biomechanical analysis

I have been toying with the idea of getting a biomechanical assessment. The reason why I am toying with this idea is that I have spent the last 3 weeks unable to run as a few days after a HM on 11 December I realised my right ankle was swollen. I went to the physio and am getting it sorted. I imagine that I ran harder than normal on a hillier route and maybe that is what caused my problem.

However, I have been running in motion control shoes with an orthotic that the local podiatrist gave me a few years ago when I had plantar fascitis. That took a long time to clear up, but I thought the orthotics were working ok as it hadn't come back. However, the physio reckons that the damage to my ankle was probably caused by excessive rolling outwards of my foot (even though I overpronate).

I suppose in a way I am now questioning whether my shoe/orthotic set up is right for me. My local podiatrist hasn't got the facilities for a biomechanical assessment or I would go to see him.

So, has anyone had one and have they found it useful?

Can anyone recommend anyone in the Nottingham area?


  • I had a number of issues which were ongoing and a full biometric check allowed me to understand how these issues were caused and exercises were provided to resolve them, since having biometric checks my running has improved leaps and bounds. I would advise having one as it helps you understand how you run and how you can improve this further.

    Money well spent imho, only places I know are stride uk and profeet which offer this service
  • thanks squeakz, they both look like good places, unfortunately a bit far for me!

    anyway, a bit of internet research shows that my local podiatrist has started doing biomechanical analysis at one of his clinics, so I'll get in touch with him.

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