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  • do you think its plantar fascitis? there is a band of thick tissue that connects the heel to toes. it goes aloing the sole of foot from heel bone to toes. if it gets tight , sometimes from standing long periods, wrong shoes or unsupportive shoes OR trainers possibly..then it becomes inflamed. how about trying gel cushions in your shoes and trainers. ? ive read that stretching the feet and massage as AF said can work

  • Yeh I think it could be Loula. The only thing Im worried about is it being a Heel Spur as there seems to be a bit of a lump under my foot. I have been using an iced bottle and I have bought some gel insoles so maybe it will improve.Im just impatient.
  • ooo i just googled plantar fascitis..it says lump on heel charachterised by oain first thing in morning or standing after sitting...could be it then!
  • If it is PF, there are some really good threads on here giving advice.
  • Thanks By Eck I didnt think of that.
  • hi all

    loula - what a morning, I am very anal about my mornings too. Mind you, if one of my kids had trousers on that were too small I would just let them wear them - does that make me a bad mum?? Obviously not if they were so small they hurt them, but if is just a case of the trousers legs being too short - not a problem!

    Well, didn't make it out this morning as I hardly slept all night - often happens before the first day back at school. Went to spinning this evening though.

    ecky - I can empathise about the foot problems. My ankle is still swollen, but I am back at the physio tomorrow.

    ecky - does sound like PF - I had it a few years ago. I went to the podiatrist who gave me orthotics (off the shelf ones that didn't cost a fortune) and also saw the physio who taped it and massaged it and it finally got better. First thing in the morning was awful - heel would be really painful when I stepped out of bed, but it would wear off. I still run with the orthotics, but don't have them in my normal shoes and have been fine (apart from this ankle thing!).

    AF - glad you have made a dr appointment, shame you have to wait a while to see him/her though

    well, better go and shower, just got back from spinning - I have just started going to try to keep fitness up while I am not running much. Can't say I 'enjoy' it but it is a good workout and hopefully will strengthen my quads up.

  • -Loula, re Myfofusion

    I got mine from play.com - they're doing a section on sports and fitness now.  They seem to have the cheapest price - unless you live in the States, but then again they always get stuff far cheaper than us, don't they?  It's great play.com are doing it now because they're one of my trusted sites, I prefer not to buy from here, there and everywhere. image

     image  2lb tub, at 1 scoop per serving will last for 25 servings and since I'm going to use it for a post-workout drink, mine will last somewhere around eight weeks.  It mixed well, too.  Most people say they need to use a shaker because of lumps, so I ordered one, but when I mixed mine today I used a fork; there were lumps but nothing that really bothered me.  Could've saved myself £5. image  Never mind, I expect it to be even smoother with the shaker. image

    Just hope it works.  Most people say it does, so it'll be fun to see what I look like in two months. image

  • Thanks for that Mathshick. I did get some gel ones that said they were good for PF and Heel spurs. I need the massage really. I did roll with a frozen bottle but was really disheartened when my foot was even more sore the next day.I suppose thats what happens. Did you have to rest with it too.Im guna have to do some other thing for fitness too.I dont want to lose all I have worked for.Spinning may be an idea.I will go Boxing twice a week for a few weeks I think.

    Thanks Loula that could mean I dont have heel spurs after all but just the pf. I will try rolling on my Bottle again.

  • ecky - well, it was about 6 years ago when I got, and I ended up stopping running for a few years - but really I didn't need to stop for that long! I think I could have maybe started up again after a month or two - but I got lazy etc etc, put loads of weight on....

    I really wish I hadn't stopped for so long, it has taken me such a long time to realise how much I love running!! If I had realised 20 years ago I wouldn't be taking nearly 3 hours to do a half marathon now... Oh well, such is life

  • Thats what Im worried about as I run in a ladies team and I dont want to miss next season. I love running so much. I dont cope very well without it as it has got me through a very close loss.
  • Evening everyone

    Can I ask a really numpty question about spinning? image I've never been so I honestly don't know.... but hte name suggests that you spin the pedals round very fast without much resistance? Is that right? Or do you vary the resistance so sometimes you have to push the pedals hard? Is it all done at the same pace? How do you stop getting bored?

    Loula - I'd be in tears too so sending you a hug s well.... I'm a bit obsessive about being on time. Fortunately my family are too and I've even managed to train half of my youth group to be the same!

    well, the storm passed over last night and this morning was calm and dry so my hubby and I had a lovely time ice-skating for 45mins. The boots hurt my feet though. Also walked 4 miles today (school run) which, of course, I haven't done in 2 weeks and ran 5 miles this evening. So hopefully I've worked off the cheese and chocolate I'm about to start eating! image

  • chili - in spinning you vary the pace and resistence and spend some of the time seated but quite a bit pedalling standing up too. I do find myself looking at the clock working out how much time is left - but it is only a 45 min class. I am just basically not an exercise class person, just thought it would be good to have a go at. I can feel it in my quads so it must be doing something, plus I do get quite sweaty so good cardio workout too. I would just say give it a go if you fancy it and see what you think. I probably wouldn't bother if I had to pay extra for it, but exercise classes are included in my local gym membership.

    I tried zumba once, but hated it and didn't really think it was that good a workout - certainly not as good as going for a run, whereas with the spinning I do feel like I am getting a good workout

  • We have a lot in commone - I hate being late and am often 15-30 minutes early for appointments and get to races with upto an hour before the start!!

    Phantom- that is a great story and a good time.

  • Weather is absolutely atrocious so I stayed in and took down the decorations. I will burn off calories scrubbing the floors. Discovered he trod the black dust into the creamy bathroom carpet. ARGH!!!
    Loula, we used to have white coats to wear at school. I was never very good at remembering it image
    Eckyhave you got a games console you could get a dance program for. Great for keeping fit and getting the kids involved.
  • AF, i am terrible at being so early..i always want to leave to get to runs on time...cant bear rushing and faffing...id rather sit around and know im there and readyimage

    RR the FGS are really nice too and i took some for during my run last week as well as afterwards. there is one by another brand ive forgotten which mixes up the same from cotswold outdoor. thats about £8 for a 500gm bottle which uses scoops. i mixed FGS in a drink bottle and it was fine.yummy. i like the banana and vanillaimage

    phantom ....i will keep thinking of you running early a/m in your super pants nowimage

  • Oooooh Loula and AF...I love being early too...too early sometimes...I am not due at work until 7am but am often in at 6.30am....image

    Well Guys and girls I have to confess No running club tonight..it was cancelled due to extrem weather conditions..even the hardiest members who have done ultra  ..ultras were not going ..it is really bad again..weather mean to be better tomorrow so will go out for run then......fingers crossed.

    Ecky...You get that foot sorted gal...sounds like you have had good advice from our peeps on here.Have not had this problem myself so can't really comment..But I would take heed of their advice...

    Byeck...a good housework is good but runnin beats that...as I'm sure you will agree but running in this weather is mad...

    Mathschick...AH good intentions about running this morning..but at least you got to the spinning class..thats a good workout from what i can remember when I did those classes a few years back..

    Has Jude checked in today...can't remember???? hi Jude if you have I am scatty tonight

    Anyway...someone is wanting on laptop so better go....bye for now folks...........

  • I don't remember seeing Jude today. Hope she is ok....
    Ok, on my cake platter tonight we have gf cinnamon fruit bread, Christmas cake, mango slices decorated with grapes and animal biscuits.
    Large pot of tea on the go.
  • can i have a piece of fruit bread please by'eckimagesounds yummy
  • Planning an early run tomorrow to make up my miles for the week
  • mango slices please image

    Ermmm, have any of you ever fancied an adventure race..... have a funny kind of urge to do one and I've found one in Oxfordshire on a Saturday. It's quite expensive, but if we could get a team of 10 then the cost comes down.....



  • near me chiliimage....hmmm i wonder...........
  • mmmm cinammon bread and grapes pleaseimagei just fell asleep whilst reading to miss llbimage oops ,is tht a sign of old age?..franny, aw you were good to even attempt going to club! id have stayed in-well i did coz nuffin was dragging me out there!image

    tomorrow is a better day me thinks and forecast for sunday is good tooimagewoohoo!!!!!!!!

  • chili..did you read tht thread where someone is asking what eevents qualify thm to enter the WESTERN STATES 100MILER?......as i was reading it i was thinking these guys are discussing hardcore ultras in chamonix/UTMB etc...it dawned on me that NDW50/100  carries 2 qualifying points for Western states!!!!!!image OMG!!!! erm, i finks we have entered the hardcore zone -hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeelpppppppppppp
  • Lou - lol yes NDW is a WSU qualifier image

    Chilli - the race the weekend before from the same company is the one I'm doing, the mighty deerstalker (although does involve a mountain since in Scotland) also have checked maps from people doing last year and the 10km is actually 10 miles!! Two weekends in a row is likely not to be popular at home

    RR - glad you like the Myofusion, you can even bake with it image but that's a little further down the line...

    Lou - nutrient macros in FGS vs. Myo are quite different, as a sports recovery drink FGS is a little light on the carbs and low on protein, Myo is high on protein and low in carbs, you can then add your own carbs to macro level you want

    Got to go I have some Flour/wheat free banana nut honey Myofusion cakes in the oven, need to start reducing carbs again to reduce Christmas bulk again!
  • gastank..so i guess for me the FGS are better? i am not trying to look like fatima whitbread here y'know guysimage just repair muscle, avoid injury ...anything else i can be eating/drinking to deal with the miles?

    ....i will eat any excess cake you have gastankimage

  • Yes Lou, I would say FGS is fine for all of us following a normal running activity, however you still may wish to consider upping your protein intake following long sessions over and above FGS, thinking as you start increasing the mileage - the primary goal of protein post workout is preserve and repair muscle not to necessarily build it....

    If I remember correctly think of it this way carbs to fuel the engine, protein to repair it... In my case years of carb abuse resulting in stored fat, means I need to teach my body to fuel itself from the reserve tanks

    Put down the BNF and do some reading on protein/nutrient partitioning and anabolic windows for extra fun in the evening image I think you would enjoy it, you seem the obsessive type
  • Sorry - can't read back, I'm exhausted from trying to keep up with 'Ethan Hunt'aka Tom Cruise in the latest Mission Impossible film! It was great fun and well worth a cinema ticket.

    Noticed a mention of adventure racing at the top of the page... I've done a couple in 3-man teams and they were brilliant! Mine were in December though and involved freezing water and mud! Sadly I wouldn't be able to get to Oxford for one image

    Hope everyone is well and happy. Sympathies to those with injury and illness.

    I'll be able to pay more attention at weekends hopefully - I don't get much time on weekdays.

    Today's favourite bit of lunch was an iced, apple filled doughnut. Nomnom.
  • Last off, first on...

    Morning all.

    Tis still blowing a gale here. This weather gives me a rotten headache.
    I'm just off to fix horse fences in the dark and then it's a long day at work for me.

    Hope you all have a good day.
  • morning all...gosh limper, fixing fences in the dark?i take my hat off to you, i couldnt do the horsey thingimage....my MIL is horsey lady, i on the other hand...am notimage...we went to her stables in Germanyand over here and i remember my Father-IL and i not being terribly impressed. he had his suit on as he had popped up frm work and i had 4 inch stillettos and a nice dress,it was rather amusing to everyone else as we tried to stand in the only 'clean ' spot in the stable grounds lol....imagewe made a sharp exitimage

    gastank, i have a little magazine frm menshealth tht i kept fee weeks ago as it was all about muscles etc...ahem....i will read it againimage

    happy running anyone who dares to run in this wind today...im off to work again,although im really needing to run...i hate missing weekday runs.

    hello franny, phantom, dj, boss, angel,jude,ecky, smut, saz,matt,spartak, by'eck,RR, mathschick-anyone else!!!!!!!!image

  • ........*whispers*....and ive nearly lost my voice this morning too.....image
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