do they know how long it will take or is it a case of how long is a piece of string????? xxxxx

    Mathschick...on the other hand its good news for you...way hay.....you are lucky to have a GP thats a runner. at least he will understand your need to run..take it easy though in the first few weeks....

    I made it to running club last night...it was a 6.14 miles along a route that they sometimes use as a club race....its 2miles uphill...2miles flat...2 miles downhill......was blowing a hoolie and very cold but funnily enough very enjoyable...had a good moan / chat about the nhs with the lady i was running with...she is a nurse too....we were remembering the good old days when nurses actually had the time to nurse....and how strict it was when we were student nurses.....lol

    Also went to gym this morning and then went out for a short 3.1 miles...off to see my mum in bit....

    Hi Chilli.Jude,Loula,Byeck,Phantom,AF and anyone I may have misssed......sorry there is so many of us and my memory is getting worse......

    Have a good day everyoneimage

  • Morning all,

    Franny-You have been a busy girl- 6 mile runs and the gym. Pleased that you are enjoying your running club- it rally adds a different diemnsion to running.Student nurses. image

    Phanton-Enjoy the gym.

    Ecky- I really hope that you get better soon and can pound the streets. I know that if I was told I could run on soft surfaces I would be getting out in the fields etc!! Mud is soft- have you any trail routes where you are?

    LLB- Is it next week that you break 4 30 for your Marathon? I will be preparing an extra special cheer leading outfit so look out for me around mile 23. 

    byeck-A mojo lost and sound section is a very good idea. So good that you have permission to misbehave this weeknd.  image

    Mathschick- How are things today?

    Hi to everyone I haven't mentioned.

    Managed a slow 5.4 mile run this morning and saw the sun rise over the fields which was nice.

    Club run tomorrow and then maybe on Sunday another battle with the South Downs.

  • Hi all!

    Ecky - Sorry to hear about your PF.  That sucks!  Hope you can sort out some swimming and cycling.  There is no reason to lose fitness or put weight on.  I know it's not the same though.

    Mathschick - Pleased you have permission to run.  Take it easy though.

    Franny - well done on all your training!

    AF - well done on your early run.

    Phantom - enjoy the gym.

    Well I'm back at school after daughter's violin (grade 2) and piano (grade 4) exams this morning. They went fairly well considering music practice is squeezed in after swimming training , homework etc.  We won't know the results for a while (between 2 and 6 weeks usually).  I'm not going running tonight after all.  I really haven't seen my little boy much this week and he is still off school.  Middle boy's 8th birthday today.  We gave some presents this morning but the real celebration will be at the weekend as he has swimming training as usual tonight.  His best friend (who he doesn't see very much because he moved to a different school ) will come for a sleepover and we'll have the cake etc then.

    Have a good day everybody!  Bloomin cold here!

  • image

    afternoon all, enjoy gym later phantom.

    franny, you are very good getting to gym AND run club.... im getting miss llb from school and thn doing a little 6miler, just to keep myleggies working until next sundayimage very sunny here but a bit chilly

    jude hope your liitle lad has a good birthday with his friend and family!! HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY JUDES SON!!imageimageimage

    AF, break 4:30????? i will be lucky to break 5hours!!imagehope you all remember your nip tassles , i will need a laugh by the time im at 20miles me thinksimage

  • Happy birthday Jude's son! Please save us some cake crumbs..
  • Does anyone want to borrow a mojo/reasonable pair of running legs? They are free tonight. Hip is a bit niggley but mojo is fully intact and raring to go.
  • i managed a 7.2 miler this afternoon. was very nice out, got to what i call my hill...except for some of you in hiller parts itd just be a lump in the roadimage, and had a beautiful view across fields and a resevoir..the sun was orange and sparkling off the water..very pretty..image...nice run to keep my legs ticking over
  • HI everyone

    gosh, it takes me ages every evening to catch up!

    ecky - sorry to hear about your injury. Hopefully not a heel spur or stress fracture. Maybe once you have had the xray done and looked at it might be worth seeing a podiatrist - some orthotics might solve the problem. Might be worth getting some kinesio tape and taping your foot. (I have seen it in boots - there is a special foot one) - it stops the PF from stretching so gives it chance to rest and repair. I think that it was the taping that really fixed mine when I had it. At least you are now on the road to recovery. But I know how miserable it is not being able to run normally

    happy birthday to Jude's sonimage Enjoy the weekend!! I am never doing a sleepover again after we did one for my eldest's 9th birthday!!

    Well, I went for a nice slow 2.4 miles this morning and everything was fine. Foot didn't feel totally normal - but then, I am so used to running with the orthotics that the other foot didn't either. And even better, no problems/soreness during the day as a consequence of the running either. I really don't get to sit down much at work. Going to do the same tomorrow. Really felt great going for a run! And because I didn't do much, there was time for some planks/bridge when I got backimage before getting ready for work

    cake day at work tomorrow - wonder what there will be??

  • glad you enjoyed your run mathschick and wasnt in discomfortimage 

    how many did you have for a sleepover mathschick? i think we will be away on hols when its miss llbs 9th birthday but will do a party/event before we go...may do a sleepover and beauty evenign for them.i like doing things like that.image

  • we only had 3 other kids sleepover (was going to 4 but the other decided to go home - he is aspergers and was finding it difficult to deal with the idea of being away from home I think). But they didn't go to sleep till about 4 in the morning! That is nearly getting up time!! They were all boys.

    Girls having a beauty evening sounds like fun though

    loula - so excited about your marathon for you. I am still a bit upset about mine, but half have in my mind that maybe if the training goes ok I can swap and do the hm - they have a hm at the same time as the full marathon. So long as I don't injure myself doing it..... Then I can build my training up and target Nottingham...

  • thanks mathschick, was feeling really nervous abt the cut off time  required for lap 2 but think i will scrape in, just hoping weather not too bad now. got my number through post today!! i keep all my race numbers and will def be hanging onto that oneimage..was lloing at the entry etc for the ultra in May. looks a good one for a first, except some revires from last year said the navigation points could do with improvement.image

    if you feel ok for a HM , then yes do that and use it as part of your schedule? when Nottingham?

  • Nottingham is September - I don't think there is a specific date yet, but usually mid-sept. OH works for one of the sponsors so I am hoping I can get a discounted entry through him. I used to work there too, and they did discounted entry for employees and friends and family! We'll see how it goes...
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