Great South Run 2012

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Roll up, roll up - who else is taking part in this fantastic 10 miler?

There are still places available if you're interested: Linky

After a cracking run by my mum in the last GSR; she persuaded me to take part again this year! This time I'm learning from experience that Jelly Babies at Mile 9 are never a good idea...

I know that it's a long way, off but just wanted to open a thread if anyone wants to chat/advice etc.



  • I'll be doing it again this year, i've been doing it since 2007 and really enjoy it.

    I'm also going to train properly for it this year so that i can get a decent time, The jelly babies help carry me through to the end.

    If anyones got any good training advice i'm always willing to listen, 

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    Hi Paul,

    I find the people in pompey to be one fo the friendliest around.

    For me, I've found speed work to be the key to the race. It's so flat that you can really make good time and as long as you dig in deep on the last mile along the seafront it's plain sailing.

    My lesson's learned from last year is to take an earlier train. Our train took us to the start a little too close to the start time.

  • Hi Emmy bug oragnised already for this year - very impressed!! Is your mum running with you again this year?

    I'm undecided about whether to run or not - I did enjoy it but found it very crowded so didn't run as fast as I would have liked. But I raised money for charity which was more important than the time, and had  great support from this link, so you never know I may take up the challenge again this year......

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    Hi Jelley,

    She's the main push for this year. When I spoke to her - she was the one that really wanted to do it so i'm happy to run it with her!

    I agree- it's very crowded but the support is first class and minus the last 2 miles against the seafront - it's a lovely run! image

  • Did my first GSR last year and loved it!

     Despite the drizzle, the streets were packed, which was a massive boost.

     Signed up pretty much straight away to this years one and am really looking forward to it - hopefully the sun will come out this year!

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    @Matt - Congrats on doing it again! I'm hoping that it's sunny too but in my experience it's either been heavy rain or drizzle!
  • @Emmy_bug I guess at that time of year it always will be!

  • I am hoping to do it for the second time , ran 2 years ago , loved the distance , lack of hills , always enjoy jelly babies !!
    I ran with a friend so slower than my usual pace but needed to get her round , raised money , would advise as many long runs as possible , cross train , and interval training !?!
    Just ran the Brighton half on Sunday , had a great race ,need to line up some more races to keep me motivated !!
    Happy training Xx
  • Can't remember where but I read about some poor guy getting the jelly babies mixed up with the vaseline - don't think it tasted too good! image
  • I did it in 2005 i think and it was great and I am doing it this year running for the stroke association which I can't wait to do. If anyone can recommend a good hotel the night before I would appreciate it as I'm coming all the way from Manchester.
  • I ran the GSR last year, I really enjoyed it.

    I can't wait to do it again this year!
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    That's a good recommendation Loftus. I normally "commute" the distance but this year i'm going to stay around for a while to let the congestion clear.
  • Hellooooo Emmy_bug imageimage.

    I've entered this years run, I'm really looking forward to it.

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    *waves* Hey Rebecca image Thread's a little quiet at the moment but it'll pick up close to race day image
  • I've signed up too - it'll be my furthest distance to date, have only done 1 previous 10k. Hopefully the training will get me round the course! image - cant deny that I'm a little apprehensive about what I've let myself in for........image

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    @Lisa- its a great course with a lot of good support so you'll fly through! Just make sure that you train for the distance image

  • Hi all, I'm booked in for this one as well, it will be the 10th of my "12 in 12" and a great warm up (ha!) for my half in November!!  I think we're going to have to commute down on the morning (from Kent) as I can't find any reasonably priced hotels with space but that's ok, will be a nice day out for the family!!

    Look forward to keeping up with everyone on this thread...

    Laura x

  • Thanks! My training so far is focused on running the British 10k in London on the 8th July. After this I will have 15 weeks to get myself running up to 10 miles - sounds so easy when written like that!!! Will decide at some point the best way to go from 10k to 10 miles.

    Really looking forward to it though even if I am thinking I have lost the plot at the moment!

  • me!   Nice local race. Have a busy October though with Royal Parks Half, Chichester Half then round the month off with GSR. My husband and daughter love to marshall the GSR so has an added fun-point for me.

  • I'm doing the British 10k too Lisa, tried to get in to the Royal Parks Half but didn't get in and am already running for charity so couldn't get in that way! Am thinking I'll so the Uxbridge Grand Union Canal half in November, its a point to point race which should make it fun! x
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have signed up to run this race to raise money in memory of my father.  I have not run for over 20 years (since I joined the RAF) and then I only did 2 miles!  I have started training, both in the gym and actually road running - did a 5km charity race last week in 41 minutes, which is brilliant, but to be honest I was just glad to get round!  I will be studying this page for hints and tips and will be taking part in my local parkrun (Basingstoke) from this weekend. Look forward to sharing the journey with you all.

  • Hi all, I too have signed up for the British 10k and the GSR, looking forward to running with crowds as most if not 90% of my training has been on my jack jones. I am trying not to get too fixated on PBs but something kicks in the moment I stare at the bloody watch ! Anyway good luck with the training everyone.
  • Finally decided to sign up for this again this year! Booked a hotel in Fareham which I also did last year and as long as I got an early train it worked well. Running that distance already - did the local HM two weeks ago so will probably keep a relatively high mileage over the summer - debating about the local marathon in early October......image

    Hope you and your mum are well Emmy-Bug!

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    Hi Jelley! image Great to see you back! I'm still not sure what we'll do - definitely an earlier train than last year.

    Local Marathon? I'm doing marathon du Medoc (France) in early September and then in October i'll be doing:

    - 7th Oct: Royal Parks Half Marathon
    - 14th Oct: Cologne Half Marathon
    - 28th Oct: Great South

    Where are you staying in Fareham?

  • Morning Emmy Bug I'm staying at the Lysses in Fareham, not the same hotel as last year but a good price and it's centrally located - just a short walk to the station.

    Wow Marathon du Medoc fantastic!! Have you started your training already then? I found a plan following 18 weeks of trainig to help me which looks reasonable so I'm going to give it a go and see how my body (knee in particular) holds up! Royal Parks looks lovely as well.........

    I'd love to be able to beat my time from last year but the course is sooooo busy so not too sure, so trying not to be too competitive but as Sweatband says once you start running something kicks in! Support was great though around the course and really enjoyable weekend  image

  • Hi guys,

    Did this for first time last year and loved the first 8.5 miles !!!!!

    Signed up almost straight away and persuaded 4 family members to join in this year so I'm looking like the experiance ,although slow ,(1:39) one. Hoping to knock some time off this year.

    For the newcomers I have to say as long as you are the paitent type then the parking on the common was really easy last year, just don't expect to get out quickly, but once you've got that attitude it's plain sailing.

  • I am also signed up for this, although it is starting to get exspensive? when I first did it in 2003 it was about £18.

    I have not really done much long distance running this year as training for the Gurkha Trailwalker, after thats over in july I will focus more then image


  • The Bupa Great South Run is a 10 mile run around the naval city of Portsmouth and in this Olympic year why not do something amazing for Rose Road and take part in the Great South Run and join our Rose Road "Family".

    The Rose Road Association has been providing high quality services for young people with disabilities for 60 years in the Hampshire area.

    £40 registration and low £200 minimum sponsorship.

    All of our runners will receive a fundraising pack and a Children’s Appeal Running Vest or T-shirt.  We will also be on hand for help and support with your training and fundraising and we’ll be there cheering you on during the race itself. We have just 4 Rose Road places remaining so get in touch today!  

    Call 02380 721202 or email

    Registered Charity Number: 276172

  • Anyone who would like to take part and havent been able to get a place my charity, Hampshire Autistic Society have a few places left.

    £40 entry fee and min £200 in sponsorship. We will provide you with a running vest, host a marquee on the day for a meeting point and massages and food after the race.

    if you would like a booking form email me at:

    Charity Reg no. 288141

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