Bugger! Pulled a hamstring

Damn, damn went out for a run this morning, only 3 minutes in and pop goes my hamstring. So bloody annoyed, I stretched out warmed up and still popped it.

Oh and happy new year to all.


  • Not a great start to the New Year!

    Top tip a physio gave me for helping with hamstrings. Fill a paper cup with water and put it in the freezer. Once it's frozen, tear a strip about an inch off the top of the cup. Holding the cardboard, use the icy end to massage along the length of the hamstring. You can put it back in the freezer and use it several times, tearing off more of the cup as you go. Works a treat with calf problems as well.

  • Cracking, thanks for that. Currently sat on the sofa leg up and ice pack on affected area. Bloody pissed off just getting back in the swing and now 4-6 weeks out.
  • Ouch, sorry to hear that!!  I'm on the injury bench as well - but nothing as painful as that.  Dodgy knee.
  • Knees can be more long term though
  • Indeed.  That's what I'm hoping not to hear when I visit the doctor again on Thursday. image
  • Well 2 weeks since I pulled the hamstring, am seeing the physio and doing my stretches, the weight is still coming off just by eating sensibly and doing yoga and some upper body stuff.

    So just waiting for the OK to start again from the Physio hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
  • I'd bet stretching before you run contributed to your hammy problem.  If you have to stretch before you run, make sure it's dynamic stretches, not static.

    If you ice it, do some light stretching and some self-massage, it should clear up quickly.

  • Cheers Blimpy, bought myself an exercise ball so giving that a go as well. Just want to get back out running again but don't want to rush it.
  • What a good Monday, lost another 3lb and I can start running again at the end of the week, 5 mins walk 2mins run. I know it isn't a marathon but at least i am on the road to recovery.
  • Hurrah, been out for my first bimble since doing the hammy in, OK it was only 6 mins running in 26 mins but at least it is a start, and at least there was no tightness or pain.
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