The 2012 Pirate Kit Order Thread



  • haha o god the belly would be everywhere lol, might be worth the giggle tho haha and still put my name down for a suit for when they are ordered

     ok ill have monaco and shorts please can always paint my belly yellow so know one notices it rising up haha

  • Schmunkee

    Please feel free to let the special reserve tri suit go out, I already have so much pirate kit

  • Can I order kit even if I'm not going to even think about doing an IM until next year...wouldn't want to be parading as an imposter!! image

    And, just so I can budget accordingly, the items where there is enough demand will get ordered in one big order? Would this be in March as per earlier in this thread?


  • hi all

    just want to say.wore the armwarmers for a 50 mile ultra on the weekend and they were arm warmers and love my pirate ones even more now image
  • Schmunkee

    Could I add some Tri shorts (s) to my order please?

    Many thanks ' tugging his forlock as he retreats image'

  • Please include me for a gilet. 

    Thank you


  • Schmunks how likely are the shorts for outlaw ??
  • Highly unlikely because only have 13 names on the list and we need 16.  Even if we did have 16 names it would be very doubtful the order could be turned around in 12 weeks.  Sorry image
  • 14 if you include my request - not that that changes the outcome much .......
  • Yup, Rafiki.  It bumps the numbers up but doesn't change the bottom line.
  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
     but doesn't change the bottom line.

    Are you saying my bum looks big in those tri-shorts???image

  • I ain't that sorta girl!

    (Oh, how I have waited to say that again! image)

  • Wow there hang on a mo ............phew !! You had me for a minute there schmunk's with your 12 weeks !!! Thought I'd miscounted !!
  • Rafik causing trouble again with Schmunks....

    I wore my pirate buff at my race last weekend...
  • Schmunkee can i request to be added to the list for a cycle top in medium please.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I hate to be a pain in the rear end... but could you remove me from the girls tank top? Money's turned a little tight lately and I've agreed to not buy any new sports clothes until things improve... Sorry everyone!
  • Hey everyone. I got a Monaco (size Medium) as part of the last order to go through, and its just a bit too small for me. Been worn twice (for about 40 minutes in total). Thought it was fine original, if a little tight, but ultimately tried to wear it today on a brick run and it kept riding up, so ultimately too small.

    If anybody is after one, all I'm after is the original cost (which I think was £45). Drop us a PM and we'll make sure you get it in time for Outlaw.

    Next question though - don't suppose there is a large lying around? Otherwise I'll have to figure out some other pirate kit for Outlaw! image

  • I have a large Monaco I can lend you for the day MovingAlong
  • Schumnks, was there any surplus kit left from the last order?
  • There are a couple of pieces but it might be hit and miss on what you want and the size.  Best to PM Barley (Bouncing Barlist) as he knows what is in *stock*. 

    We do have winter buffs and swim caps too!

  • Cheers Schumnks
  • Hi Schmunks

    Can you take me off the list for shorts please?  Afraid I will be dropping out of Outlaw as it appears I will be moving house in the next few months and need every penny I can hold onto for that (and need every spare second for DIY, redecorating, decluttering etc - on joy!, so won't have time for 5-6 hour bike rides either.)

  • Can you please put me down for a girls medium top!
  • It ain't that easy, Shas79 image

    You have to tell us a little about yourself, how you came to hear of the Pirates, and why you want some kit.  And also put your name down here image

  • Shas - for goodness sake don't mention to Schmnunk's you know me or you'll never get anything image

    <leaves in search of Gastank at the Thornton's shop....>

  • What, you mean lurking for a week & making the odd post doesn't make me qualify?! image

    Hmm what to tell....well it was a bright & sunny day the day I was born....what's that, that's not the level of detail you want to hear?? image Let's see, I was born & raised in Australia (but please don't hold that against me!) but have been living in the UK for nearly 8 years now (something about an early mid-life crisis in my 20's!).  I grew playing cricket, netball, softball, squash etc etc so reasonably active, but I think it was only about 2005 (or maybe 2006...) when I signed up for a Race for Life event that I started running. It didn't last at the time though and it was really only towards the end of 2009 when I started to run again, but kept winding up with ITB problems.  One of my friends suggested riding as an alternative so early 2010 I dusted off my old creaky mountain bike and remembered that I liked bike riding, so invested in a shiny new road bike in the middle of the year & off I went!

    Somewhere along the line the world "triathlon" entered the picture from another friend & after some research I decided that Windsor 2011 was going to be the place to give it a go (and the ITB would just have to deal with that)!  Unfortunately I got on with bike riding a little bit too much, and (very) stupidly went & did 100 miles wearing cleats for the first time, which were not setup and that was the straw that broke the camels back & I ended up tearing some cartlidge.

    Cutting a long story short, I ended up having knee surgery in early 2011 (it took a while to diagnose the tear!) but as part of that whole process discovered that basically I have lots of "anatomically wonky" bits from my hips down (and that is a direct quote from my podiatrist!).  So 2011 wasn't quite the year that I planned it to be!  I did manage to do Windsor, but only sprint and only just; my knee broke down after lap 1 of the run so had to limp my way through lap 2, but I finished & popped my tri cherry!  I'd also signed up to do Vitruvian last year but after Windsor it was very obvious that it was never going to happen on my own, so I found some willing friends to join me as part of a team so at least still got to do it (I did the bike leg).

    As part of all the investigations I now have orthotics, which as anyone who has them knows, they change your mechanics around but unfortunately I was a bit too stubborn at the time to let that happen slowly, hence I caused myself more problems.  However; I learnt my lesson & much time & rest later and starting things slowly & gently, I'm back running again and hopeful that I can still live the tri dream!

  • (part 2!)

    As to how I found the pirates - I went to get some new trainers from my local (and wonderful!) running shop and they told me to check you lot out, so here I am!!  Events I have booked for this year & hope to complete (touch every piece of wood around!):- All Nations, sprint distance @ Dorney Lake, 21 April- London Revolution, 180 mile cycle over 2 days starting & finishing in London & camping in Windsor overnight, 19/20 May- Dragon ride, Wales, 10 June (not sure which distance yet)- Windsor, olympic distance, 17 June- Vitruvian, half IM, Rutland Water, 8 SeptemberHopefully will find a few things to plug the gap between June & September (yes I may come & help at Outlaw as it's in that gap!!), but the big aim is to do an ironman next year, but long time & lots of events for knees to get through before then, so will have to see!

    So, did I pass or have I failed miserably & have to walk the plank now?! image

    PS Rafiki - no idea what you're talking about - who are you & never met you before in my lfie!! image

  • Jeez, reading War and Peace would have been easier image

  • Shas ....ExtravaLanza would seem to be right up your alley   image

  • oh, and which running shop do we owe the dubious thankyous to ??  image
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