Increase mileage advice please


I've made a breakthrough with my training and have achieved my 10k goal!!

However, I think i may have forgotten the 10% rule weekly increase. Can you tell me if i've increased too much from my weeks mileage records below:-

average week (sustained this for some time): - Tues - 3 miles, thur - 5 miles, sun 3 miles = 11 miles

Then started to increase a few weeks ago:- Tues - 3 miles, Thur - 5 miles, sun - 5 miles, = 13 miles

past 2 weeks: - Tues - 5 miles, Thur - 3 miles, Sun - 6.2 miles = 14.2 miles.

It's just that the past 2 times i've ran 10k my knees have felt a bit sore and i'm wondering if i'm doing too much too soon?

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thank you.


  • I'm no expert but that increase loks fine to me.  I'm going to ask the age old question.....have you had a gait analysis done and bought appropriate shoes?  Problems with incorrect shoes will show up more as the mileage increases.
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