South Downs Way 100

I've just signed up for the SDW100 from Centurion running on 30th June this summer.

I must admit I absolutely love getting out on the downs and have run 10 marathons across most of it now. 13,000ft of ascent, ending at the top of Beachy Head with 15 aid stations along the way.

Pacers are permitted after 53 miles

Having done the Ridgeway 85 as my longest event......then breaking my leg, I am ultra-keen to crack on and run a 100!



  • I'm in too Bobban, entered a few months ago when I missed out on the TP100. Much prefer a hillier race anyway.

     I seem to remember from previous threads you're pretty speedy, you thinking of a particular time at all?

  • Well it would be lovely to run in under 24 hours and that opens up all sorts of doors, say if I ever want to have a holiday to the US and run a 100 out there!!

    However, after breaking my leg in 3 places last year, (the doctor said I would never be able to run a marathon again) I have completed 4 ultras at the back end of 2011.

    I too love the hills. i'm doing Tanners in 2 weeks (for the hills!) and Thames Trot 50 in Feb. I've popped some other events on my blog but the list is by far from complete.

    Mrs UB (also a marathoner) is going to crew and a couple of runners from my club have agreed to pace for the closing miles.

    Good luck!
  • I'm in this one after completing the london to brighton last year my first thought when i crossed the finush line was can I run a 100 miles ? Saw this and its a 100 mile run home as I live in Eastbourne. Would love to complete in under 24h but just to finish within time limit I would also take.
  • I'm in too, entered in a drunken rage on Christmas day after watching Rocky and frustrated at not being able to enter Ironman Barca
  • Hope to see some of you down at the Winter Tanners tomorrow as the first ultra of the year down south.

    If any of you are training for the SDW100 and are using any marathons and ultras in the build up then post here.

    Tanners for me tomorrow. 30 miles
    Thames Trot 50 miles - 4th Feb
    Steyning Stinger marathon 4th March
    South Downs Marathon LDWA 1st Apr
    3Forts Marathon 27 miles 6th May
    Chiltern Challenge 27 miles - 26th May
    South Downs Marathon 26.2 9th June

    but I am also looking out for some back to back marathons and might well do a couple of 40s in April/May and am open to suggestions
  • Planned to do the Tanners but was bullied into doing the country to capital by some friends. Who then dropped out.
    Best of luck tomorrow, should have a nice crisp winters day
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I thought this was a race that ran 50 miles of the path and then back to the start? I must be getting it mixed up with something else. Looks very interesting and the sort of thing I'd like to do normally, but don't think I'd be able to complete only a week after Ultra Trail SW 100!
  • I think that you might be confusing it with the North Downs Way 100, which is indeed a 50 mile out and back course. 

    When all the 50 mile finishers are sitting around with their medals, and a nice glass of lemonade, you just want to throw a pale of cold water over them. 

  • Would have liked to do this one but its only 7 days before the Saunders Mountain marathon.
    I got enough grief from the wife (team mate) when I faded on the hills during the RAB MM.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I'm very interested in all these runs on the National Trails.  Only done two so far (Ridgeway and West Highland Way) but there are now quite a few others:  Hadrian's Wall, SDW, NDW, Thames Path (although not the entire length) and Cleveland Way to my knowledge.  Cotswold Way would make a good event.

    All these are 110 miles or less and reasonably doable before attempting the longer ones, rounding off with the SW Coast Path at 630 miles.  EnduranceLife look like they are going to cover that one in different 100-mile sections each year.

    You can't say there aren't challenges out there!

  • What shoes are you planning to wear?

    I thought about road shoes but have read that it's slippy and so trail/road might be better. I invested in some Asics Gel trails but have not worn them yet as I might just stick with road shoes.

    First Ultra is in Connemara in April and is all road so may have to adapt to trail after

  • Your first ultra is in April and you're doing a 100 in June?
  • sorry I mean first this year, I have done a 35 (northants) which turned into a 38 due to getting lost and the Ridgeway, and 3 ironman in the last few years
  • I was planning on waiting for the guys and girls who ran the TP100 to come down a little from the weekend before I bumped this but hey ho, looking forward to this one
  • I will see you there Lirishimage
  • Good luck Lirish - I have offered to help out again but this time I want to do some course sweeping so I don't have to miss too much training in the build up to Lakeland.

    If you plan on recce runs then I may even see you out on the SDW at some point!

  • Hello there - I'm entered. Have done the Ridgeway Challenge twice in the past and know a lot of the route from living in Brighton, doing various downland marathons and 3 SDW relays. It's my 50th birthday treat to myself and the object is to get from one end to the other in mostly one piece.

    Coming up I've got:

    • LDWA South Downs Mara
    • 3 Forts Challenge
    • Leaden Boot Challenge

    plus a recce run from Winchester to Amberley  (probably a long weekday in mid May)

    Cheers - Raymond

  • Ogee I was the guy at registration who told you your name was familiar, I knew I knew it from the MdS forum and Fetch. Well done on the TP you looked really comfy at Cookham
  • Ah,  was nice to meet you Lirish. Maybe from Fetch but i'm not on an Mds forum. Anyhoo, will def see you at the SDWR. image
  • Hi cragchick and raymond its also my birthday a few days later so cake and a beer at the finish.
    I'll see you on the three forts I would also be up for a recce run in may.
  • Oh dear I'm in!

    Here we go again.

  • Sad to say that I won't be able to enter this one. 

    Might be a marshal though!

  • Yes CC just finished the TP.

    Can't wait for this one though The South Downs are stunning.

    Hard as nails but stunning.

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