Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Handy meet up for us, just need to sort out sock one let alone sock two image

  • Jedward

    As barley says bikes go as sports equipment. ??20 each way on monarch

    Last year i flew in on a 7am flight from gatwick, into lanza at 11, at la santa t 3:30 for the race registration and briefing on thursday afternoon.

    Race briefing is vguely interesting, but if you have done one before.......

    Racking friday afternoon. Generally pretty quickly done

    Race saturday

    Route 66 saturday evening...... image
  • From IM Lanza web site:

    "1800+ athletes from all backgrounds and walks of life will complete their own personal challenge and test their endurance to complete the 22nd IRONMAN Lanzarote Canarias Spain"

    So I guess they've increased it from 1500 to 1800 - so bad news for you guys that were kind of hoping that your entry didn't count if it was after 1500!

    Currently 1803....

  • Been away doing life and see that Meldy you'll be sitting this one out? Sorry to hear that but you know good to hear that if you know what I mean...

    Quite fitting then as I'm also out (I'm the girl that got excited to meet you in hastings)...

    After two trips to hospital with health I missed a load of base training. For a first IM I was going to have to give up a lot to make the start line in any condition. Gutted not to be there esp with the other IM virgins and esp with the birthday bunch but I transferred my entry to Mallorca 70.3 the week before, and so on my bday ie Lanza day, will be drunk and watching your split times come through and probably crying to strangers "I'm so proud". 

    My mum is still coming over from Oz but regrets that dropping two loads of muffins off is too much. Especially when she thought Lanza was actually in Spain and I had to tell her it's closer to West Africa. 

    Best of luck everyone esp you Rafiki! image


  • Sitting it out?   Not that I know of  image

    Not knowing what the health issues are, you still have bags of time to get base training in ...

    Enjoy Mallorca tho, heard good reports from there this year

  • A question about the bike course.

    I know it's kinda hilly ;0) but is there anywhere we can find out about the gradients of the hills so we can replicate in training.

    I need to know whether a million times up Box Hill will suffice or whether I need to have another go at Whitedown :0)
  • Happychap  - I heard it was hilly too, but all the hills are downhills!!

    And Muffin Mum - shame you can't join us, I was looking forward to popping our cherry together image

  • Downhill y'say?

    In that case I'll start practicing my 'Wheeeeeeeeeeeee's with legs dangling :0)
  • HC .. from my limited knowledge I would say it wwas more Box HIll than Whitedown but longer    image

  • HC, there is nothing as steep as Whitedown from what I can remember, certainly nothing in terms of 100's of yards of Whitedown gradient.

    Most of the the hills arent even as steep as box hill but are long, Fire Mountain must be 3+ miles, I think thr climb through Tequise up to Haria is 8 miles (this gets box hill steepness towards the end)

    The part I found toughest was the climb up to Mirador, its a about as steep as box hill and just after youve decended down the Zizags from Haria so youre legs are already a bit fatigued.  I also found the last 25 miles hard as a lot of it was very gentle uphill (or seemed to be) and into the wind.

    How the hills feel and which ones are tough will depend on the wind, if youre cycling up Teguise into a 25mph wind it'll feel like box hill or worse.

  • I'm not over keen on the repeated use of this word "UP" in reference to hills!! image



    This is the top of Mirador, about the steepest part of the course from what I remember. 




     The zigzags down from Haria (its not as steep going up)

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    I'm not over keen on the repeated use of this word "UP" in reference to hills!! image

    There's loads of long down hillsimage

  • Thank you. Feel better already. Got some turbo training sessions arranged. The trainer has agreed to stand in front of me with two hair driers at full blast al la Holgs.

    Should be a piece of cake :0)
  • Happychap wrote (see)
    Thank you. Feel better already. Got some turbo training sessions arranged. The trainer has agreed to stand in front of me with two hair driers at full blast al la Holgs.

    Should be a piece of cake :0)

    Spot on, I remember last time I went, I downloaded the course to my I-Magic and rode the first couple of miles, decided id aclimitised enough on the flatimage

  • I have found a good route near me that just does a figure of eight up and down the hills   image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    May I join you on that one some time, Melds?


  • Of course you can .. you can see if you can lap me by teatime !!

    Swimming tomorrow??

  • Today i ran 10 minutes


    Have a run rehab session at the weekend

    Is that 9 months to go??
  • Maybe a silly question ....... but following on from another thread recently, is there any medical clearance or similar that is required before departure/entrance/registration (apart from the Tri Licence) or that something peculiar to France?

  • Spooky .. my post seems to have been swallowed!

    I dont remember any medical clearance needed, I think we did in Nice if I remember correctly
    Barlos should know

    I am waiting on the Admiral letting me know which apartment blocks they used a couple of years ago, these were well positioned away from   the nightlife on The Strip (you dont want that the nights after the race) and yet close enough for a short stroll down to the start in the morning and for all the bars and cafes

    I think it would be far easier for me to give the link for the apartments and then for people to pair up (if needed) for accommodation and book seperately, of coure it is not a legal requirement to stay at PSOF central and there will be many venues that are homed in on though the week/10 days !!!

  • Rafiki, not medical certificate as far as I remember, well there wasnt last time in 2007.

    Meldy, these apartment blocks, is there a pool?  I thought the the preference was a Villa? 

  • Yes there was a pool .. if someone wants to sort a villa and see what the take up is then crack on but I got the impression that an apartment block would be a good idea

  • Barlos - how did you get on today?

  • Pretty good really, swam in 7:29 (not counting the time on the swimthread as want like for like comparison so will only count times in my local pool), hammered the bike in 39 mins and 31 for the run (the run was hot).

    1:22 overall image

  • Nice going!

    Was thinking of meeting up for a swim after work when the Admiral is down this way, do you use the new pool in Bletchley?  You could come and show us how its done !!

  • Yes I use the pool in Bletchley, its nice as its a new leisure centre, let me know when (cant do Monday's as its swimclub).

  • OK ..usually a Tuesday and I think the old boy could do with some swimming help  image

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