Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Well I ran on Monday for the fist time in 5 weeks - managed a whole 1km before I had to stop due to the pain. Physio now thinks I've torn my Fibularis longus muscle or its detached itself from the bone. He rcommends an MRI to determine which - which I would need to pay for (there goes the new Garmin fund image) - but I have titanium plate in the my head, which is OK for the MRI, but the screws might be alloy - which isn't!!

    But on the bright side - my swimming's improving!! image

  • Argh Rafi, that doesn't sound fun image


  • It is a bit of a pain - my running was going so well - stormed a PB at Bristol half, getting a time which is almost acceptable to quote in terms of minutes only, then put in my second best time at Windsor a week later, then got out of bed the next day and couldn't walk! image But as long as its healed this side of Crimbo, I'm not going to worry! Just concentrate on biking and swimming till then image

  • Same here Rafiki, got a foot prob that I'm hoping will be ok if I lay off the running hopefully no longer than Jan 1st

    Hour turbo tonight. Sweat pissing outta me!
  • Just remember its just a jog to the Finish

    So no running until T-10 is fine ( i hope)

    Still no running for me after my knee rebelled. No biking either fora week or so to let things calm down

    Its hard to go easy.
  • O.rangeCannon - Extravalanza-ing wrote (see)

    Its hard to go easy.

    So true!!

  • Hi all, new to the forum so just introducing myself.  Completed several ironmans, dead slow but love them and the humour with fellow athletes.  Doing Lanza, going from  Thursday to Thursday and staying at Club La Santa with friends.  Anyone doing South Africa Ironman in April?

    Train well and safe .. 

  • Hi SumoSue - glad to see you have decided to join in on the forum image

  • Thanks Schmunkee - I've taken the plunge - thanks for ordering the kit image 

  • See you in Lanza Sue !!!

  • Jedwards - don't know if this would help but my swim coach gives me a pyramid session of 200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200 either of 2 mins per 100 or 20, 30 40, 50, 40, 30 sec rest between each one. 

    Still mind blowing, but its easier coming back down (according to coach!)

  • Thanks Sue. Have been breaking it up a bit recently, not quite as bad as just getting in the pool and swimming for an hour non-stop.
  • Hi Sue!!

    Jedward - I'm following Fink - the structured swim sessions aren't too bad, but there's one every two weeks of 2500m continuous swim....I can now tell you how many tiles are on the swimming pool floor in total, in each lane, across the width......soooo boring!

    How's the leg by the way?

  • Good thanks mate, managed a 6 mile run Sunday as well as 45m on the bike so ticking over nicely. Im doing my own thing untill January when I will follow a 20wk plan I have. How you getting on?

    Would be interested in Fink? Is that online?
  • Swimming and running going OK, but still not running - Xtrainning and rowing etc to keep things ticking over. Booked a week in Portugal over Xmas so hoping to give this sea swimming malarkey a go if the weather's (and hangovers) not too bad!

    I've got a verion of Fink in an excel spreadsheet - if you PM I can email it to you

  • Hi, see you in Lanza, will you be doing it in yellow and black?

    I'm with you Jedwards, just keeping it ticking over now but not counting it as training.  Trying to include a half marathon distance run and 50 miler on the bike every few weeks though so it's not such a shock when training does start!


  • Hi - I'll be doing it in yellow and black, with red burn marks from the sun.

    I've started my Ironman training for Lanza as I'm doing South Africa before it, hoping  to maintain fitness for Lanza from that.

  • Raf would you mind dropping it on an email?

    Thanks image
  • Jedwards - you have mail!

  • Im there monday-monday, no accommodation booked yet though. Haven't been running for 8 weeks, but getting in some good swimming and little bit of cycling lately... reverse periodization means you do the taper first right? think i read that in a book somewhere.

  • Been a quiet week for me. Lost mojo a bit. But managed a 50mile ride today, so not all that bad.... Apart from a sore knee and a numb dick
  • I did a 50 miler today too.  It's wet out there.  Apparently there was a window of opportunity this morning between about 9-1 when it wouldn't rain.  The weather men were wrong, it pissed down.  Still, was an enjoyable cycle, no numb dick for me though, but my toes did get a little cold.

  • I did a 30 min run ... that'll do me  image

  • Weather all good here for the time of year. No rain.

    Chow mein time....
  • 2 weeks spent letting my knee swelling go down.....

    The drugs are good tho

    Should be swimming with a vengence but oh well

    Might try some easy biking again next week

    Its not going well image
  • Pingu - thought you said no training till January? Are you cheating?? image

    Quick lap of the Windsor Olly  bike course for me yesterday, 40 miles in total with the bit from my house - and a rather spectacular 'tactical distmount' in the town centre on the way home image. Now have dodgy wrist to go with knackered ankle - and its my drinking arm!! image


    Rafiki wrote (see)

    Pingu - thought you said no training till January? Are you cheating?? image

    That was't training, honest!

  • Hi I'm SHARKY and have entered IM Lanza 2013, yes a slightly unhinged idea and looking around this sounds like the place to be. I'm using a Don Fink program and can run and bike and sort of swim sink type of thing so any advice and help would be most welcome for this IM virgin ...... Yes I'm gonna pop my cherry in Lanza.
  • Ahaa you found us!

    Welcome,  you will also find a Fink thread as well around here somewhere so most of your needs are catered for

    Whereabouts in the country are you based?

    What is your base fitness currently?  Strengths & weaknesses??

  • From Somerset , small town called Bridgwater.

    My base fitness comes from marathon and half running with some sportives thrown in, my weakness is my swimming.
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