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  • Morning.

    Aw  Loula....do you need me to help you find  your voice????

    Limper...You were up early and fixing fences in the dark too....image

    Phantom...you running this morning????

    I am going to venture out for a run this morning once I get a few things done that need doing....although its still pretty horrible out there.

    By Eck...Hope you manage your early run this morning?

    Mathschick....Did you manage to get out early for your run today?

    Ecky...How's the foot today?

    Jude...Where are you???? Hope your okay???

    Hi AF,Chilli,Gastank.Mathshick,RR,DJ and all.

    Will check in later once I have ran.

  • No early run this morning. Weather is still really bad here and I didn't fancy trying to deal with fallen branches, fences and other random items in the dark. I'm hoping my mum can babysit later so I can run. Even an hour would be good. Otherwise, I will get out tomorrow as it is nursery day!
  • Yeah ByEck..it is still pretty bad but i am hoping it will clear up by mid morning so as I can get out for a good run.......going to walk to supermarket in a wee bit so will test the lie of the land then.
  • There are some snowdrops out already so I will be taking the child out for a nature walk.it might not be a run, but I think a good walk pushing a pushchair can be good X-training
  • good morning allimage

    No runnings for me today franny but a gym session laterimage Hope you have a good run.

    Anybody out there today be careful please is slipppperrrry.

     I'm not very horsey either.erm last time i fell offimagesomething about a girth strapimage i do like the aminals though.

    Have great days friends.

  • Morning all,

    just back from a windy and slow 4.8 miles. Drying up,but, gusty. Hope everyone has a good day....will report back in full later....off to meeting now.

    Well Yesterday was eventful in our house. Had the Dreaded phone call that Middle Ecky had been sick at School so I had to go and get her. Half an hour there and Back as the School is a good distance away.

    Gets her on Settee snuggled with Quilt and pillows then settled down to wait for Little Ecky to get home. Gets him off his bus and he too is sick so he is also on Settee.

    Big Girl goes off to concert and gets picked up my my friend and after being dropped off also get sick. I have been ruuning between them all night image I am pooped so we are having a duvet day.

    Franny its just my heel that is still sore but I did a bit of rushing round yesterday. I am going to ice it again today and see how it is.

    Hi By Eck yeh it seems windy here today too.

    Hi Loula. I must admit I dont like Horses.My cousin is Horse Mad and lives on a Stud Farm (think thats what they all it) and she one took me out on one.I couldnt walk for 2 days and hated being up so high.

    Hi Phantom enjoy the Gym later.

    I may go for a little walk to the post office later just to get some fresh air.

    Have a good Day all.

  • Good Morning!

    Hope everyone has survived walking out their front door today. Limper - hope you managed to fix your fences.

    Ecky - hope you get some sleep today and everyone feels better soon.

    For once I have a quiet and empty house. It is wonderful..... so must crack on with loads of work... have three different groups to prepare for.... really wish I could just curl up with a good book though.... the silence is sooooooo nice...

  • Morning Chill and Thanks. Shame you have so muh to do today. Would be lovely just to curl up. I need to get stuff done too today.I suppose its a good opportunity.
  • Ecky, that sounds like a perfect storm. Are they feeling better today?make sure you get plenty of rest.
    Limper, how.do you manage to fix fences in the dark?

    Ok, so little miss hilly wants a kindle. Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about it.does anyone else have one?
  • I'm here! Yesterday I was really tired and didn't manage to get on here.  It was my own fault.  I stayed up very late watching a film the night before and then I was up at 5 coz daughter woke up worrying about some homework she had forgotten to do.  I spent the whole day walking around in a trance and even fell sleep on the school bus homeimage.  I'm not usually that silly, but I do love films.  Today is my busy day (7 lessons and a Turkish lesson after school, plus a run).  Also, it's my daughter's last violin lesson today before her exam next week and I want to go to her lesson with her and accompany her on the piano so her violin teacher can see if the balance is right etc.  I hope that doesn't mean I'll have to miss my run - I should be able to squeeze it all in!

    Anyway, sounds like it's still stormy there!  Hope you can all still get your runs in. 

    Limper - I like horses but I'm a bit nervous of them.  They must be lot of work though, aren't they?

    Ecky - I wish your kiddies better.  Horrible to have them all ill at once.  Also, I've been following the foot diagnosis discussion!  I also had a painful foot a few months ago.  It went as mysteriously as it came and only lasted a couple of weeks.  Hopefully it is something like that.   

    Hi to everybody else!  I should be back on later.

  • Oooo!  Just found some photos of myself from last year's half marathon in Antalya.  Don't know how I didn't see them at the time.  If you want to see them follow this linkhttp://www.firstfotofactory.com/ Then go to 2011 March Oger Antalya marathon and put my name in "Judith Yazicilar".  I have a yellow headband on and black top and shorts.  (I look like I'm running very slowly.)
  • Hi,

    Ecky- Hope the Ecky family are on the road to recovery & you are able to go out for a walk. Take an umbrella and  you may fly!! 

    limper- I'm afraid that I am rather scared of horses- I always approach them with trepidatopn when I am running past them.

    Jude-Whta film were you watching? Jude I will look at your pictures I am sure you won't look slow.Good luck on getting out for a run later.

    Bye for now.....   

  • Diagnosis of today's appointment:  Tendonitis of the knee.

    I saw a different doctor today and he seemed quite angry that I'd previously been told to finish those tablets and then try running on soft surfaces.  He said no running at all - no soft surfaces, or treadmill (not that I use the damn things anyway) for a month and I'm to use a gel on my knee three times a day for that month, deep massage, front and back of the knee, for quite a long time; not just a few minutes. Said that he himself was out for eighteen months with a sports injury.  He said the knee joint itself is 'excellent'. 

    I did ask about physio, but he said he's confident we can solve it using the gel and resting it.  I think the difference between my shoulder problem and this knee problem is the shoulder area was quite tight - that's what the physio said - and the exercises I was given loosened it up.  My knee isn't tight, it doesn't even hurt that much as long as I'm not putting too much pressure on it (walking is OK).  He said a knee support might not be a bad idea for now.

    I'll be sure to see the same doctor next time - I'll make the appointment a little way ahead of the end of the month so I'm not hanging around for a week or two, which can happen if you want to see a particular doctor.  If he gives the green light after a month to run again and the same thing happens, I'm going to be more insistent about physio.  

    The other thing I have to find out is what caused it - my prime suspect is that time when I was on a long run and it stiffened up, but I kept on going to hit my target.  I won't be doing that again.

  • Afternoon.

    Not long in from my 11.38 mile run....it was lovely and sunny and only a tad windy.....so glad my running club was cancelled last night as I really enjoyed my run today and kept it a nice gentle pace.Did a different route again which involved a few big mahoosive hills and did it in 1.57 so was really pleased.Will up to 2.15 hrs next week...hopefully...

    Aw Ecky...Hope the family are feeling better...at least you get it all out of the way at once...Hope you manage to get some rest and your wee bit of freash air later on.

    Jude..............Ah bless you were just tired..was worried when you hadn't posted after all your mahoosive mileage...lol..will have a look at your photos in a moment.

    RR....well at least that doctor seems to know what he is talking about...best to keep seeing him for continuity.....lets hope you will be up and running again soon.

    AF..well done on your run this morning.

    Speak later folks

  • Jude...you look fantastic in your photos...all smiles............and no you don't look like your going slow at all young lady.....
  • How old are you Jude? 12?
  • FrannyT wrote (see)

    RR....well at least that doctor seems to know what he is talking about...best to keep seeing him for continuity.....lets hope you will be up and running again soon.

    Speak later folks

    Yep, that was my impression as well, sounds like a guy who's into sports and knows more about injuries.  We'll see how it goes.  At least I can still use the TT. image
  • Franny-Well done on your 11.57 mile run- I am hopefully doing my 1st 10 + mile run since my 1/2 Marathon on 30/10 on Sunday. It too will be hilly as it is on the Sussex Downs.

    RR-Hopefully you will be out for no more than a month. Good luck and keep us upto date. 

  • afternoon all

    well, I made it out for a very windy 3 mile run this morning. Got a pain in my arch though, getting fed up with my feet now! I'll see what the physio says later about it.

    RR - sorry to hear about the imposed rest, it is a pain.

    ecky - hope the kids are all better. Must have been an awful night. Hope they are old enough to aim the sick so you weren't changing beds and washing sheets all night - I remember those kind of nights well!

    well, Friday is cake day at work (we take it in turns to bake cakes for the maths department) so something to look forward to tomorrow!

  • crikey , what a lot of posts!!!..
    by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)

    Ok, so little miss hilly wants a kindle. Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about it.does anyone else have one?

    miss llb wants one too...im not sure she needs it. she will lose interest i think. we are debating on wehter to get her her own laptop or notebook as she goes on learning platform a lot for schoolimage

    phantom..lol i oint know why but that bit about the 'girth strap' really made me laugh lolimage...hee hee

    ecky, omgosh all 3 ill? hope you get a bit of kip tonight friendy!! hows the foot? did you look further into PF?...

    AF, hope the run goes ok, you are edging into that long looooong run sectorimage c'mon , you know you want toimage

    RR, can you still do gym? at least tht will keep you going..and its good you have a diagnosis now. stick that doc then , he sounds sympathetic.

    franny, golly, how are the winds and rain up in scotland now? you did well to get out! its quite yucky here but i think i'll go and attempt a run....image*ties weights into trainers*

  • Yep, I can still do upper body TT (Total Trainer) work. image
  • Whilst I love my Ipod a Kindle doesn't appeal to me @ all. I always look forward to buying and opening up a new paperback.

    LLB- Hope you gout out for a run and didn't get blowan away?

  • Any space on the sick bench?
  • by eck? sick sick or injured sick?
  • Sick sick - been feeling run down for the last few days but now have some kind of lurgy and a tightness in my chest.
  • byeck are you ok? seems everyone dropping like flies!! my friend at wok hasnt been in this week as she is in bed with flu, she ended up at Drs poor thing...

    how are the Eckys? feeling better i hope?image

    had very exciting email earlier from miss llbs dance teacher. she has been picked to be in a mardi gras' dance team for a showcase in April with other schools from around the country....and its to be on a West end London stage!!!imageimageimage..oh luvvies, dahlings, i can see the lights, the stage, the swish of the red curtain beckons, costumes , sequi-image..ooo i forgot,its not me its miss llb doing itimageimage...ah wel, i will be the mummy on handimage(getting in the way and being a pain in the a-image more like.....)image

    well, a little bimble went into 10.02...........arghhh i must be nuts.

    im doing a run on sat a.m...not sure hw far to go. still deliberating over it...15? 16? 18? 20?image

  • by'eck oo dear, you have benn a bit non-stop havnt you? a rest in need i think. *hands out choc coffee cake and pours tea for byeck*
  • hello everybodyimage

    awww poor by'eck wish you better soon.I got a kindle for Christmas and i love it.you download books and magazines newspapers etc from amazon.co.uk who own kindle.It takes about 20 seconds to download and is an excellent service.The only question i think is would is little miss use it enough to warrent the initial outlay.I use it when travelling like the tube or if i go on holiday.It saves space and is really easy to carry being so small.But i did buy a neaprene cover for it and also a little clip on light which i use at home.The screen is great and unlike reading on laptops,ipads, etc is matt not gloss so the screen is clear and easy to read. the price of the books is cheaper than the stores but still can be expensive if used a lot.Once charged you dont need to recharge it for up to a month which is brilliant.If ive forgotton anything please ask for more info. and no i havent got any shares in amazonimage

    Well done mini llb and i can see you as a showbiz mum Loula lol

    Had a great Gym session and used my heart moniter for the first time enabling my trainer to log all my heart rates which should prove useful soon.

    Have good evenings guys and get well wishes to those poorly.

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