Legends of Sherwood team


The mundane thread are trying to enter a team of 10 for the above event. We have 9 people, but we need an extra person!!!

We have to enter the team by the end of the day to get the cheaper entry price.

Some of us did it last year and it was a great laugh. You run through the forest in the dark and get very muddy.  You also get a Mars Bar and a pretty shiney medal at the end if that swings it for anyone.

Come on, you know you want to image


  • Enter a dummy...you will save the ten pounds per person so easily recouping the cost of the non-existent runner and still saving.

    10 x £25 = £250

    £250/9 = £27.80

    Full fee = £35.00

    I could be a buyer couldn't I?

  • image  Ooh Mr P, thanks for that image
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