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Happy New Year everyone!

We're thinking of moving out of Bucks and up to Lincolnshire at some point this year for a bit of a quieter life and being able to afford a slightly bigger place. We have yet to visit the area so I'm after any pointers on where is nice! Stamford and Grantham look nice. Obviously there needs to be some nice places to run too! Thanks all!


  • I grew up in Lincolnshire.

    Stamford's much nicer than Grantham, but you'll find places to run whereever you go. One of the benefits of coming home for Christmas still is the numerous new places I find to go running every year. good luck with finding somewhere

  • Hey runboy - we're heading to Lincolnshire ourselves from Bucks too - we've had the wolds recommended to us as we'd like some hilly bits nearby - google Louth (LN11 I think)  and you'll get the general area.  Depends where you're working and how long you're willing to commute I guess.  Loads of houses at reasonable prices on rightmove.

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  • wolds fair distance away from Grantham/Stamford, but generally nicer up there, and more hilly. Very flat in south Lincolnshire. Many years ago ran my first race not far from Louth, a small hill almost killed me as I was completely unprepared for any incline
  • I'm originally from Lincolnshire, but have moved to Nottingham now. Grantham is a good place to live, as it is on the East Coast main line between London and Edinburgh. Also, it's right next to the A1.
    The Fens (the area around the south of the county) around Boston, Spalding, Sleaford and Holbeach are pancake flat, so are great for running, although the lack of hills means that when an easterly breeze blows off the North Sea or the Wash, you will feel the full force of it when out for a run. Thge transport links aren't very good in the Fens either, so a car is a must. I originally from a village in the Fens, so I can testify to that fact!
    The coastal area is nice for going out for a long walk or a run. Skegness has plenty of shops. Ingoldmells and MAblethorpe are very touristy, and dare I say it, very tacky and chavvy. You have been warned. Chapel St Leonards and Sutton on Sea are quiet coastal resorts, and very nice places to live.
    The Wolds are made up of many small picturesque villages, but again, a car is a must if you live there.
    Lincoln is a historic city with good transport links. The historic Cathedral Quarter is quite an expensive part of the city to live in, but very nice. Walking and running up the appropriately named Steep Hill will certainly keep you fit.
    Overall, the county has quite a low crime level and housing is cheaper there than in most other parts of the country. The main problems are the lack of public transport at times when you need it, no motorways and very few dual carraigeways, and the lack of employment opportunities. I hope that you find this information useful and good luck.
  • I live in Lincolnshire, I can run for miles traffic free as I live very close to the Water railway (Boston to Lincoln cycle route). 2 problems I suffer from are lack of street lighting, as I live in a village and run out of lights if I run at night in the winter and lack of hills on the door step, I have to travel 7 miles for a hill. Another good point about Lincolnshire, it is very dry, hardly any rain!image
  • That was a problem that I had when I lived in Billinghay. There weren't many places to run after dark.
  • image I live not too far from Billinghay. In the dark I can manage to make a run upto about 11 miles if I run up and down all the streets to the village limits and back, but it's dead boring!

  • The property prices in Lincolnshire are lower than in most other parts of the country, but this is because of the lack of services and amenities. You get what you pay for.
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