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  • Oh deary me another sicky person....hope you feel better soon By'Eck...

    Phantom....Glad you had a good gym session with your trainer..will be interesting to see results from monitoring your heart rates.....Don't use my one at all.....

    Well done to Miss LLB..her name will be in lights soon..she must be chuffed to bits Loula.....Well done on your 10 miler....I wouldn't do 20 this weekend though as you only have 2 weeks till your mara......last run of that distance should be 3 weeks before although it has been known for some people to do one 2 weeks before....personally speaking I wouldn't...my last long run was 3 weeks before hand....you need to be tapering now.....maybe try 14/15...but no more......

  • Eckys are getting back to normal. Thanks everyone for your good wishes.

    Little Ecky just ate a full plate of veggies so he is better. Keeping Big Girl off tomorrow as we dont want her to spread it round.

    By Eck hope you feel better soon.People are indeed dropping like flies.

  • Very quickly as I have only just fallen through the door and I smell bad (horsey smell!!)...

    Sympathies to all those sick or with sickie children.

    I fix fences in the dark by wearing my running headlamp! I am also very experienced at doing emergency fence fixing so I know what to tackle and how which helps when there is a storm whipping around you!

    Kindle - yes, absolutely. They are great. You will never regret having one and they make reading a paperback more fun! I love mine and the limpette's both have one. We are all avid readers. I think they are brilliant. An expensive toy maybe, but I used to spend over £50 every time I set foot in waterstones so it all balances out!

    Gotta go shower and eat and collapse now.
  • by eck, take it easy and hope you feel better soon

    physio massaged and ultrasounded the sore bit in my arch and showed me some stretches to do. He thought it was funny when I said I 'just' did a short run of 3 miles, in that way that meant that 3 miles is a long way! 'You runners are a funny bunch' he said.

    haven't got a kindle, and to be honest think I prefer a book, but can see how one would be handy when travelling etc, would really keep the weight down when travelling by plane.

  • Ecky...Glad all the ecky's are feeling better...what a relief for you..

    mathschick.....thats good about the physio and getting some stretches to do for the pain..hope it helps....yeah i get funny looks from people when i say i have just been for a wee run and then they ask how far did you go...and they say how far...and follow it by saying they couldn't run for a bus...lol...they are the funny bunch I think...

  • well done for lillte llb - how exciting for her! (and for big llb too)image

    Franny - I know, and let's face it, 3 miles? you wonder whether it is worth it! Well, I am building back up, he didn't tell me not to run, so I am happy!! Well, he said see how it is tomorrow and if it is sore don't run for a few days, then start with 5 mins, 10 mins...

  • Good advice mathschick...and every run counts as you know..it's all miles on the clock......maybe run 1 day and have rest the next to see how it is????
  • yay!! glad the eckys are getting betterimage...hope you do too by'eck!

    re:the kindle, my mum had one for xmas and i havnt even had a look at it..im not a techie really so doesnt bother me much. i rather have my books...i cant imagine having D karnazes on kindleimage..miss llb has enough xmas money to buy one but im nor sure itd be worth it. she loves her nintendo DS and WII  so i think she would be better buying learning games for that at the moimage

    i am watching top gear at the moment-sooo funny!!! image

    yes i am so pleased for miss llb , will find out more when they go back to dance classes next week. extra rehearsals every saturday right up to april..was trying to find something on webabt it .think i found it its called 'stars in our eyes'..looks like it could be at sadlers wells...image

    franny, i will be a good girl and do 15 , is that ok? and then 10 the following sat/sun?

  • well, I will have a little run tomorrow, was planning a rest day Saturday anyway (well, spinning and gym), so I'll see they go and decide about Sunday

    oh, better be a good teacher and plan some lessons for tomorrow - glad it is nearly the weekend already!

  • Loula.....Yeah do 15 this week and then 10/12 the following week..BUT if you do do more than 15 ie I know you and you will want to do 20...lol the next weeks run should be 10 at them most ...probabaly lower.....you could always concentrate on shorter speedy runs to get your legs going round.....imageits all a learning curve and you will know better what suits you after your 1st marathon is over...Ooooo I'm so excited for you...there is no better feeling than completing your 1st marathon....I was on cloud 9 for weeks and was telling anyone and everyone who would listen what I had achieved....LOL
  • Hi all!  Back from my Turkish lesson and had some supper.  It was the last lesson tonight but it might start up again in March.  I hope so!  I couldn't squeeze in a run but I had a very productive practice with daughter and violin teacher for next week's violin and piano exams.  I'll try to run tomorrow.

    AF - I was watching Brokeback mountain - one of my favourite films, it's beautiful and sad and Heath Ledger is in it.image  If you don't know, it's about a love affair between 2 cowboys and most straight men have difficulty watching itimage

    RR - Good news about the diagnosis and that your doctor knows what he is talking about but pretty lousy you are out of action for a little while. Keep positive, it sounds like it will mend just fine.

    Franny and Loula - well done on your runs girls! And LLB - exciting news about Miss LLB! 

    By'Eck - get well soon!  Gosh there is a lot of sickness going around.  I am 42 (but I was only 41 in the photos!)  How old are you?

    Mathschick - Enjoy cake day!  Gosh that's a good idea!

    Phantom - well done on your gym session!

    Limper - have a good rest!

    Ecky - Glad your family are feeling a bit better.

    Off to put some washing on....


  • Jude - I love that film too. Glad the practice went well for your daughter's exam.
  • nope never seen it.never want to see itimage
  • 15.01.12          Stubbington 10K (DJ)

    22.01.12          Gloucester Marathon (LLB)

    29.01.12          Romsey 5 mile (DJ)

    13.02.12          Valentine’s run Southwater (AF)

    19.02.12                   Brighton HM (AF)

    22.02.12                   Tunbridge Wells HM (Spartak)

    04.03.12                   Eastbourne HM (AF)

    04.03.12          Frank Harmer Memorial 10K (Ian Kirsh)

    04.03.12                   Steyning Stinger HM (Spartak)

    05.03.12          Chichester Priory 10 K (AF)

    11.03.12                   Bath HM (Matt)

    17.03.12          The Mighty Deerstalker Night Race 10K and then some… (Gastank)

    18.03.12                   Surrey Tempest 10 mile (AF)

    ? April             Bursa 15K (Jude)

    15.04.12                   Brighton Marathon (Spartak)

    15.04.12                   Rock and Roll HM Edinburgh (Franny)

    29.04.12                   MK Marathon (ByEck)


    06.05.12                   Three forts HM (AF)

    13.05.12          Votwo Kamikaze The final sortie (AF)

    27.05.12                   Edinburgh Marathon (Franny + Gastank)

    27.05.12                   Northants Ultra 35 (LLB)

    01.07.12                   Marathon leg of Outlaw Ironman Nottingham (Chili)

    11.08.12          NDway ultra50 (LLB + Chili)

    19.08.12                   Isle of Wight HM (Jude)

    22.09.12          JW Ultra (LLB)

    ? Sept              Maidenhead HM (Angel)

    21.10.12          Great Birmingham HM? (Ecky)

    21.10.12          ABO Marathon (LLB, Spartak, Chili, Franny, Angel, ByEck, Matt, DJ)

    11.11.12          Istanbul Eurasia Marathon (Jude)

    Nov                 Druids (LLB + Chili)

  • Lol Phantom!

    OK this is the racing list.  Newbies please tell me if you have a race you have entered or are thinking of entering and I will add it to the list.  Also please tell me if I have made any mistakes!  Thanks guys.

  • Hi Jude...hope your turkish lessons start up again and hope you get out for your run tomorrowimage
  • Oh Lou, two weeks!!! Nervous yet, you do got this one! Congrats on the miss Llb news, obviously talented like her mum. Glad you are liking Dean K book, next one is also good too

    Phantom - you're still inspiring the heck out of me! Have lost some mojo this week, so I'm taking a recovery week and will run hopefully on Saturday and gym on Sunday - fingers crossed rubbish weather isn't helping, alarm goes off at five and while it still sounds a little like the wizard of oz outside, I just go back to sleep instead image

    Ecky bunch hope u all feel better soon!

    Kindle, can't remember who asked but Miss g'tank has one and loves it! LM prefers the feel of a real book and refuses to get one, the 6'2" g'tank jr doesn't know what a book is and I read books of any description on any format... I have an iPad and iPhone and read on both and have the kindle software so I can read books on both.

    Limper - I love horses but haven't riden in years, been bucked into a fence once and broke three ribs.. That was interesting! Good job on the fences hope you have a well deserved relaxing evening.

    MathsChick - good news! Yes the distance thing is a funny one, I've started looking to see how far away some of our friends live from us, the LM thinks I'm nuts but it might be an interesting way to get some long runs in!

    RR - glad u found a decent doc, you'll just have to push on the upper body training for the time being mate. What about swimming or cycling? Might just give you a alternative to the TT if it gets a bit mundane

    Hi to everyone image
  • Aw gastank..I hope you find your mojo soon....its all this rotten weather and that january feeling that does it....Hope you get to do your run on Saturday.
  • gastank wrote (see)
    RR - glad u found a decent doc, you'll just have to push on the upper body training for the time being mate. What about swimming or cycling? Might just give you a alternative to the TT if it gets a bit mundane Hi to everyone image
    Thanks!  TT isn't getting mundane, but even if it was, if I do it I get to drink yummy choccy Myofusion afterwards. image
  • Evening everyone

    Ecky - good to hear some of your family are feeling a bit better.

    Byeck - sending hugs! Sorry you are feeling so ill and down. Hope you are tucked up in bed. *joins Loula in handing out hot chocolate and more cake*

    RR - sounds much more positive and hope you are 'fixed'soon.

    Good news for you too mathschick.

    Loula - great news for Miss LLB. image My girls are in their school talent show in a couple of weeks. No.1 & No3 passed the auditions and got chosen for the final. They are singing the duet from Disney's Aladin "I can show you the world". Need to make some costumes this week image

    Well, I had planned to run this evening. But my little Smidge was sick (just like yours Ecky!) And then I had youth group and now it's too late to venture out at this time... don't fancy the wind too mush either. Guess I'll have to try and fit it in tomorrow... not sure when since I'm going to have little person at home with me all day. 

    Franny - your run sounded lovely and I'm most envious. But I am looking forward to running parkrun with my girlies on Saturday. 

  • Hi Chilli...there seems to have been alot of sick kiddies and mummies too.Hope your little smidge feels better soon.My run was good and really enjoyed it...hope you manage out at some point tomorrow for your run.Yoyr parkrun has really taken off now hasn't it??? so pleased for you....
  • Chili - hope Smidge feels better soon.

  • Hello everyone.

    First off i have to ask Jude to strike my 2 race entries for this month.I'm still suffering from my virus and there is no way i will be able to run any races for a while.I need to get over this bug and then build back slowly but surely.

    I hope everone else who has a nasty bug gets well soon.

    Ecky,i hope your foot clears up soon.It sounds very much like PF,and is caused by a small tear in the muscle.You don't notice the tear when it occurs,but as it repairs it creates scar tissue,which causes the weaker muscle around it to tear.This is why it's more painful in the morning after a night of scar tissue forming.It can be treated so good luck and i'm sure you'll be back running soon.

    Tomorrows tune is the fabulously funky 'One Nation Under A Groove' by Funkadelic from 1978.I hope you like it's an amazing tune.

  • Oh no Chilli I do hope she is better soon.

    Hi DJ sorry you still feeling poorly.You can sit on the bench next to me image. I am def going docs next week. Thanks D.J.

    I am quite cross about mine being sick.I have found out that when we went for the Meal on Mon that my Husbands Niece decided to bring her Little Boy who had been really sick all day.He has given his bug to at least 6 family members that were at the meal. His Mum then had the cheek to say "I hope I dont get it" aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • The   Phantom wrote (see)
    nope never seen it.never want to see itimage

    lol phantom..i have to admit, ive never seen it and im not sure i am that fussed abt it eitherimage nothing against gay men at all bt nt sure id feel entirely at ease watching tht film..image

    franny, i am really hoping i dont have lurgy but have felt decidedly more rubbish as the day has gone onimagesore throat on and off for past few days and trying desperately to avoid the ill ones at work. took miss llb to bed and crashed out with her in seconds-i couldnt stop myself. im in same mode as gastank regarding cold dark mornings, i am really finding it a drag to get myself up! i CANNOT be ill, i have got to do this marathon !! i havnt told anyone at work im doing it- they just dont get the running thing. anything over 5miles and they think ive lost the plot-well, maybe i have-  and i just dont talk about it now at work. even my mum and dad too , i just mention what run but i dnt really say wht training runs ive done at weekends. i know what people mean on here saying 3 miles doesnt seem far now , and sometimes it doesnt once you begin to run further , but i still clearly remember how much of an achievement 3 miles was for me when i started...i take my hat off to anybody who does 1 or 2 or 3 miles, even if thats all they ever get to, they reached a level they couldnt do beforeimage. a mile is further thn most people realise! lol

    DJ, hope you recover quickly and are running on the team again for CRACers!..get yourself well wont you before doing any racesimage

    chili, thats fab news about your girlies getting through auditions! wow, costume making was my mums forte, she made me some brill costumes inc a persian/arabian outfit which i loved.image

    gastank, i will order the other dean book on amazon. i love to read and i feel lost now ive finished the other oneimage not sure a kindle would suit me, miss llb is a techie and loves all those things.

  • gastank i have started to have that idea of running from where i live into other towns tooimage my long route of 20miles goes frm this village into town , back here again, out to the next village and then in a loop taking in 3 other villages before geting back home. on that route outwards though on the loop i could keep going instead of turning off onto the loop and carry on through another which then takes me to a small town on the way to oxford where there is a big sainsburys. i used to drive to one of the branches i work at tht town and its quite easy to run and come straight off the country roads right next to road with sainsburys-thought my incentive to run there could be buying a FGS when i reach it!! and then turn round and run all the way home..total journey would be about 20miles all told i think.imageimage  its growing in my mind and i think ill attemot it once weather improvesimage
  • I've bought an app for my phone which provides OS 1:10000 anywhere in the UK and then will pinpoint you on route with the built in GPS... I'm hoping to use in conjunction with my paper OS maps of my locality and do some exploring! It won't be fast it won't be pretty but it might be a real experience image

    P.s.i always plan a sainsburys on route for a mars refuel reward!!!
  • hmmmm.. i could do with that on self navigating ultras gastankimage...image oh dear im soooo tired..may award myself a lie in on sunday-til 7:30image
  • *Boing! Boing! Boing!* image

    My wonderful hubby says we can plan our summer holiday (taken in June half term) around a race... and I think I've found the perfect one! South Downs Marathon on Sat 9th June. It's a trail route image. And there is a 5k race open to children with a medal which my two girlies can do image. So i reckon we will be camping down in Hampshire somewhere round Petersfield. Never been down there before so am very excited. 

    Will get out English Heritage/National Trust maps and decided which one we are going to join (we usually join one each year and plan our hols around it). Wonder if going over to Isle of Wight is expensive?

    So that has cheered me up image even with little people being sick. Oh, I'm so excited. And I will need to taper for the marathon so won't need to try and fit in long runs that week whilst on hols.

    Loula - really hope you're not sick - sending hugs - Go To Bed and Sleep Well! 

    I have a route along the canal where I can run all the way into Tottenham and back. It's flat but traffic free and 20 miles round trip.

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