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  • Mine needs to start again as I feel rubbish.

    We have been invited out for a meal tomorrow night too.I am so fed up of rich fatty foods. I am craving Salad and I dont even like it that much.

    Just been trying to get my team together for the Great Midlands Fun Run again this year. I love this one as we do it as a family. I just hope we get a really big team this time.

  • Oh my! four pages of posts already! We are well named the CRAC Team.

    Welcome Limper, Mathchick, Deva and Liz. Great to have you join us. image

    Hi SLegs - so pleased you're back with us.

    Jude - Congratulations for reaching 16miles image image

    And Loula, another 20! Are you doing a long run next week? When does your taper start? Am so excited for you. 

    AF - well done on your race. Good to hear you are alright. Was MrsAF there to cheer you on? I know that was important to you.

    Well, this evening I finally did my first run for a week. Felt wonderful. Just my usual 5 hilly miles in the dark. But it's so mild out there. I didn't need hat or gloves and I saw a cherry tree in blossom image

    My goals for the year are to improve my time on the marathon in July. Complete my first Ultra in Aug. Run with the CRAC team in Abo marathon in Oct and hopefully do the Druids 2 day in Nov. It's a bit scary and I've a long way to go.

    I weighed myself this morning expecting to have put on a few pounds but I haven't! Am still the same 9st7lbs. But I do have a layer of fat round the middle. Is it worth trying to shift it? If I'm happy with my weight as it is, will it make much of a difference to my running if I lose a bit? I've never been overweight so it's never been an issue or something I've ever paid any particular importance too. I'm just trying to decide if I can be bothered to try and get a nice flat set of abs image

  • AF and By'eck - there are a couple of good events in Portsmouth... there's a half in Feb usually and a full mara in Dec. Excellent organisation.
    You're well placed for some great runs though aren't you AF. I love the Mel's Milers 10k at Christs.
    The Knacker Cracker lives up to it's name from what I've heard!!

    I had salad today. I lurves salad image And it's so healthy that it can be countered with cakecakecake for pud!!
  • Morning all!

    Sorry I didn't make it back on last night to say well done to you AF!  Sounds like a really tough race with all those steps.  So... very well done! And so glad you are OK.

    I love salad almost as much as cake and could easily eat it everyday as long as it had plenty of olives and onions, yummy! (I'm a veggy but I eat fish - I think that makes me a pescetarian!)

    Anyway, normal day for me... work and then teachers meeting until 7 (every Monday, aaarggh) home by 8.  No run today. But only 3 weeks until the end of term and then 2 weeks holiday. Yipee! (I live in Turkey for those who are new. I teach English here but I was actually a Music teacher in England.  The terms are all different here.)

    Have a good day everybody!

  • good morning all...didnt get back on here as took miss llb up to bed and promptly fell asleep with her!! was sooo tired after the festivities and guests etc. had a little lie in this a.m before the deccies come down today. mr llbs uncle sent me a text saying it shouldnt take too long....erm, he was in shock whn i said it normally takes 3 hours to take them all down and then clean up afterwardsimage....it must be done today though as tomorrow im back at work and day after schools are back!..aw i miss having little missllb off school.

    jude thats a long day for you! hope its not a crazy one, just keep thinking of our hols coming upimagewill you get to run then?

    chili, yep next week i start taper , forgot that until i loooked at the schedule yesterdayimage was my last really long run! next weekend i will do 12 , then week after 8 ..although i have recovered well the day after each LS i know my bod must be tired what with everything else in the past few weeeks. hoping the weather is ok that week of Jan or else i will have to find another mara.   after it i plan to have maybe a few wqeeks of lower mileage and then wind it back up again towards May and continue for the rest of yearimage

     on the healthy eating front im pretty much ok, in fact ive had to really push to take more food on runs. we dont have takeaways or Mcds or anything much in this house so we are not too nortyimage....i will just have one aim though ...to get my abs looking like gastanksimage.....*throws down the gauntlet to gastank*image

  • Morning Loula & Jude et al.

    Just spent a windy couple of hours sorting out my horses for the day and am now settling down with 'second-breakfast' (first is at 5:30am).
    I was going to be marvellous and go straight for a weeny jogette when I got in - but the croissants were already warmed and waiting for me!

    Loula - I used to hate it when the limpettes went back to school after the hols. I just love having them at home 24/7. It's even worse now though... today they will depart the lily-pad and both head back to uni image

    I think today and possibly tomorrow will see the last of the norty food cleared from the fridge! We're veggies here but we do all rather have a sweet tooth. And pastry type things... nomnomnom.
    Back to work tomorrow, so unless you all get round here quick the cake tin will be going in with me for my deserving colleagues to enjoy!
  • *grabs coat to do a little runette to imers for tea and cakies*image

    aw, limper, i was only thinking i am petrified of miss llb going off to secondary school and its not for a while yet...cant believe where my baby has gone!..she is currently still asleep in bed -practising for being a teen already i think!!....we have big decisions to make when next school comes around. well, i say decisions...i have already made them lol but its IF she gets into tht school as we are not in catchmentimage....we are just 1.8miles outside it..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

    i too am about to commence taking down decs and i think out fridge is pretty much clear of norties now but we still have copius biccies and chocs..my ecxuse is that they are my fuel on LSRimage...HONEST GUV!

  • its a very bright n sunny day here, looks chilly though.

    morning phantom, have you run today?image

  • Morning all,

    limper-It's a small world the Mel's Milers race is the race organised by my club (I am one of the few male members!), I ran it in 2011 as I wasn't a member of the club when I entered It, I got my 10k PB in it as well. Have to marshall it this year- will you be entering? it is on 1 April this year. Did you enter last year? I run along the parts of the route 4-5 times a week. I live in Soutwater where the Country Park is. Hopefully I will be able to cheer you on this year.

    Mathschick-Yes it was a very hard race and there was a runner in a gorilla outfit. 95% of the runners were in facny dress.

    chilli-Mrs AF was there to support me which was nice.Well done on your run & mainating your weight over Christmas..

    Well I am a bit achey. I don't think i said that the 276 steps I went down were also the same 276 steps I had to go up. I will hgowever go for a short slow recovery run this pm.

    Also will detox from tomorrow and am going to make a huge pot of Minestrone soup as a start of going back to healthy eating.

    Bye for now......
  • mornin'all. first prop run on my schedule early amimage it was ok but my calfs ache a bit now hey hoimage

    Dont forget to get an appointment tomorrow AFimage Its probally nothing at all but ive got to tell you that if id fitted it would freak me outimage and id have to find out why.

    Just come back form Sainsburys with lots of healthy stuffimage I too am a veggie but do absolutely love cake n chocciesimage but being a tad on the short side if i got round and fell over i wouldnt be able to get up so i dont indulge my passion very much at allimage

    Have fantastic morning my amazing friends and newbie friends too.

  • AF - thanks for the date of Mel's Milers. I do it every year that I can, although a couple of times it has clashed with other commitments. You may have just made up my mind to prioritise it this year though!
    Do you know about the Dorking area events that 'Run to Live' do? The Badger Half etc? They are good.

    Limpette #2 has just informed we that we WILL do Mel's 10k!! It's two weeks before Brighton Mara but I never follow a training plan so no reason not to do a 10k that week. Yippee image
    When will entry open BTW?

    I'm just re-charging the battery for the bathroom scales. Wibble.
  • limper- did the Baccus 1/2 Marathon last year, Both Dunsfold 10 milers as well as the Dunsfold 10k and the Leatherhead rotary 10k. I will find out about the entry- should be in the next week or so.
  • Morning Cracers...

    Sorry never got back on last night...but was sooo tired after our meal at the in laws...Lovely Homemade steak pie.....yummy it was....and some champers too....

    Well done AF on your race yesterday and gald you were alright.Hope you get that Doctors appointment.

    Loula.......Took me ages to get our decorations down this morning....I am back at work tomorrow so really had to be done today...I will be glad to get back to a normal routine once again...

    .I was going to go out for a longish run  but may just do family walk instead so as I am not deserting them for hours..LOL..plenty time for me to get long runs again soon and I am so looking forward to it.Can't wait

    Ecky....Hope your feeling better............

    ByEck, Hows the blister today now that you were brave and popped it.???

    Jude..How are your leggies after your 10 and 16 miles ????

    Phantom...Impressed with all your healthy stuff from the shops.

    Hi Chilli...you running today......

    Hi Limpers,mathschick,Gastank,RR and anyone I may have missed .....Have a good day...

  • hi frannyimage yep i have only just finished taking down the decs, moving furniture back to where it was, dusting, hoovering, then i start dusting one thnng and it just turns into a whole room blitzimage...the hall, stairs, kitchen, living rm, conservatory, ALL had deccies or lights somewhere!...have had todo a spiderman event climbing around the window sills of the conservatory to get down the tiny lights i fixed up above the blinds..problem is the conservatory is quite high...and im quite small, so it involves climbing on the dining rm table too.......which is why i always do these things whn mr llb NOT aroundimage....image....all hoovered now and clean again..phew...i was getting a bit tetchy with the clutter of cards....i think i have mild OCDimage....I LIKE TIDYNESS AND ORDERimage

    phantom, well done on a run, was it a bit fresh out there today?...i think i too would be a very round lickle teletubby if i ate too much ..we would be like weeblesimage

    am going to do my nails all pwetty tonight...have had nice dark red and purple for last 2/3 weeks but may do some nail art tonight now all my mega cleaning done.image

  • apart fom me and by'eck is anyone joining KKs monthly mileage challenge thread? its really a good way of keeping everyone at it and running throught the rubbish weather...i was in the lead yesterday and still lead female today...yay!!! i think my position may be shortlived though lol...image

    AF, have you any pics from yesterday?

  • boss!!! i just found a pic of you in your convict suitimage very good!!
  • LLB-There are quite a few pictures of me. I am going to try & cut and paste them from my offcie laptop when I go to the office. Can't suss it out on the mac!!! I will look up the KK monthly mileage challange which forum is it on?

    Phantom-Well done on your run. I am also going to pop into Sainsburys & get some healthy stuff today. Last naughty week day for me today.

    Franny-Enjoy your family walk. I love Steak,Mushroom & Onion pie but not for the moment.

    I was very achey going down the stairs today,but, amd back form a 5.27 mile run in 43 minutes so amd recovered from yesterday!! Now off to the kitchen.

    Yesterdays race results have come through I came 97/252 finishers so happy with that as I followed peoples advice and didn't aim to finsih in the top 25%. The boss was a good boy & will try and book a Dr's appointment tomorrow.
  • Afternoon guys...

    Loula..glad you got all the cleaning and decs down...I like tidiness and order to I mut admit....

    AF....Well done on your result..fantastic indeed........

    Well we didn't go a family walk...no one wanted to and hubby wanted to go and watch football...he asked me if i wanted to go...erm No..so i went and did a 7.57 mile run...a different route through woodland and then back via the road...very nice but very muddy and slippy in parts.....very cold and strong wind to but glad i went out ..it wasn't the fastest run but was out for 1.18 mins so a good base bulid up for my mara training which starts in earnest the day after Loulas marathon...woo hoo....

    Loula   maybe i will join the challenge......

  • Loula - I'd be too embarrassed to join the mileage thread at the moment! My recently mended broken bits are still deciding whether they are going to allow me to do very much at all yet.

    AF - I will be ready by April 1st though, so yes please to a heads-up when entries are open for Mel's image
    Everyone keeps mentioning you being poorly - hope things are OK now and that you are being sensible. Best wishes for that.

    Franny and Phantom - well done for your runs.

    I popped in to Tesco - and popped straight back out again! It was chaos in there. Healthy shopping can wait - for now I shall look after my sanity by not going near the shops!!

    Just packed one limpette off to uni image
  • afternoon everyone

    well, got out for a 2 mile run this morning - trying to build back up after 3 weeks off, and I feel so unfit! The ankle bits that were damaged feel ok, but under my arch is so sore - not really sure why, it wasn't sore before. Shall do lots of stretching and hopefully it will be ok

    managed to get the family out for a walk, kids both got soaked despite wearing wellies! Smallest got stuck in the mud and had to be rescued...

    then, lunch out at our favourite cafe. I was good as I have some weight to lose. Need to work out how much I need to lose and then just be sensible, I eat fairly healthily but I think I need to control portion size

  • well done franny...and yay come help me on the mile challenge..although you will be ob the scottish side obviously in da frozen norf and i am a softy southenerimage...AF the thread is fairly near the top of the list, i think its on hot threads at the mo..you have to decide whos side you are on...north/south...and if you are a marmite lover/haterimage....

    limper the aim isnt to see who can outdo someone else, its merely an encouragement thread to keep us all going over january...doesnt matter how little or how much...and you dont have to log miles every day...you can do whatever you like. just add yourself in and you appear on the scoreboard-just for fun!!

  • mathschick wrote (see)

    then, lunch out at our favourite cafe. I was good as I have some weight to lose. Need to work out how much I need to lose and then just be sensible, I eat fairly healthily but I think I need to control portion size

    I'm amazed that I didn't put on any weight!!!  Taking into account the fact that I haven't done any running for six to eight weeks, and I've eaten way too much chocolate over Christmas, it's almost unbelievable.  Must be down to the resistance training - that must have helped keep everything at bay.  After all, more muscle=more fat being burned.  Fat's down a little bit as well! image

    +4 to the monthly pushup test (pushups until I can't do anymore).  Last month was 26, this month is 30.  I know, not massively impressive, but considering I was struggling to even get to 15 not too long ago, I'm quite pleased.  It's fun thinking about what it might be come the end of this year!! image   

    I'm seeing quite a few people out running - so jealous! 

  • RR i can do 'some ' press ups....about 12image....sit ups are good, i can keep going on those..image
  • Just joined the mileage thread.  What a good idea!

    Well done on your 2 miler Mathschick.  It's hard getting back after a break.  Hope the sore bits ease up.

    My press ups and sit ups are a bit rubbish.  I started doing some core work a while back but I have no self discipline and didn't keep it up.  I know I shouldimage.

    I also haven't put any weight on over Christmas, New Year and 'asure' season but I want to lose a bit to help me get a bit faster.  (I'm 9 stone but only 5ft4.) But as I said I have this self control problem ..... Nevermind, I'll just have to run it off.image

    Still at school (it's 6.30 here.)  Wanna go home now!!!image

  • awww poor Jude image

    Loula and Jude talking about not being able to do some bits of excercise and yet still run hundreds of miles hmmmm.doesnt seem like you need to girlsimage

    Well done Mathschick it can be so difficult to get running again.Good 2 miles image

    Back to work tomorrow but i think an early doors run for meimage

    Have a good evening guys and hope you go home soon Jude

  • Well, little one decided to mess up my plans for a nice family walk/jog this afternoon by taking his nap very late. OH has promised to kick me out for some speedwork later. I'm thinking of some fartleks then a recovery jog home.
    I have put on an obscene amount of weight due to eating hospital feed and Christmas. Also, not doing enough running image
    Jude, what instrument did you specialise in? I know several music teachers. One is even talking about teaching Moo....
  • Back home!  Listening to daughter do her piano practice.  Computer is in the same room as the piano.

    I trained as a classical singer By'Eck, but I can bash around on the piano too and know the basics of violin and cello.  I teach my eldest two the piano and I'm waiting to start the youngest one when he shows any signs of being interested. Daughter is doing grade 4 piano and grade 2 violin in 10 days time.  I'm more nervous than she is.  Actually, swimming is her priority and she doesn't practise enough but she enjoys playing, so that's fine.  Are you musical?   

  • I have a couple of stone to lose... I know it is mainly a portion control thing. I am no good at situps or press ups image. I have started to do planks though - hard but I can actually do it, whereas if I try to do a press-up I just collapse! Maybe I should time how long I can stay in plank position then track it through the year.

    Jude - till 7:30 every Monday? Yuck. Mind you, I used to teach English in Spain and worked till 10 every night. Mind you, used to go out after work every night! Hours seemed fine then, just a different way a life...

  • When I first did a TEFL course I wanted to go to Spain but I found a job in Turkey instead.  I wanted to travel the world but I met my hubby here and I never got any further. I did a couple of Spanish courses in Malaga though.  Had a great time.  Spaniards certainly like to party and stay up late.  Where were you Mathschick?
  • Jude, I used to play the piano to a reasonable standard and I can hold a tune as our choir leader puts it. (he is very strict - we have to pronounce our words properly and that's hard when you have a lancashire accent). I love it when kids learn an instrument because they really want to. My OH was a semi-pro horn player and was cathedral chorister as a boy so there should be some musical genes about.
    Mathschick, life before kids is so different. I can't believe the hours I used to keep!
    Ok, my problem with my weight is snacking and eating when the kids do, then with my OH
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