Marathon training plan that can be downloaded on to a new Garmin?

I am trying to download the Garmin training programs on the RW website, however they don't seem to be compatible with the Forerunner 610. The date on the website is 2008 so presumably the RW plans only work with older Garmins. Has anyone else experienced this problem?




  • Hi - I am finding the same problem. Due to start a 16wk training plan on Monday - Any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance....


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭


    You're really stuffed on this one, guys.

    I guess you'll just have to give up on the idea of running and download something elseimage

  • I used to download them as you say but after a few marathons I stopped bothering and simply printed off the schedule and "free-ran" most of them. For example:

    • Easy or recovery you can just press start and keep an eye on HR
    • Steady - same - run a mile or so warmup, then ramp up HR, then cd
    • threshold - same as steady but get up to where you feel it is eg 89% and keep an eye on the miles
    • intervals - program the specific outing as it arises eg wu/cd free run, set the repetitions - it only takes a couple of mins and there is a menu options for intervals
    • long run - same as easy

    This also give you more freedom in swapping around a bit.


  • Download and import into the software on your pc / mac and then upload from there to your 610 worked for me.

    Didn't use it in the end went with a plan on
  • I've downloaded into Training Centre and uploaded to my 610 previously. The Garmin VLM ready plan is out of date, the download file has a previous years VLM start date, so although you can load into training centre, it doesn't schedule the workouts.

    Garmin lso have some marathon training plans on their website (look for 'full potential' / These are all heart rate based.

    Personally I lasted about one week with my watch beeping away to speed up or slow down, so like Steve C, I "free-ran" then  

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