Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Do we need a sportive list.....

    I liked barley's one from his double prep a year or so ago....
  • That sounds grand, if you can find it?

    And talking of cycling.....

    *powers down laptop*

  • Dependant on the dates for the Whitehorse I shall be in ... 21st April would be good, Brighton marathon the weekend before that

  • O.rangeCannon - Extravalanza-ing wrote (see)
    Do we need a sportive list.....

    I liked barley's one from his double prep a year or so ago....

    Good idea OC....if only we knew someone who was good at lists and may have had some idea what Sportives Barley was doing.......???  image

  • oooh a sportive list is a great idea image

  • OC -Is this what you were meaning?

    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    These are the Sportives ive entered so far.

    22-Jan - Evans Chiverley (70 miles)
    12-Feb - Evans Watlington (70 miles)
    25-Mar - Evans Woking (90 miles)
    15-Apr - Longest Day Sportive, Eton Lake (112 miles)
    13-May - Hamshire Hilly Hundred (100 miles)
    27-May - Chiltern 100 (108 miles or so)

    All good events, ive done them all before image


  • 21st April is the St Georges Cyclosportive in Princes Risborough .. I have just had the email through, not done it so I dont know where it is but I suspect that that will be the weekend for the Whitehorse

  • Yes, according to the website, it is.


  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    Evans Ride It!

    Cyclosport website

    10 March - Jodrell Bank

    17 March - Endura Lionheart

    24 March - Cheshire Cat

    7th April (?) - Milton Keynes Codebreaker
    7th April - Motion in Mercia

    13th April - The Longest Day

    21st April - Chiltern Big Dipper
    21st April - White Horse Challenge

    2 Jun (?) - Chiltern 100
    2 Jun - Tour of The Peak

    16 Jun - Magnificat
    16 Jun - Lancashire Hotpot

    23 Jun - Flat Out in the Fens

    13th October - White Peak

    26th October - The Rut

    Taken from 2013 Sportive Thread

  • I think I can safely say I will be spectating at the C100 whichever the date is !!

  • So when im sweating my proverbials off on May18th, I will look back on this weekend and think how usefull my training was, having frozen my aforementionables on the bike saturday and then had a freezing run that developed into a swim on sunday

  • Great news.. at least i now have a good reason why i am not on timetable with my running  .. knackered my right achilles image .  

  • Bad luck Slag ... I tore mine about 8 years ago now and still suffer, you can manage it but you need to be very strict with yourself but its by no means the end of the road

  • Bad luck Slag - but i've knackered my left ankle - maybe we could enter as a three-legged race?? image

  • i've knackered my left knee too......

  • I tore a calf in preparation for my first IM.  You can work around it and focus on the other elements but you must do your stretches etc.  Assuming you've seen someone about this, Slag, and that they have given you exercises to make it better?

  • Nothing but a couple of swims for me this week ... Have kept my foot strapped up and barely walked anywhere ... Was killing me again yesterday but seems much much better today . Seeing a sports physio at weekend for an opinion though. Swellings gone down a fair bit today as well so may not be anything too serious after all. May still be on for that podium finishimage
  • Hope the physio has some good news for you Slag!

  • Thanks Raf ... should have an answer on that in a few hours image...

  • Out of interest...What's the furthest u boys will swim in the pool ? I did 100 lengths 2500m on weds and was bored out my mind.

    Can't bear the thought of doing up to 3800m in the pool!!
  • It's mind numbing isn't it .., I think the most I've managed in terms of pool laps is 120 .

    In other news .. My achilles problem .. Isn't.. Seems it's a muscle tear in the lower calf .. Couple of weeks off running and I'm allowed to try it out on some short runs image
  • jedwards...

    I have found a programed swim sessions really helps keep the boredom down

    ie today i had
    warm up 200m
    8 * 50 m fast
    3 * 400m cruise
    8 * 50m fast
    400m cool down

    As a result I am not there to swim 2600m, but only the next 400m.   Makes it a lot more bearable.

    My latest knee issue looks to be way overtight quads pulling the kneecap in places it should not be.   time to get the roller out

  • I did a 45 minute turbo session today - can I taper now?

  • You're now deemed overtrained, Melds image


    Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    You're now deemed overtrained, Melds image

    Quite agree Schmunks, as I've said  before.......

    Rafiki wrote (see)

    Symptoms of over-training:

    • irritable;
    • bad tempered;
    • constantly tired...

    Yep, sounds like you're over trained!! image


  • Feck right off !!!!

  • I ran today ....  and I shall swim tomorrow, thats almost a triathlon   image

  • Cycle to the pool and you have done a backward Tri image

  • 2600m in the pool tonight

    Did my first long ride on Sunday, 50miler! It's a start image
  • 50 miles is more than a start ... thats good mileage at this time of the year, keep them ticking over for the next few months and you'll be laughing

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